Robert Andrew Parker Collection,
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Contents List

Series 01: Original Artwork [series]:
Grouped artwork and materials for projects [subseries]:   
Scope: Some Folders include artwork reproductions, correspondence, and reference materials related to the drawings.

Action Jackson, [subseries]:
Box   061  
Medium-sized artwork
Box   166  
Large-sized artwork
Box-Folder   166-01  
Box   200  
2x Large-sized artwork
Aunt Skilly and the Stranger, [subseries]:
Box   03  
2x Small-sized Artwork
Box-Folder   013-01  
Box-Folder   013-02  
The Ballet of Elephants, [subseries]:
Box   62  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box-Folder   62-01  
Rough Sketches
The Barn Burner, [subseries]:
Box   063  
Medium-sized Artwork
Beautiful My Mane in the Wind, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   03-01  
Brothers: A Hebrew Legend, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   14-02  
Rough Sketches
Box   064 - 071  
Medium-sized Artwork
Catch 22, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   145-01  
Rough sketches
Circus of Wolves, [subseries]:
Box   004  
1x Small-sized artwork
Box-Folder   004-01  
Box   015 - 016  
Small-sized Artwork
Box   072 - 074  
Medium-sized Artwork
Cold Feet, [subseries]:
box   075  
Medium-sized Artwork
The Dancing Skeleton, [subseries]:
box   076  
Medium-sized Artwork
Father Time and the Day Boxes, [subseries]:
Box   077 - 078  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box   146  
Large-sized Artwork
Box   167 - 170  
1x Large-sized Artwork
Full Worm Moon, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   001-01  
Box   079 - 082  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box   171  
1x Large-sized Artwork
Grandfather Tang's Story, [subseries]:
Box   141 - 144  
Large-sized Artwork
The Great Jazz Artists, [subseries]:
Box   083  
Medium-sized Artwork [Leadbelly]
A Great Miracle Happened There, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   084-01  
Box   084 - 085  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box   173 - 175  
1x Large-sized Artwork
The Green Isle, [subseries]:
Box   035  
Small-sized Artwork
Gunga Din, [subseries]:
Box   017  
Small-sized Artwork
Box   18 - 19  
Home Is the Hero, [subseries]:
Box   017  
Small-sized Artwork
Box   086  
Lessons of the Master: Blackmur Revisited, May 4 1986. [subseries]:
Box   086  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box   003  
Liam's Catch, [subseries]:
box   003  
2x Small-sized Artwork
Box-Folder   003-02  
The Magician's Visit: A Passover Tale, [subseries]:
Box   087  
Medium-sized Artwork
Marooned, [subseries]:
Box   020 - 023  
Small-sized Artwork
Box   147  
Large-sized Artwork
The Mermaid and the Whale, [subseries]:
Box   024  
Small-sized Artwork
Monkey's Haircut, [subseries]:
Box   063  
Medium-sized Artwork
Never-Ending Dissertation, [subseries]:
Box   088  
Medium-sized Artwork
Orville, [subseries]:
Box   089 - 090  
Medium-sized Artwork
The People With Five Fingers, [subseries]:
Box   002  
2x Small-sized Artwork
Box-Folder   002-01  
Box   091 - 092  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box   176 - 177  
1x Large-sized Artwork
Piano Starts Here, [subseries]:
Box   093  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box-Folder   093-01  
Box   093 - 096  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box   170  
1x Large-sized Artwork
Randolph's Dream, [subseries]:
Box   097  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box   147  
Large-sized Artwork
Schools for Scandal, [subseries]:
Box   062  
Medium-sized Artwork
Seal Child, [subseries]:
Box   098 - 099  
Meduim-sized Artwork
Sex and Today's Teenager, [subseries]:
Box   178  
1x Large-sized Artwork
Stowaway, [subseries]:
Box   026 - 028  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box   178  
1x Large-sized Artwork
Sweet Betsy from Pike, [subseries]:
Box   003  
2x Small-sized artwork
Box-Folder   003-03  
A Tiger Named Thomas, [subseries]:
Box   003  
2x Small-sized artwork
Box-Folder   003-04  
