Fine Press Ephemera (RBK00002)
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Black Cat Press [series]:

See also, The Norman Press.

  B-BO - Black Cat Press  
Purrings of the Black Cat Press Norman W. Forgue, author. c1934.Checklist   

References unknown series, in preparation, and first editions.

  B-BO - Black Cat Press  
Casey at the bat Stan Ekman, designer.Norman W. Forgue, typographer and printer. n.d.Keepsake   

This is copy No. X of a limited edition; initialed by Norman Forgue.

  B-BO - Black Cat Press  
The princess on the pea Hans Christian Anderson, author. The golden fleece Nathaniel Hawthorne, author.Helen Noel, illustrator. Ali Baba and the forty thieves Calvin Brazelton, illustrator. n.d.Prospectus
  B-BO - Black Cat Press  
We wish to announce the installation of our own private hand-bindery  n.d.Announcement