Robert Andrew Parker Collection,
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Subseries 3: Artwork Reproduced in Various Media [subseries]:
Book jackets and books in alphabetical order, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   058-01  
A Book of Animal Poems (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-02  
A Book of Nature Poems (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-03  
Christmas in Biafra and Other Poems (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-04  
Eugenie Grandet (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-05  
The End of the Battle (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-06  
For Some Stringed Instruments (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-07  
Girls at War and Other Stories (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-08  
Guess Who My Favorite Person Is? (Incomplete Book)
Box-Folder   058-09  
The Hatmaker's Sign (Hard Cover Book)
Box-Folder   058-10  
The Lonesome Game (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-11  
The Magic Wings (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-12  
Martin Chuzzlewit (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-13  
Mimi and Toutou's Big Adventure (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-14  
The Obstinate Land (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-15  
Philip Ziegler Soldiers (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-16  
Pop Corn and Ma Goodness (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-17  
The Sign of the Beaver (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-18  
The Time of the Forest (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-19  
Zeek Silver Moon (Book Jacket and 5 Cut pages)
Album Cover Proofs and Associated Material, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   161-01  
Album Cover Proofs
Box-Folder   161-02  
Album Cover Proofs
Box-Folder   161-03  
Album Cover Proof Very Brittle
Box-Folder   161-04  
Booklet that accompanied an Album
Various Media, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   198-01  
A. H. Robins Company Phenaphen Advertisement
Box-Folder   198-02  
Ciba Pharmaceutical Products Free Magazine,
Box-Folder   198-03  
Box-Folder   198-04  
The Purdue Fredrick Company Senokot Advertisement
Box-Folder   198-05  
Tennessee Gas Advertisement
Box-Folder   198-06  
Unidentified proofs
Programs and Artwork Commissioned by Corporations, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   138-04  
Datapoint Corporation 1980 Annual Report
Box-Folder   138-04  
Great Coats Ad Magazine by Champion International Corporation Paper Division
Box-Folder   138-01  
Morosco Theatre Billy Bishop Goes to War Play Bill
Box-Folder   138-03  
Super Bowl VII Program, January 14, 1973.
Box-Folder   138-02  
UCONN's own Jorgensen Auditorium presents Crowsnest Ad
Various Media Small-sized material, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   059-06  
Auction Guide (2 complete + 1 tear sheet)
Box-Folder   059-01  
Box-Folder   059-05  
Promotional Material for Robert Andrew Parker's jazz groups
Box-Folder   059-02  
Small cards with artwork
Box-Folder   059-04  
Transparencies and correspondence for Time Magazine
Box-Folder   059-03  
Unidentified transparencies and photos
Large-sized Posters, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   162-01  
1990 Children's Book Council Poster 1492-1992
Box-Folder   162-02  
Limited edition print from watercolor for Datapoint corporation
Box-Folder   162-03  
Robert Andrew Parker Recent Paintings The Schuman Gallery,
Box-Folder   162-04  
Churchill and the General
Box-Folder   162-05  
How to Kill Poster for short film directed by John Clayton
Box-Folder   162-06  
Petites Paintings: Gracious Gifts for the Holidays
1x Large-sized Posters, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   197-01  
Proof of poster for United Nations Population Fund "Safeguarding the Future 1969-1989"
Box-Folder   197-02  
Robert Andrew Parker 10 Years of Work 1959-1969 Terry Distenfass
1x Large-sized material in Various Media, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   198-01  
The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner title page
Box-Folder   198-02  
Charter Subscriber Ad for Eros Magazine published by Ralph Ginzberg
Box-Folder   198-03  
Exploring our Country Unit 6 proof
Box-Folder   198-04  
New York Times Advertising Section
Box-Folder   198-05  
Box-Folder   198-06  
Unidentified reproductions
Box-Folder   198-07  
Unidentified Proof of 8 lithographs in color
Over-sized Reproductions, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   199-01  
Album Cover Proof
Box-Folder   199-02  
Proboscis Monkey lithograph show poster
Box-Folder   199-03  
Posters for Mobil: Churchill and the General Mobil Showcase Network & Mobil Masterpiece Theater presents a Perfect Hero
2x Over-sized Reproductions, [subseries]:
Drawer-Folder   15.06-01  
3 etchings titled: Black Hollywood Zoo IV (signed and numbered:8/20)
Drawer-Folder   15.06-01  
2 etchings titled: A Barbary Ape
Drawer-Folder   15.06-01  
2 etchings of a Monkey signed
Drawer-Folder   15.06-02  
3 etchings titled: Hollywood Sleeping II (signed and numbered: 1/20, 7/20, 9/20)
Drawer-Folder   15.06-03  
2 etchings titled: Thinking of Shiela in India
Drawer-Folder   15.06-04  
2 etchings of a night club scene (numbered: 5/10, 8/10)
Drawer-Folder   15.06-04  
Artist Proof titled: Concerning the Potez 63
Drawer-Folder   15.07-05  
Craig Harris Poster
Drawer-Folder   15.07-06  
Churchill and the General (unlettered proofs)
Drawer-Folder   15.07-02  
America: The Third Century Poster
Drawer-Folder   15.07-03  
Green Isles Book Cover Proof
Drawer-Folder   15.07-04  
Save the Books Benefit September 19, 1987 Poster