To Fly: the Story of the Wright Brothers, [subseries]:
Box   100 - 101  
Medium-sized Artwork
The Trees Stand Shining, [subseries]:
Box   102  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box   150  
Large-sized Artwork
The Whistling Skeleton: American Indian Tales of the Supernatural, [subseries]:
Box   134 - 135  
Medium-sized Artwork
Who Was Albert Einstein?, [subseries]:
Box   039 - 053  
Small-sized Artwork
Box   151  
Large-sized Artwork
The Woman Who Fell from the Sky, [subseries]:
Box   054 - 056  
Small-sized Artwork
Box-Folder   057-02  
Mock-up pages with notes
Box-Folder   057-03  
Mock-up pages with notes
Box-Folder   057-04  
Mock-up pages with notes
Box-Folder   057-05  
Mock-up pages with notes
Box-Folder   057-06  
Mock-up pages with notes
Box   136 - 137  
Medium-sized Artwork
Box   179 - 180  
1x Large-sized Artwork
Unidentified Original Artworks [subseries]:   
Scope: 029-038: 9 Small-sized boxes, 103-133: 30 Medium-sized boxes, 152-160: 6 Large-sized boxes, 181-195: 15 1x Large-sized boxes

Small-sized Artworks, [subseries]:
Box   29  
Sunrise or sunset
Couple WWII
People with arrows and stars
Iceberg (A Dream)
Box   30  
Howling wolf
Box   31  
Lake shore landscape
Countryside landscape
Box   32  
Man with beard sitting under tree
Man sitting on ground
Woman standing
Man holding trumpet
Box   33  
Indian waiter
Policeman with Camel
Woman and movie camera
Pumpkin head boy and dog
Box   34  
Black and white sketch
Pair of shoes
Box   35  
Two men on horses dragging boy from The Green Isle
Girl and boy holding hands from The Green Isle
Movie theater
Man standing over woman sitting
Box   36  
Circus acrobat with tiger version 1
Circus acrobat with tiger version 2
Blond man with blue eyes and blue shirt
Box-Folder   37-01  
Rough sketches
Box   38  
Woman with dark hair
Destroyed city scene in a broken window
Man smoking, sitting in chair with a drink
Man standing with cane
Medium-Sized Artworks, [subseries]:
Box   103  
Black and white portrait man in cap
Buddha-like "Happy Guy"
Buddha-like "Happy Guy"
Buddha-like "Happy Guy"
Box   104  
Man model clothes described in captions
Woman model clothes describe in captions
Pith Helmet parts described with captions
Man and Woman walking in woods
Box   105  
Man and woman on sofa and woman standing behind them
Old-fashioned ballroom scene
Two men and a woman in fancy uniforms (portrait) same group as 105:4
Two men and a woman in fancy uniforms (landscape) same group as 105:3
Box   106  
Boy reading
Clown (jester) playing lute
man playing electric guitar
Black and white bedroom scene
Box   107  
Violinist with plaid background
Violinist with plaid background
Organist in front of large pipe organ
Saxophonist with night sky background
Box   108  
House exploding
Scientist with beakers
Passport and papers
Man in doorway in old fashioned clothes
Box   109  
Baseball glove and cake
Statue broken in half in desert
Two men in blue hats
Man in cowboy hat
Box   110  
Books on shelves
Jazz singer, saxophonist, and pianist
Small picture, man's face in profile
Vincent Minnelli
Box   111  
Man wrapped in tires and chains
Man wrapped in tires and chains
Man wrapped in tires and chains
Man wrapped in tires and chains
Box   112  
Sword fight
Goat on wall
Sail boat
Boy with camera
Box   113  
Landscape with lakes and mountains
Black and white sax player / reflection below
Black and white sax player / shadow on side
Black and white sax player and drummer
Box   114  
Woman reading in lawn chair
Woman's feet
Three plants in a window
Box   115  
Man with pipe behind a couple
Two men sitting at table with teapot and man standing in front of table
Sunset with palm tree, flag, and skeleton
1920s-style woman, camera, and man
Box   116  
Scuba diver and boat
Scuba diver and boat
Flags from many countries
Houses floating in a flood
Box   117  
Ezra Pound
Woody Guthrie
Man in blue shirt and tan coat
Man in diamond tie
Box   118  
Boy in tree talking to girl
Family reading and studying
Father helping daughter on computer
Woman having hair done
Box   119  
Three hikers in the mountains
Window washer on side of building in cowboy hat
