Robert Weaver Collection. ca. 1950-1980.
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Series 06: Original Art: paintings on canvas [series]:   
Scope: This series includes various types of paint materials. Some have small amounts of mixed media.

Drawer   17/3  
Note: Item framed.
Drawer   17/14  
Trapeeze artists
Note: Item framed.
Drawer   18/7  
Three images: Man's face, man's body, man reclining
Drawer   18/12  
St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Performer balancing ball on finger, umbrella silhouette in background
Drawer   above Drawer 16  
Picasso image, early modern man, clock, etc. (24 in. x 50 in.)
Note: Item framed
Drawer   above Drawer 16  
Variety Photo Plays sign, man in hopsital bed, Dodgers pennant. (24 in. x 50 in.)
Drawer   above Drawer 16  
Globe Hotel sign, fish, umbrella, etc. (25 in. x 51 in.)