William Gaddis Papers 1902-1998
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box-folder   147-149/569-580  
VII. Business Papers [series]: (ca. 1.5 linear feet)   
Scope: Papers related to Gaddis' business dealings.

box-folder   147-149/569-580  
Contracts and Royalties (12 folders)   
Scope: Contracts and royalty statements from various publishers.

box-folder   147/569  
"Rush for Second Place" / "Carpenter's Gothic" Contracts (1 folder)   
Scope: Contracts with Harper's for "Rush" and Viking Penguin for "Gothic."

box-folder   147/570  
Harcourt Brace Royalties - Recognitions (1 folder)   
Scope: Royalty statements.

box-folder   148/571  
Prof. Contracts - Unesco 1949-1950 (1 folder)   

box-folder   148/572  
Royalties / Contracts - Frolic, Carpenter's Gothic, Foreign Publishers (1 folder)   
Scope: Contracts with Simon and Schuster for "Frolic" and Penguin for "Gothic." Foreign royalty earnings statements.

box-folder   148/573  
Contracts - Yale Review, JR (1 folder)   
Scope: Domestic contracts regarding Yale Review, JR. Also foreign contracts and Knopf breach of contract dispute. Copyright application for "Recognitions."

box-folder   148/574  
Contracts - JR, Carpenter's Gothic, The Last Act (1 folder)   
Scope: Domestic contracts regarding "JR," "Gothic," "The Last Act" as well as foreign contracts.

box-folder   148/575  
Royalties (1 folder)   
Scope: Assorted royalty statements.

box-folder   149/576  
Royalty Statements, Assorted (1 folder)   
Scope: Mixed statements on various novels.

box-folder   149/577  
Contracts, Assorted (a) (1 folder)   
Scope: Contracts on "Once at Antietam," for the Army, Macarthur grant, "Recognitions."

box-folder   149/578  
Contracts, Assorted (b) (1 folder)   
Scope: Contracts on "JR," "Recognitions."

box-folder   149/579  
Royalties / Orders (1 folder)   
Scope: Statements and some correspondence from Candida Donadio.

box-folder   149/580  
Contracts 1978/86 re JR and proposed film (1 folder)