Two women sitting at table with cup
Box   120  
Man with sword
Bug with flashlight
Franciscan Priest and natives with cross
Box   121  
Worms in grass
Boy with globe
Bird head
Box   122  
Cowboys riding horses
Man giving speech
Circus acrobat with tiger version 3
Men at a meeting
Box   123  
Boy standing on head
Male giving speech
Old-fashioned camera
Box   124  
Man and woman on polka dot sofa
Couple in country man has no hat
Couple in country man has a hat
Man in glasses and yellow tie
Box   125  
Man in hat with bottles
Man with harbor in background
Man drinking coffee
Man with city and water in background
Box   126  
Portraits old-fashioned men
Jazz quintet, blue and red
Two women singer and trumpet player
Box   127  
Sunset, red and blue
Orange and blue
Light blue water and sun in sky
Sunset, lighter colors
Box   128  
Army base
Masked soldiers, jeep and captives (version 1)
Masked soldiers, jeep and captives (version 2)
Box   129  
Plan dropping bombs
Bows and arrows laying down
Bows and arrows standing up
Russian flag, army men and wagon with people
Box   130  
Living room
Couple from the English Patient
Five actors and actresses from the English Patient
Box   131  
House exploding (version 2)
Novell cereal box
Novell cereal box
Man with beard glasses and book
Box   132  
Building complex with many walls
Sunset scene
Purple and yellow sunset scene
Town in the distance with pink sky
Box   133  
Couple on movie screen, blue and black
Sunset with people on hill watching (must be from a story)
British soldier watercolor on paper pasted to cardboard
Large-sized Artworks, [subseries]:
Box   152  
Gun on grass
Family on sofa, father checking boy's hair
Derek Walcott
Soldiers in jungle
Box   153  
Woman holding hat
Couple embracing
Man and top hat falling
Woman with camera light
Box   154  
Four piece band
Female exotic dancer (related to 154:03)
Female exotic dancer (related to 154:02)
Male ballet dancer
Box   155  
Man sitting playing sax
Woman in orange and white costume
Man in jester costume dancing
Man holding hat singing
Box   156  
Two military boats
Plane in mountains
Women playing volleyball
Women playing volleyball
Box   157  
Blue and brown sky
Blue background, figures for sale
Woman standing in white apron
Box   158  
Man as ace of hearts
Man in red
Singer with guitar
Man with mustache
Box   159  
Books boxing
Santa with books
Wild haired guitar player
Older long haired guitar player
Box   160  
Plane dropping bombs
Man with beard
Salman Rushdie
James Joyce
1x Large-sized Artworks, [subseries]:
Box   181  
Man in white collared shirt smiling with turquoise background and W. H. Auden written above head
Two men, one with Woody Guthrie written underneath and one with Lead Belly written underneath
Man with vest and tie looking to left, black and white composition
Woman with dark hair and striped jacket
Box   182  
Multiple Buddhas, black and white composition
Graveyard with black sky, black and white composition
Black dog on rug in bedroom
Two men in front of brick wall, black and white composition ("The Sporting Scene on Urban Shores")
Box   183  
Man with hat in front of grass and blue sky background
Man in black suit and man in pin striped suit, black and white composition
Man, woman, and child possibly in court with orange background
Woman on stage with audience, black and white composition
Box   184  
Couple in bed
People with arms raised in front of sun, pink glasses on ground
People on stage with pink/orange/purple color composition, signed Parker 1993
Woman roller skating, signed Parker 1995
Box   185  
Man with green tinted glasses and shadow, black background
Woman and two men on stage with piano, black/blue background
Silhouetted man fishing, two large fish underwater with mountains and birds in background
Eight people in picture hanging on wall, Safe Passages copyright New Yorker Magazine
Box   186  
Two men with ties sitting in front of United Nations sign, blue and white background
Dark-haired man and blond woman, both with glasses, looking to the right
Three men: one with red hat; one with black coat; one with white hair
