William Gaddis Papers 1902-1998
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box-folder   157-164/633-661  
X. Articles and Clippings [series]: (29 folders)   
Scope: Groups of Artcles and clippings likely collected by Gaddis.

box-folder   157-162/633-655  
Mixed Clippings and Photocopies (25 folders)   
Scope: Mainly photocopies of Gaddis' published work interspersed with related newspaper clippings. Notes and sources on "Frolic," the player piano project, "Agape, Agape," "Torschlusspanik," and various essays.

box-folder   157/633  
Magazine articles by and about Gaddis (90s) (1 folder)   
Scope: Photocopies of "JR Goes to Washington," "Erewhon," and "Syrzk."

box-folder   157/634  
Notes / Sources for "Frolic" and "Old Foes with New Faces" (1 folder)   

box-folder   157/635  
Erewhon - Butler (1 folder)   
Scope: Copies and papers related to Gaddis' "Erewhon" article.

box-folder   157/636  
Erewhon - Clippings (source material) (1 folder)   

box-folder   157/637  
"Clips: Crime, Scams, FBI" (1 folder)   
Scope: Various clippings, including Evelyn Waugh obituary and Julian Schnabel show opening. Empty folders.

box-folder   158/638  
Sources: Legal Verdicts and Religious Clippings (1 folder)   
Scope: Source material, presumably for "Frolic."

box-folder   158/639  
Player Piano Correspondence 1946 (1 folder)   

box-folder   158/640  
Sources and Drafts: Economics 80s-90s: "S & L Piece (90) requested & rejected by the Times" (1 folder)   
Scope: Clippings on the Savings and Loan scandal. Draft of "This Above All." Also includes another copy of "JR Goes to Washington" (1987).

box-folder   159/641  
German Newspaper Articles / New Yorker 1999 (1 folder)   
Scope: German articles on William and Matthew Gaddis. Issue of "New Yorker" Feb 22 / Mar 1 1999.

box-folder   159/642  
Deutschland Radio (1 folder)   
Scope: Negotiations on Torschlusspanik, contracts, correspondence.

box-folder   159/643  
Draft of German Radioplay (1 folder)   

box-folder   159/644  
Outline for Torschlusspanik / Clippings (1 folder)   

box-folder   159/645  
"Germans" (1 folder)   
Scope: German articles on Gaddis. Some correspondence. Drafts of Gaddis' tribute to Dostoyevsky.

box-folder   159/646  
Assorted German articles and correspondence (1 folder)   

box-folder   159/647  
Agape printout (1 folder)   
Scope: Partial draft with corrections.

box-folder   160/648  
Frolic articles / reviews (1 folder)   

box-folder   160/649  
Gaddis' Outline for his Archive (1 folder)   

box-folder   160/650  
Card, Quotation, Envelope (1 folder)   
Scope: Handwritten quotation from Emerson. Blank postcard painted by John Napper.

box-folder   160/651  
"Harper's, NYT - Auchincloss, Paris Rev., JR-NXT, Szyrk" (1 folder)   
Scope: Photocopies of these articles.

box-folder   161/652  
"Out $95" - Gass Intro to "Recognitions," Karl Intro to "JR" (1 folder)   
Scope: Introductions by William Gass to "The Recognitions" and Frederick Karl to "JR."

box-folder   161/653  
Notes and Drafts (1 folder)   
Scope: Various papers.

box-folder   162/654  
Late 90s scraps and paste up matter (1 folder)   
Scope: Typed scraps of drafts and notes.

box-folder   162/655.1  
"Cologne Jne '97" (1 folder)   
Scope: Articles on Schnabel, photographs from St. Vith's, German and French articles.

box-folder   162/655.2  
Miscellaneous clippings (1 folder)
box-folder   162/656-657  
Posthumous Materials (2 folders)   
Scope: Material following Gaddis' death, including resumes for potential editors for "The Rush for Second Place," a collection of Gaddis essays published by Penguin in 2002, and material related to Gaddis' memorial tribute in 1999.

box-folder   162/656  
Joseph Tabbi (1 folder)   
Scope: Resume and articles by Joseph Tabbi on Gaddis. Also resumes from John Tytell and Jefferson Holdridge

box-folder   162/657  
WG Memorial (1 folder)   
Scope: German articles on Gaddis. Invitations to Gaddis memorial tribute (1999), as well as guest lists and table arrangements. Copy of Torschlusspanik.

box-folder   163-164/658-661  
Clippings (4 folders)   
Scope: All newspaper clippings, assumed to be potential source material for future projects.

box-folder   163/658  
"Last VIII".1 (1 folder)   
Scope: Newspaper clippings.

box-folder   163/659  
"Last VIII".2 (1 folder)   
Scope: Newspaper clippings.

box-folder   164/660  
"Last VIII".3 (1 folder)   
Scope: Newspaper clippings.

box-folder   164/661  
"Last VIII".4 (1 folder)   
Scope: Newspaper clippings.