Lee Anderson Papers
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II. Manuscripts. [series]:
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II. 1. Titled Poems. (ca. 502 items)   
Scope: Included are drafts of Lee Anderson's titled poems. Drafts are arranged alphabetically by title; they are in various forms- -Ts; Ts [carbon]; Ts [duplicated]; auto. draft- -however, no attempt has been made to distinguish between them in this description. The number of versions of each draft is noted in parentheses after the title; if a title has no number following, this indicates there is only one draft of that poem.

After You Mr. Pope
Albert Stop That ((3))
And Thereby Hangs a Comma ((3))
And Thereby Hangs a Tail ((2))
Answer to an Invitation to Arundel ((10))
Ante Meridian
Antietatem ((7))
Apotheosis ((2))
Atom Sense ((5))
Beggar's Measure ((7))
Blind Star ((3))
A Brief Discourse on Four Letter Words
Cacophony ((3))
Chanctonbury Sherry
A Christmas Card
Civil War Centennial
A Conversation without Words ((3))
Cookham Dean ((7))
D. Jones' Locker ((17))
The Day after the Day after Tomorrow ((2))
The Day the Rambler Bolted
Derby Day 1933
Dialogue Between a Die-Hard and a Tiro
Dichotomy ((10))
Dover Beach
Dupont Circle Rally
Don't Send It Back C. O. D. ((2))
EBB-Tide ((8))
88 Chelsea Gardens
Either Other Together Weather ((3))
Epistle from St. Chesterfield ((5))
The Ego Centric ((6))
Face West ((3))
Fastidium ((7))
First Mortgage ((2))
First Poem
The Flesh Eaters ((3))
For C. A.
Forest Hills
The Four Daughters ((9))
The Four Journeys ((24))
The Four Treasures ((14))
Fourth Letter Day ((8))
Franco in Pea Soup ((16))
Francois Villon on the Road to Amiens ((6))
Galmatias ((6))
General Wang refuses the Dragon Throne
Genre Piece ((17))
A Ghost Story
The Glass House ((7))
Good Ship Olympic ((14))
Herrick Combs His Hair ((4))
Hey Beautiful!
Hit and Run
A House Hanted
Ice Boat Idyll ((19))
In Defense of One Four Letter Word
Intrigue in a Plush Bistro ((3))
"It Isn't Done!" sez you! ((2))
Je Pense ((10))
Jhennee ((25))
Jolly Farmer ((3))
Lament for Mark Reider ((6))
Lascelles Abercrombie ((2))
The Lebenese
Letter from Berkeley ((2))
Little Indian
London Particular ((18))
London Undergaduate
Marianne and the Minotaur ((2))
Memorial for Battersea Town Hall
Metric Can Wait
Miss Deutsch's Class
New Haven
Non Lasciate Ogni Speranza
Numismatics ((2))
Oblique Definition of an Adult ((3))
On Four Letter Words
On Reading the Shield of Achilles ((3))
Orbit ((2))
The Painter-Poet
Paola and Francesca
The Party of the Third Part
Pavement Isaac Walton's Spin
Piazzo Navona ((2))
The Pink Wolf As End Man ((9))
Plaint of a Young Lady With a Different View of the Cycle ((2))
Portrait of the Artist As Curator ((3))
Prismatic ((3))
Quattro Galanti ((6))
Rainbows ((4))
Reflections ((3))
Relativity ((4))
The Robber Robbed ((6))
A Rose for His Mistress ((3))
Run, Do Not Walk to the Nearest Exit ((5))
The Sacred Grove ((7))
St. Filippo's
Saturday As Usual ((5))
The Shape of this Light Is the Knot of the Wood ((6))
She Went to Bed with a Flower in Her Hair ((6))
Shenandoah ((5))
Sidney Bridge
Silver Service ((2))
Ski Tow ((7))
The Sounds of Command ((4))
Stella and the Haunted House
Threadneedle Aesthetic
Three AM ((5))
Too Little of a Good Thing ((3))
Two Portraits
Unholy Alliance
Variations on a Theme ((2))
Vera ((2))
Vignette in a Plush Bistro
Wayfare's Dole
The Weeping Scotch Elm
White Mountain ((3))
Winter in England
The Young Pushkin ((7).)
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II. 2. Untitled Poems and Fragments. (ca. 500 items, 2 boxes.)   
Scope: Includes various drafts of Lee Anderson's untitled poems, as well as fragments of poems.

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II. 3. Essays.   
Scope: Includes titled and untitled essays; unpublished lecture notes; speeches, prefatory notes, and reviews. The number of drafts of each is noted in parantheses after each item, except when there is only one draft.

Conrad Aiken ((3))   

Richard Blackmur ((3))
[Review of] Stanley Burnshaw, Caged in an Animal's Mind ((3))
Cecil Day Lewis ((2))
Babette Deutsch ((3))
Richard Eberhart ((2))
[Marianne Moore]
Robert Frost ((4))
Howard Nemerov
[Robert Frost] ((2))
Thomas Parkinson, W. B. Yeats: The Later Poetry [Review]
The Axe Helve of Robert Frost ((2))
Paul Ramsey
Isabella Gardner ((3))
Henry Rago ([fragment])
Don Geiger
John Crowe Ransom ((3))
Don Geiger ((2))
Winfield Townfield Scott
Robert Lowell ((2))
William Jay Smith ((2))
Robert Mezey
Allen Tate ((5, including fragments))
Josephine Miles
Alfred Lord Tennyson ((8))
Marianne Moore: Random Notes
John Trimmer ([fragment])
Marianne Moore: In Praise of Armor
John Hall Wheelock ((2))
William Van O'Connor ([fragment])
Richard Wilbur
Yvor Winters
Untitled, Miscellaneous essays, prefaces (ca. 24 items.)
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II. 4. Miscellaneous classroom notes. and lecture materials, student papers, etc. (1 box ca. 150 items.)