Welcome to the Bizet Catalogue. This is primarily a list of Bizet's works, providing essential information about the history and content of each one. It gives information on manuscript and printed sources, on documentary materials relating to the composition, performance and publication of each work, and is intended to provide a full historical documentation of Bizet's work as composer and transcriber.

Unlike traditional thematic catalogues of composers published as books, this one is designed as a website, managed by the Humanities Digital Workshop at Washington University in St. Louis, and deposited at the university's Olin Library. Since all such catalogues can at best be provisional, it will be possible to make additions and revisions as new information is obtained. Readers are therefore invited to submit corrections and new information by going to Contact Us and following instructions. Additional information will be added as it becomes available. The website format allows us to include information (such as reviews of performances) which would normally be excluded. An iconography is also planned.

Individual works may be accessed through the Lists of Works. For further guidance about the Catalogue, go to How to Use the Catalogue.