William Gaddis Papers 1902-1998
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box-folder   167-179/672-714  
XIII. Works by Others [series]:   
Scope: This series consists of manuscripts sent to or gathered by William Gaddis. They primarily relate to the work of William Gaddis.

box-folder   167-171/672-685  
Dissertations / Theses (14 folders)   
Scope: Various student dissertations and theses on Gaddis' work. s: XIII.Works By Others

box-folder   167/672  
Thesis - Baldwin (1 folder)   
Scope: Baldwin, Margaret Ann. "Form and Value in William Gaddis' The Recognitions."

box-folder   167/673  
Thesis - Brownson (1 folder)   
Scope: Brownson, Robert Charles. "Techniques of Reference, Allusion, and Quotation in Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus & William Gaddis' The Recognitions," ca. 1976.

box-folder   167/674  
Thesis - Comnes (1 folder)   
Scope: Comnes, Gregory. "Agape, Agape: The Ethics of Indeterminacy in the Novels of William Gaddis," ca. 1994.

box-folder   168/675  
Thesis - Hegarty (1 folder)   
Scope: Hegarty, George. "Gaddis's Recognitions: The Major Theme," ca. 1978.

box-folder   168/676  
Thesis - Koenig (1 folder)   
Scope: Koenig, Peter W. "Splinters from the Yew Tree: A Critical Study of William Gaddis' The Recognitions," ca. 1971.

box-folder   169/677  
Thesis - Kronung (1 folder)   
Scope: Kronung, A. "Ideal. Reality. Chaos. Ansichten Gesellschaftlicher Desintegration bei William Gaddis."

box-folder   169/678  
Thesis - Leverence (1 folder)   
Scope: Leverence, John. "Gaddis Anagnorisis," ca. 1974.

box-folder   169/679  
Thesis - Minkoff (1 folder)   
Scope: Minkoff, Robert. "Down Then Out A Reading of William Gaddis' The Recognitions," ca. 1976.

box-folder   170/680  
Moore Chapters (1 folder)   
Scope: Chapters by Steven Moore, presumably for his volume of Gaddis' letters.: "Introduction," ca. 1984, "JR Annotations," "Sketch of William Gaddis," "Vision of Order."

box-folder   170/681  
Thesis - Reeve (1 folder)   
Scope: Reeve, Benjamin. "The World of Imagination and the Imagination of the World."

box-folder   170/682  
Thesis - Scaramelli (1 folder)   
Scope: Scaramelli, Richard. "The Shock of Recognition: A Connecticut Yankee in the Carpentered Fiction of William Gaddis."

box-folder   170/683  
"Robinson" - Think Article, Commencement Address (1 folder)   
Scope: The material in this folder is misplaced by follows the Lopez sequencing. Included are various Gaddis notes and drafts for an article in "Think" magazine and a commencement speech in 1980, among others.

box-folder   171/684  
Thesis - Suter (1 folder)   
Scope: Suter, Clive. "God Damned Holy Shit: Wasteful Reproduction in William Gaddis' JR."

box-folder   171/685  
Thesis - Walker (1 folder)   
Scope: Walker, Christopher. "William Gaddis' Soulful Satires."

box-folder   172/686-689  
Miscellaneous (4 folders)   
Scope: Miscellaneous publications by other authors, including Zoltan Abadi-Nagy's interview of Gaddis, two works by Julian Schnabel, and Stanley Elkin's obituary and eulogy by William Gass.

box-folder   172/686  
Interview by Zoltan Abadi-Nagy (1 folder)   

box-folder   172/687  
"Before Night Falls" (Schnabel) (1 folder)   
Scope: Copy of play by Julian Schnabel et al.

box-folder   172/688  
Corr - Schnabel Reconocimientos (1 folder)   
Scope: Bound glossy book by Julian Schnabel.

box-folder   172/689  
Stanley Elkin (obit. / Eulogy by Wm Gass) (1 folder)   

box-folder   173-179/690-714  
Reviews (25 folders)   
Scope: This series follow from the original Lopez folders (147), thus the intermingled nature of reviews and notes is an attempt to maintain the original order. Many reviews are by foreign presses.

box-folder   173/690  
Reviews - Frolic (1 folder)   

box-folder   173/691  
Loose Notes (1 folder)   

box-folder   173/692  
Loose Materials (1 folder)   
Scope: Assorted pamphlets, John Hawkes obituary.

box-folder   173/693  
Miscellaneous Personal (1 folder)   
Scope: Empty folder.

box-folder   173/694  
Gaddis Personal (1 folder)   
Scope: Empty folder.

box-folder   173/695  
Correspondence (1 folder)   
Scope: Various publicity publications

box-folder   173/696  
Early Reviews "JR," "Carpenter's Gothic" (1 folder)   
Scope: Reviews in English, French, and German.

box-folder   174/697  
Frolic Reviews and others (1 folder)   
Scope: Reviews, mainly on Frolic.

box-folder   174/698  
Frolic Reviews and foreign loose (1 folder)   

box-folder   174/699  
Carpenter's Gothic and foreign reviews, among others (1 folder)   

box-folder   174/700  
Reviews, assorted (1 folder)   

box-folder   175/701  
Reviews - Frolic and Assorted Articles (1 folder)   

box-folder   175/702  
Reviews '87 Australia France Germany (1 folder)   

box-folder   175/703  
Reviews Australia France Germany (1 folder)   

box-folder   175/704  
Reviews Italian, English (1 folder)   

box-folder   176/705  
Reviews - JR (a) (1 folder)   

box-folder   176/706  
Reviews - JR (b) (1 folder)   
Scope: Reviews, as well as student papers on "JR."

box-folder   177/707  
Loose Magazines '80s (1 folder)   
Scope: Various loose magazines, including Current Biography (Nov 1987), New Yorker (1987), Harper's (1981), and the Harvard Magazine.

box-folder   177/708  
Reviews - JR (c) (1 folder)   

box-folder   178/709  
Assorted Notes and Reviews 70s (a) (1 folder)   
Scope: Various reviews, mainly on "JR."

box-folder   178/710  
Assorted Notes and Reviews 70s (b) (1 folder)   
Scope: Various reviews, mainly on "JR."

box-folder   178/711  
John Gardner's Review of "JR" (1 folder)   

box-folder   178/712  
Article from IWC Conf 1994 (1 folder)   

box-folder   178/713  
Reviews of "The Recognitions" (1 folder)   
Scope: Further material in oversize folder G.

box-folder   179/714  
Reviews - Carpenter's Gothic (1 folder)   
Scope: Reviews on "Carpenter's Gothic" as well as some articles and student papers.