William Gaddis Papers 1902-1998
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box-folder   141-146/500-568  
VI. Personal Papers [series]: (ca. 1.5 linear feet)   
Scope: Papers related to Gaddis' personal life

box-folder   141/500-510  
Education Materials (10 folders)   
Scope: Assorted materials from Gaddis' education, beginning with his elementary education at Merricourt in Connecticut and continuing through his years at Harvard.

box-folder   141/500  
Harvard Psychology Class Notebook (1 folder)   

box-folder   141/501  
Personal - Education - Harvard (1 folder)   
Scope: Harvard transcript.

box-folder   141/502  
Education - School Work (1929-1935) (Berlin CT - Merricourt / Worthington) (1 folder)   
Scope: Elementary school papers.

box-folder   141/503  
Tuition Bills - Merricourt (1 folder)   

box-folder   141/504  
Harvard School Work (1 folder)   
Scope: Psychology papers.

box-folder   141/505  
Harvard Tuition Bills (1941, 1942-1945) (1 folder)   

box-folder   141/506  
Schoolwork - Merricourt (1 folder)   
Scope: Elementary composition books and reports.

box-folder   141/507  
Juvenalia - 1941-1945 (1 folder)   
Scope: Poem scrawled on scratch paper.

box-folder   141/508  
Merricourt documents (1932-1935) (1 folder)   
Scope: Blank Merricourt application and invoice.

box-folder   141/509  
Merricourt Work (1929-1935) (1 folder)   
Scope: Fragments of creative works, mostly poems, and photocopies.

box-folder   141/510.1  
Harvard Lampoon Magazine (1 folder)   

box-folder   141/510.2  
Farmingdale High School Hi-Life yearbook (1 folder)   

box-folder   142-143/511-534  
Private Papers (24 folders)   
Scope: Assorted papers and address books. Materials related to Matthew and Sarah Gaddis' upbringing and education. Legal, medical and bank records. Gaddis' passports and FBI file.

box-folder   142/511  
Addresses (book) (1 folder)   
Scope: Address book from Paris.

box-folder   142/512  
Gaddis Coat of Arms Material (1 folder)   

box-folder   142/513  
Personal Misc. 1940-1953 (1 folder)   
Scope: Travel documents.

box-folder   142/514  
Sarah Gaddis - Education (1 folder)   
Scope: Preschool forms.

box-folder   142/515  
Correspondence - Sarah Gaddis (1 folder)   
Scope: Christmas card to Sarah (1999).

box-folder   142/516  
Sarah and Matthew Misc (1 folder)   
Scope: Summer reading list, 5th grade.

box-folder   142/517  
Sarah and Stocks (1 folder)   
Scope: Application for Sarah to elementary school. Also stock certificates for FAS International and Norman Mining Company.

box-folder   142/518  
Misc (1 folder)   
Scope: Postcard and stamps.

box-folder   142/519  
Address Book, Gaddis Photo ID from Army Pictorial Center, Sarah Health Form (1 folder)   

box-folder   142/520  
Family - legal documents (1 folder)   

box-folder   142/521  
Personal - Family - Ephemera (1 folder)   
Scope: Locks of hair, blank envelope.

box-folder   142/522  
Personal Misc (1 folder)   
Scope: Descriptions of the children, William Gaddis' resume.

box-folder   142/523  
Finances - Bills - 1945-1953 (1 folder)   

box-folder   142/524  
Assorted Business 1958- (1 folder)   
Scope: Liberty Mutual cancellation notice.

box-folder   142/525  
Journals 1935 and 1941/42 (1 folder)   
Scope: Bound journals / calendars from Harvard and Boy Scouts.

box-folder   142/526  
Journal ? entries (1 folder)   
Scope: Gaddis' notes to himself at the age of 70 and after the publication of "JR," regarding his own debt and finances.

box-folder   142/527  
Misc Clippings / Bound Notebook (1 folder)   
Scope: Clippings and notebook. Old folders.

box-folder   143/528  
Passports (1 folder)   
Scope: Three of Gaddis' passports.

box-folder   143/529  
Medical Records (1 folder)   

box-folder   143/530  
Bank Records (1 folder)   

box-folder   143/531  
Legal Documents (1 folder)   
Scope: Traffic ticket, jury summons, Will documents.

box-folder   143/532  
FBI File (a) (1 folder)   
Scope: First part of FBI file on Gaddis.

box-folder   143/533  
FBI File (b) (1 folder)   
Scope: Second part of FBI file on Gaddis.