Woman on stage with long dark hair in front of crowd, black and white composition
Box   187  
Man with instrument in front of sun
Couple ballroom dancing in black and white
Man with white hair
Four men standing
Box   188  
Two people, dark and blond hair
Woman singing in front of camera
Man in front of UN symbol
Two men in dark coats talking
Box   189  
Two men (Clinton and Mondale?), pink background
Prison scene
Man in small boat hunting two whales
Man in overcoat with gun at night
Box   190  
Two men
Man by American flag
Woman with ponytail and microphone
Box   191  
Big fish
Two women and man
Woman and boy with stick in park
Woman and boy with stick in park
Box   192  
Martin Luther King
Piano player, man and woman performers
Two men, one with glasses
Two men, one black overcoat and one brown overcoat
Box   193  
Robert Andrew Parker on stairs
Living room
Figures with signs
Living room
Box   194  
Three teenage boys
Desk and lights
Man in red suit and trapeze
Three goldfish in tank
Box   195  
Blond woman
Two men one in black cape
Woman in green dress, woman in blue dress, and man in tux
Three men with crosses
Series 02: Artwork Reproductions (grouped by projects and media) [series]:
Sub-Series 1: Artwork Reproductions (grouped alphabetically by project) [subseries]:
Across the Blue Pacific, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   165-02  
Color copies
Box-Folder   165-03  
Book Proof
Action Jackson, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   166-03  
Book Proof
Aunt Skilly and the Stranger, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   48-03  
Book Proof
Ballet of Elephants, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   062-02  
Book proof pages with notes
Brothers: A Hebrew Legend, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   014-01  
Book Proof
Catch 22, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   145-02  
Sheet of book illustration proofs
Grandfather Tang's Story, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   172-02  
Book proof
Box-Folder   172-01  
Soft cover book
Gunga Din, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   017-01  
Hard cover book
Home Is the Hero, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   018-01  
Magazine Tear Sheets
Illustration for California Magazine, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   025-02  
Newspaper Tear Sheet
Lessons of the Master: Blackmur Revisited (Book Review), [subseries]:
Box-Folder   086-01  
Boston Sunday Globe Tear Sheets
Box   087  
The Magician's Visit: A Passover Tale, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   087-01  
Book Cover and book proof pages
Never-Ending Dissertation, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   088-01  
New York Times Tear Sheet, August 2 1987.
Orville, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   089-01  
Small cardboard poster
The People With Five Fingers, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   002-02  
Hard cover book
Piano Starts Here, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   148-07  
Book Proof
Box-Folder   148-08  
Book Proof
Box-Folder   148-09  
Book Proof
Box-Folder   148-10  
Book Proof
Schools for Scandal, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   025-01  
Newspaper Tear Sheet
Sex and Today's Teenager, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   178-01  
Newspaper Tear Sheet
To Fly: The Story of the Wright Brothers, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   149-03  
Book Proof
Box-Folder   149-02  
Hard Cover Book
The Trees Stand Shining, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   102-01  
Incomplete book
Box-Folder   150-01  
The Whistling Skeleton, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   (135-01)  
book cover
Subseries 2: Art Work Reproduced from Magazines (includes cut issues, complete issues, and proofs) [subseries]:   
Scope: This is arranged alphabetically by magazine title, then chronologically.

Box-Folder   005-01  
American Heritage (Complete Issue, pages 49-64), April/May 1980.
