Robert Andrew Parker Collection,
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Sub-Series 1: Artwork Reproductions (grouped alphabetically by project) [subseries]:
Across the Blue Pacific, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   165-02  
Color copies
Box-Folder   165-03  
Book Proof
Action Jackson, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   166-03  
Book Proof
Aunt Skilly and the Stranger, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   48-03  
Book Proof
Ballet of Elephants, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   062-02  
Book proof pages with notes
Brothers: A Hebrew Legend, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   014-01  
Book Proof
Catch 22, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   145-02  
Sheet of book illustration proofs
Grandfather Tang's Story, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   172-02  
Book proof
Box-Folder   172-01  
Soft cover book
Gunga Din, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   017-01  
Hard cover book
Home Is the Hero, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   018-01  
Magazine Tear Sheets
Illustration for California Magazine, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   025-02  
Newspaper Tear Sheet
Lessons of the Master: Blackmur Revisited (Book Review), [subseries]:
Box-Folder   086-01  
Boston Sunday Globe Tear Sheets
Box   087  
The Magician's Visit: A Passover Tale, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   087-01  
Book Cover and book proof pages
Never-Ending Dissertation, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   088-01  
New York Times Tear Sheet, August 2 1987.
Orville, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   089-01  
Small cardboard poster
The People With Five Fingers, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   002-02  
Hard cover book
Piano Starts Here, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   148-07  
Book Proof
Box-Folder   148-08  
Book Proof
Box-Folder   148-09  
Book Proof
Box-Folder   148-10  
Book Proof
Schools for Scandal, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   025-01  
Newspaper Tear Sheet
Sex and Today's Teenager, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   178-01  
Newspaper Tear Sheet
To Fly: The Story of the Wright Brothers, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   149-03  
Book Proof
Box-Folder   149-02  
Hard Cover Book
The Trees Stand Shining, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   102-01  
Incomplete book
Box-Folder   150-01  
The Whistling Skeleton, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   (135-01)  
book cover