box-folder   143/534.1  
Personal Finance (Bills/Receipts) (1 folder)   

box-folder   143/534.2  
Certificate of death (1 folder)   

box-folder   143/534.3  
Divorce decree and Agreement of Separation from Patsy Gaddis (1 folder)   

box-folder   143/534.4  
Photocopy of William R. Gaddis's will (1 folder)   

box-folder   143/534.5  
Photocopy of birth certificate (1 folder)   

box-folder   144-145/535-562  
Miscellaneous Papers (28 folders)   
Scope: Various miscellaneous writings, sorted roughly by decade. 1976 National Book Award program and speech.

box-folder   144/535  
60s (1 folder)   
Scope: Handwritten addresses, notes.

box-folder   144/536  
60s and 70s (1 folder)   
Scope: Handwritten notes, envelopes.

box-folder   144/537  
Early 70s (1 folder)   
Scope: Clippings and notes.

box-folder   144/538  
70s (a) (1 folder)   
Scope: Brochure, draft, notes.

box-folder   144/539  
70s (b) (1 folder)   
Scope: Facsimile of Serendipity Books catalog 32.

box-folder   144/540  
70s (c) (1 folder)   
Scope: "Recognitions" the journal, "JR" National Book Award speech and the 1976 National Book Award schedule of events and accompanying materials.

box-folder   144/541  
Bard and clippings (1 folder)   
Scope: Bard College papers and clippings.

box-folder   144/542  
Late 70s (a) (1 folder)   
Scope: Book by and from John Napper. Washington University publicity posters.

box-folder   144/543  
Late 70s (b) (1 folder)   
Scope: Clippings.

box-folder   144/544  
70s (d) (1 folder)   
Scope: "Who's Who" galley proof on Gaddis.

box-folder   144/545  
Clippings (1 folder)   

box-folder   144/546  
70s (e) (1 folder)   
Scope: Clippings and resume.

box-folder   144/547  
Misc (1 folder)   
Scope: Ferry schedule, clippings, notes

box-folder   144/548  
'88-'91 (a) (1 folder)   
Scope: Clippings, Donald Barthelme obituary.

box-folder   144/549  
'88-'91 (b) (1 folder)   
Scope: Clippings, notes, cover of French edition of "Carpenter's Gothic."

90s (1 folder)   
Scope: Clippings, reading announcement poster, and Gaddis family name history.

box-folder   145/550  
From Folder Marked "From Robert Graves" - Gaddis Self-Portrait (1 folder)   
Scope: Drawing by Gaddis of himself.

box-folder   145/551  
"From Robert Graves" - Clippings (1 folder)   

box-folder   145/552  
"[aborted JR play]" (1 folder)   
Scope: Drafts of PEN address (1986), notes, version of JR with notes to turn into a play.

box-folder   145/553  
Notes, Clippings (1 folder)   

box-folder   145/554  
60s and FOIA request (1 folder)   
Scope: Folder is empty. See 143/532-533 for FBI file.

box-folder   145/555  
Corr 90-95 (1 folder)   
Scope: Calendar, French review of "JR," notes, and cards.

box-folder   145/556  
Corr 95-6 (1 folder)   
Scope: 1987 Westminster Abbey program, handwritten notes.

box-folder   145/557  
Corr 98-95 (1 folder)   
Scope: Essay written on Gaddis. Maps, notes, clippings.

box-folder   145/558  
Corr 1959- (1 folder)   
Scope: Clippings, handwritten notes.

box-folder   145/559  
Professional Organizations - Misc / General (1 folder)   
Scope: Brochure for National Book Foundation.

box-folder   145/560  
Clippings (1 folder)   

box-folder   145/561  
1994 National Book Award Finalist Certificate (1 folder)   

box-folder   145/562.1  
MacArthur Certificate (1 folder)   

New York State Edith Wharton Citation of Merit, photocopies (1 folder)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   145/562.2  
Various brochures (1 folder)   

box-folder   146/563-568  
Tax Returns and Personal Finance (6 folders)   
Scope: Various tax and personal finance documents, including processed checks and credit card receipts.

box-folder   146/563  
1954 Tax Form (1 folder)   
Scope: Partially completed, presumably not filed. Empty envelope.

box-folder   146/564  
Return (1 folder)   
Scope: Tax documents.

box-folder   146/565  
Receipts and Tax Documents (1 folder)   
Scope: Tax documents.

box-folder   146/566  
Personal Finance (1 folder)   
Scope: Processed checks and financial documents.

box-folder   146/567  
Receipts and Checks (1 folder)   
Scope: Credit card receipts and processed checks.

box-folder   146/568  
Army Contracts and Expenses (1 folder)