Box-Folder   007-01  
Ameryka (2 Complete Issues, Cover), December 1969.
Box-Folder   139-01  
Audience(Tear Sheets, Monkey House Portfolio), July/August 1971.
Box-Folder   008-01  
Channels (Tear Sheets, Pages 54-55), January, 1987.
Box-Folder   139-02  
Chronicle of Books and Arts (Tear Sheet, Pages 15), July 23, 1979.
Box-Folder   008-02  
Civilization (Tear Sheets, Page 31), June/July, 1998.
Box-Folder   008-03  
Columbia University Forum (Tear Sheets, Page 06), Fall 1958.
Box-Folder   008-03  
Columbia University Forum (Tear Sheets, Page 04), Winter 1959.
Box-Folder   005-02  
Cornwell Chronicle (2 Complete Issues, page 01-04), March 1992.
Box-Folder   139-03  
Esquire (Tear Sheets, pages 59-63), February undated.
Box-Folder   139-04  
Esquire (Tear Sheets, pages 78- ), October 1956.
Box-Folder   139-05  
Esquire (Tear Sheets, pages 188-125 The Imaginary War of Robert Andrew Parker), September 1960.
Box-Folder   164-01  
Esquire (Tear Sheets, pages), September 1960.
Box-Folder   139-06  
Fortune (Tear Sheets, pages 126-132 The Negro's New Economic Life), September 1956.
Box-Folder   007-02  
Fortune (Complete Issue, pages 101-106 The Big Mike Business), March 1959.
Box-Folder   139-07  
Fortune (Tear Sheets, pages 101-106 The Big Mike Business), March 1959.
Box-Folder   139-08  
Fortune (Tear Sheets, pages 147-158 Oil, Oil, Everywhere), October 1960.
Box-Folder   164-02  
Fortune (Tear Sheets, pages 105-110 The Private Strategy of Bethlehem Steel), April 1962.
Box-Folder   007-03  
Fortune (Complete Issue, pages 154-159 Busy Days on the Big Muddy), November 1963.
Box-Folder   139-09  
Fortune (Tear Sheets, pages 154-159 Busy Days on the Big Muddy), November 1963.
Box-Folder   008-04  
Fortune (Tear Sheets, Special Ad Section - The Quality Imperative), September 29, 1986.
Box-Folder   008-05  
Intellectual Digest (Tear Sheets, page 67), July 1972.
Box-Folder   007-04  
Ireland (2 Complete Issue, pages 23-26), July/August 1981.
Box-Folder   005-03  
Jazz Review (Complete Issue, Cover page 06), October 1959.
Box-Folder   008-06  
Journal of Accountancy (Tear Sheets Cover), June 1975.
Box-Folder   008-07  
The Lamp (Tear Sheets, pages 30-33), Fall 1976.
Box-Folder   140-01  
Mademoiselle (Tear Sheet, page ), 1953.
Box-Folder   005-04  
Mademoiselle (Complete Issue, page 142), April 1961.
Box-Folder   005-05  
New York (Complete Issue, pages 35-37 39 44 50 54 55 60 64 75), March 03 1980.
Box-Folder   008-08  
New York Magazine(Tear Sheets Page 35), April 11 1980.
Box-Folder   008-09  
New York Magazine(Tear Sheets Pages 21-23), July 23, 1984.
Box-Folder   008-10  
New York Magazine(Tear Sheets Pages 31-37), April 08, 1985.
Box-Folder   008-11  
New York Magazine(Tear Sheet), undated.
Box-Folder   008-12  
People (Tear Sheets, page 26-27), undated.
Box-Folder   140-02  
People (Tear Sheets, page 64-65), July 30 1979.
Box-Folder   008-13  
Personal Computing (Tear Sheet Page 161), October 1986
Box-Folder   008-14  
Perspectives in Computers (Tear Sheet Cover), Spring 1986
Box-Folder   005-06  
Playboy (Complete Issue, page 80), January 1965.
