Robert Weaver Collection. ca. 1950-1980.
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Series 08: Original Art: mixed media [series]:   
Scope: This series includes items with pastel, paint, graphite, and / or other art materials on board and paper.

Drawer   17/8  
Priests in courtyard with Mary statue
Note: Slightly warped.
Man with chart, face obscured by image of ship
Drawer   17/9  
Man in wheelchair, in apartment
Drawer   17/10  
Building collage
Note: New York Magazine cover, August 8, 1974
Collage of woman
Drawer   17/11  
Barn and tree against blue sky
Drawer   17/12  
Man in suit with skeleton face
Drawer   17/12  
19th century man's face in pieces, man and woman in background
Drawer   17/13  
Various objects floating in front of door: apple, Coke bottle, da Vinci artwork, etc.
Drawer   17/13  
Joseph McCarthy
Drawer   17/14  
"1783: The Unseen Eye is Watching You"
Silhouette of 18th century man
Drawer   17/15  
Multiple images: man shouting, police officer, John Wayne, soldier, etc.
Drawer   above Drawer 10  
Mixed media (28.5 in. x 36.5 in.)
Note: Item framed. Blocks pieced together.
Range   M02-R24-16  
Mixed media on canvas and wood with hardware
Note: Layered work with physical proportions similar to items in Series 9.
Box   1  
Silhouette of artist at easel
People sitting on porch
Box   2  
Box   3  
Harry Truman in uniform / White House
Letter folded, woman, figure reading
Cartoon image of man smiling
Cartoon image of man smiling
Box   4  
Rioters / Uncle Sam / downtown of city
Ryan's Bar / bridge
Woman / person drawing window shade
Box   5  
People on the phone, a bag of money
Black and gray abstract
Box   6  
Four images of man in hospital bed
Six full-length portraits of men and women
Man's face, obscured by paper figures
Man repairing machine
Box   7  
Eyes of a statue / skeleton in uniform
Circus poster on chair
Red and blue abstract
Man's reflection in car
Box   8  
African American men shooting guns in front of funeral home
Room interior in red, figures seen through window
Room interior in gray, figures seen through window
African-American man yelling, running through woods
Police throwing / man bent over
Box   9  
Target practice / cadaver
Man with hands folded, theater
Room interior, headless man, artist painting portrait
Three anatomical men in suits
Box   10  
Two men and boy, small image of man behind bars
Winston Churchill
Two men in flood water
Newspaper image of older couple against blue sky
Box   11  
Men around table / woman swimming nude
Color portrait of two men, faces obscured
Black and white portrait of two men, faces obscured
African American children looking at African art in museum
Box   12  
Hitler, protestors, media
Stalin and Hitler
Bust of judge
Man with map of Europe, London in background
Collage of soldier