Box-Folder   008-15  
Playboy (Tear Sheet, page 83), March 1965.
Box-Folder   008-16  
Playboy (Tear Sheets, page 84-85), October 1965.
Box-Folder   005-07  
Playboy (Complete Issue, pages 185), January 1984.
Box-Folder   008-17  
Popular Computing (Tear Sheet pages 65, 68), May 1985.
Box-Folder   008-18  
Redbook (Tear Sheet page 44), July 1966.
Box-Folder   008-19  
[Redbook] (Tear Sheet), undated.
Box-Folder   006-01  
The Runner (Complete Issue, page 100), April 1986.
Box-Folder   140-03  
Society of Illustrators Special Report (Tear Sheet, page 57), undated.
Box-Folder   006-02  
Sports Illustrated (2 Complete Issues, pages 28-35 Perspectives on the Masters, August), April 02, 1962.
Box-Folder   008-20  
Sports Illustrated (Cut Issue, pages 28-35 Perspectives on the Masters, August), April 02, 1962.
Box-Folder   140-04  
Sports Illustrated (Tear Sheets, pages 41-44), October 07 1963
Box-Folder   006-03  
Sports Illustrated (Complete Issue, pages 80-83), October 04, 1976.
Box-Folder   008-21  
Sports Illustrated (Tear Sheets, pages 80-83), October 04, 1976.
Box-Folder   006-04  
Sports Illustrated (Complete Issue, pages 47-50), October 09, 1976.
Box-Folder   008-22  
Sports Illustrated (Tear Sheets, pages 46-54), October 09, 1978.
Box-Folder   008-23  
Time (Tear Sheet back cover), August 15, 1957.
Box-Folder   006-05  
Time (Complete Issue, pages 53-56), May 15, 1995.
Box-Folder   140-05  
TLC Monthly (Tear Sheet, pages 07-10), November 1993.
Box-Folder   008-24  
Travel & Leisure (Tear Sheet, Cover), October/November 1973.
Box-Folder   008-25  
Travel & Leisure (Tear Sheet, page 150), December 1978.
Box-Folder   008-26  
Travel & Leisure (Tear Sheet, page 47), January 1981.
Box-Folder   008-27  
Travel & Leisure (Tear Sheet, page 87), April 1988.
Box-Folder   006-06  
TV Guide (Complete Issue, pages 04-06), June 10-16, 1989.
Box-Folder   140-06  
TWA Ambassador (Tear Sheets, pages 28-29), June 1981.
Box-Folder   008-28  
TWA Ambassador (Cover, Tear Sheets, pages 45-48), October 1984.
Box-Folder   008-29  
TWA Ambassador (Tear Sheets, pages 41-47), July 1986.
Box-Folder   140-07  
Unidentified "Dove Flying" (Tear Sheets, page 52), undated.
Box-Folder   140-08  
Unidentified "Five Hundred Saturdays" (Tear Sheets, pages 12-14), undated.
Box-Folder   140-09  
Unidentified "The Great Sun Machine" (Tear Sheets, pages 4-9), undated.
Box-Folder   140-10  
Unidentified "South China Sea Samaritans" (Tear Sheets, pages 8-12), undated.
Box-Folder   140-11  
Unidentified Tear Sheets (18 Items), undated.
Box-Folder   008-30  
Venture (Tear Sheets pages 72-76), October 1987.
Box-Folder   008-31  
Vista (Tear Sheet page 28), undated.
Box-Folder   008-32  
What's New published by Abbott Laboratories. (Tear Sheet page 1), Early Winter, 1958.
Box-Folder   006-07  
World (Complete Issue, pages 39-42), May/June 1986.
Box   008  
World Monitor (Tear Sheet, page), May 06 1993.
Subseries 3: Artwork Reproduced in Various Media [subseries]:
Book jackets and books in alphabetical order, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   058-01  
A Book of Animal Poems (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-02  
A Book of Nature Poems (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-03  
Christmas in Biafra and Other Poems (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-04  
Eugenie Grandet (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-05  
The End of the Battle (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-06  
For Some Stringed Instruments (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-07  
Girls at War and Other Stories (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-08  
Guess Who My Favorite Person Is? (Incomplete Book)
Box-Folder   058-09  
The Hatmaker's Sign (Hard Cover Book)
Box-Folder   058-10  
The Lonesome Game (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-11  
The Magic Wings (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-12  
Martin Chuzzlewit (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-13  
Mimi and Toutou's Big Adventure (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-14  
The Obstinate Land (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-15  
Philip Ziegler Soldiers (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-16  
Pop Corn and Ma Goodness (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-17  
The Sign of the Beaver (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-18  
The Time of the Forest (Book Jacket)
Box-Folder   058-19  
Zeek Silver Moon (Book Jacket and 5 Cut pages)
Album Cover Proofs and Associated Material, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   161-01  
Album Cover Proofs
Box-Folder   161-02  
Album Cover Proofs
Box-Folder   161-03  
Album Cover Proof Very Brittle
Box-Folder   161-04  
Booklet that accompanied an Album
Various Media, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   198-01  
A. H. Robins Company Phenaphen Advertisement
Box-Folder   198-02  
Ciba Pharmaceutical Products Free Magazine,
Box-Folder   198-03  
Box-Folder   198-04  
The Purdue Fredrick Company Senokot Advertisement
Box-Folder   198-05  
Tennessee Gas Advertisement
Box-Folder   198-06  
Unidentified proofs
Programs and Artwork Commissioned by Corporations, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   138-04  
Datapoint Corporation 1980 Annual Report
Box-Folder   138-04  
Great Coats Ad Magazine by Champion International Corporation Paper Division
Box-Folder   138-01  
Morosco Theatre Billy Bishop Goes to War Play Bill
Box-Folder   138-03  
Super Bowl VII Program, January 14, 1973.
Box-Folder   138-02  
UCONN's own Jorgensen Auditorium presents Crowsnest Ad
Various Media Small-sized material, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   059-06  
Auction Guide (2 complete + 1 tear sheet)
Box-Folder   059-01  
Box-Folder   059-05  
Promotional Material for Robert Andrew Parker's jazz groups
Box-Folder   059-02  
Small cards with artwork
Box-Folder   059-04  
Transparencies and correspondence for Time Magazine
Box-Folder   059-03  
Unidentified transparencies and photos
Large-sized Posters, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   162-01  
1990 Children's Book Council Poster 1492-1992
Box-Folder   162-02  
Limited edition print from watercolor for Datapoint corporation
Box-Folder   162-03  
Robert Andrew Parker Recent Paintings The Schuman Gallery,
Box-Folder   162-04  
Churchill and the General
Box-Folder   162-05  
How to Kill Poster for short film directed by John Clayton
Box-Folder   162-06  
Petites Paintings: Gracious Gifts for the Holidays
1x Large-sized Posters, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   197-01  
Proof of poster for United Nations Population Fund "Safeguarding the Future 1969-1989"
Box-Folder   197-02  
Robert Andrew Parker 10 Years of Work 1959-1969 Terry Distenfass
1x Large-sized material in Various Media, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   198-01  
The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner title page
Box-Folder   198-02  
Charter Subscriber Ad for Eros Magazine published by Ralph Ginzberg
Box-Folder   198-03  
Exploring our Country Unit 6 proof
Box-Folder   198-04  
New York Times Advertising Section
Box-Folder   198-05  
Box-Folder   198-06  
Unidentified reproductions
Box-Folder   198-07  
Unidentified Proof of 8 lithographs in color
Over-sized Reproductions, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   199-01  
Album Cover Proof
Box-Folder   199-02  
Proboscis Monkey lithograph show poster
Box-Folder   199-03  
Posters for Mobil: Churchill and the General Mobil Showcase Network & Mobil Masterpiece Theater presents a Perfect Hero
2x Over-sized Reproductions, [subseries]:
Drawer-Folder   15.06-01  
3 etchings titled: Black Hollywood Zoo IV (signed and numbered:8/20)
Drawer-Folder   15.06-01  
2 etchings titled: A Barbary Ape
Drawer-Folder   15.06-01  
2 etchings of a Monkey signed
Drawer-Folder   15.06-02  
3 etchings titled: Hollywood Sleeping II (signed and numbered: 1/20, 7/20, 9/20)
Drawer-Folder   15.06-03  
2 etchings titled: Thinking of Shiela in India
Drawer-Folder   15.06-04  
2 etchings of a night club scene (numbered: 5/10, 8/10)
Drawer-Folder   15.06-04  
Artist Proof titled: Concerning the Potez 63
Drawer-Folder   15.07-05  
Craig Harris Poster
Drawer-Folder   15.07-06  
Churchill and the General (unlettered proofs)
Drawer-Folder   15.07-02  
America: The Third Century Poster
Drawer-Folder   15.07-03  
Green Isles Book Cover Proof
Drawer-Folder   15.07-04  
Save the Books Benefit September 19, 1987 Poster
Series 03: Personal and Professional development [series]:
Subseries 1: Reference Material and Correspondence (grouped alphabetically by project) [subseries]:
Across the Blue Pacific, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   165-01  
2 notes and 1 photocopy
Action Jackson, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   166-02  
Box-Folder   166-02  
Ballet of Elephants, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   062-01  
Source material with notes
Gunga Din, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   17-02  
Source Material
Barn Burner, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   063-01  
Marooned, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   023-02  
Piano Starts Here, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   148-01  
Handwritten notes
Box-Folder   148-02  
Notes and outlines
Box-Folder   148-03  
Box-Folder   148-04  
Source Material
Box-Folder   148-05  
Box-Folder   148-06  
Source Material
To Fly: The Story of the Wright Brothers, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   149-01  
Who Was Albert Einstein? [subseries]:
Box-Folder   039-01  
The Woman Who Fell from the Sky, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   057-01  
Subseries 2: Personal Papers, Press, Other Artists' Materials [subseries]:
Box   011  
Exhibit Catalogs in chronological order, 1955-2006.
Box   010  
Gallery cards in alphabetical order, 1955-2006.
Box   060  
Press and Awards, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   060-01  
Press: The Museum New Series (Complete Issue, page 26), Winter-Spring, 1961.
Box-Folder   060-02  
Caldecott award bookmark
Box-Folder   060-03  
Press Releases,
Box-Folder   060-04  
Brochure from the Alumni Association School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Box-Folder   060-05  
Promotional Materials from Publishers
Box-Folder   060-06  
Pen & Brush (Complete issue),
Box-Folder   060-07  
Society of Illustrators Spring 1990 National Lecture Series brochure,
Box-Folder   060-08  
Press: Time magazine (Complete Issue + 2 tear sheets, page 82), March 11, 1957.
Box-Folder   060-09  
Society of Illustrators Annual National Exhibition Certificates of Merit from the 24th, 27th, 31st, 35th, and 44th Annual National Exhibitions
Box-Folder   060-10  
Awards and Certificates,
Box-Folder   060-11  
Press: Unidentified tear sheets
Box-Folder   060-12  
Quote from Marianne Moore about Robert Andrew Parker
Press, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   163-01  
Book Reviews
Box-Folder   163-02  
The Litchfield County Times interview,
Box-Folder   163-03  
Interview in Parent's Choice (p 7 + 10),
Box-Folder   163-04  
Interview in New York Times Extra,
Box-Folder   163-05  
Article in St. Louis Post Dispatch "Modern Posters and correspondence from MOMA about project,
Box-Folder   163-06  
The News-Times Interview,
Work or reproductions of work by other artists, [subseries]:
Box-Folder   163-07  
Work or reproductions of work by other artists
Personal Correspondence and Business Papers [subseries]:
Box   012  
Correspondance and Business Papers