Lee Anderson Papers
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VI. Manuscript Material by Others. [series]:   
Scope: Excluding material found in Series I and Series V.

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VI. 1. The Book of Gems.   
Scope: In 1958 Lee Anderson began keeping an autograph book in which he had various poets write samples of their work. Following is a list of the poets and the titles of their poems that appear in the book. The list is arranged in order of appearance. All items are listed in the index to the Manuscript Division.

Dudley Fitts, [Untitled poem]. April 16, 1958
Robert Frost, "Forgive O Lord my little jokeson Thee," [untitled], May 18, 1961
Isabella Gardner, Letter from Slough Pond, July 7, 1969
Sylvia Plath, "Yet, shrined on her shelf, the grisly visage endured" [untitled], April 15, 1958
Ted Hughes, "All things being done or undone," [untitled], April 18, 1958
Ben Belitt, "For pure delight" [untitled], April 20, 1958
Howard Nemerov, "This is about the stillness in moving things," (from Runes, part I) April 20, 1958.
Barbara Howes, Portrait of an Artist, April 21, 1958
William Jay Smith, Dead Snake, April 21, 1958
Denise Levertov, One A. M., [1958]
Rolfe Humphries, "Sorrow and joy compete" [untitled], June 16, 1958
David Wagoner, "I sing the man that is all men: all these" [untitled], Sept 17, 1958
William Stafford, from Picking up Chores, Sept 18, 1958
James Schevill, The Coastguardsman in the Fog, [1958]
Josephine Miles, "Sir, the objective correlative is love" [untitled], [1958]
Don Geiger, How Is It Down There, Dr. Donne?, [1958]
Elliott Coleman, "Seeing is believing" [untitled], [1958]
Yvor Winters, Night of Battle: Europe 1941, [1958]
Charles Edward Eaton, Apologies for Passion, Nov 19, 1958
Josephine Jacobsen, February Museum, Dec 6, 1958
Ted Weiss, The Hook (Part 3), Feb 9, 1959
John Hollander, Stanzas 11 & 12 of Icarus Before Kossos, March 10, 1959
David Ferry, Aubade, March 12, 1959
George Starbuck, "So watch your pockets, cats, hang onto your hearts [untitled], March 12, 1959
Anthony Ostroff, Think Not That This Ends Here, March 15, 1959
W. H. Auden, Paul Valery, March 18, 1959
Louis Simpson, An American in the Thieves' Market, March 19, 1959
Galway Kinnell, "But listen--the swish of the blood" [untitled], March 20, 1959
Muriel Rukeyser, "Believe that we bloom upon this stalk of time" [untitled], March 19, 1959
Robert Lowell, Inauguration Day 1953, [1959]
Isabella Gardner, Dear Lee, Nov 6, 1959
Allen Tate, [Untitled], September 13, 1959
John Ciardi, "Paltries, friend Lee, we are two shrunk paltries" [untitled], Nov 5, 1959
Anne Sexton, Doors, Doors, Doors, Sept. 14, 1959
William Alfred, The Double, Sept 15, 1959
Gerta Kennedy, Poetry, or Madness, [1959]
Maxine Kumin, Your Living Head, Sept 17, 1959
Richard Wilbur, Two Voices in a Meadow, October 3, 1959
Babette Deutsch, The Poem, [1959]
George P. Elliott, Her Dwarf, November 5, 1959
Marianne Moore, Epilogue to Book VI: La Fontaine, November 6, 1959
John Hall Wheelock, Silence, November 6, 1959
Stephen Spender, In Attica, [1959]
Stanley Burnshaw "Song aspires to silence..." [untitled], January 31, 1960
Louise Bogan, The Dream, Feb 1, 1960
Robert Penn Warren, from Mortmain, #4 In the Turpitude of Time, [1960]
Jean Garrigue, The Feast of Pleasure That Some Seek, March 8, 1960
Daniel Hoffman, Awoke into a Dream of Singing, March 10, 1960
Louis MacNeice, "For the last blossom is the first blossom" [untitled], April 4, 1960
Clifford Dyment, Writing Is Not Writing, [1960]
Ruth Pitter, Urania, April 26, 1960
C. Day Lewis, from O Dreams, O Destinations, [1960]
T. S. Eliot, The moment of the rose and the.." [untitled], May 4, 1960
Roy Fuller, Ballad, May 27, 1960
Vernon Watkins, "Much the treasure hoarding mind" (from Yeats in Dublin), May 10, 1960
Kathleen Raine, The World, May 11, 1960
Anne Ridler, Beecham Concert, May 10, 1961
William Empson, Let It Go, [May] 1960
John Lehman, "Always to say goodbye becomes a dream" [untitled], May 20, 1960
Spencer Brown, Bits of Glass, July 6, 1969
William Plomer, The Sculptor, May 26, 1960
Peter Redgrove, "Buffing his son with a forefinger" [untitled], May 28, 1960
Andrew Young, A Dead Mole, June 2, 1960
James Merrill, The Octopus, Feb 2, 1960
David Jones, "And as marines, remember us" [untitled], May 22, 1960
A. L. Rowse, Spring in the Atlantic, May 23, 1960
Michael Hamburger, Emblem, [1960]
E. J. Scovell, Michaelmas Summer, June 1, 1960
Anthony Thwaite, Two Poets, June 2, 1960
F. T. Prince, from The Tears of a Muse in America, June 3, 1960
Christopher Logue, "And the water's diamond head" [untitled] [1960]
Thomas Blackburn, "It is the school of Babylon, June 7, 1960
Herbert Read, "The golden lemon is not made" [untitled], June 7, 1960
Hugh MacDiarmid, "The rose of all the world is not for me" June 10, 1960
Laurie Lee, Day of Their Days, June 11, 1960
W. R. Rodgers, Lent, June 13, 1960
George Hartley, The Midnight Bell, June 14, 1960
Kingsley Amis, On a Portrait of Madame Rimsky-Korsakov, June 13, 1960
Jon Silkin, Bowl, June 14, 1960
Patric Dickinson, Jodrell Bank, June 17, 1960
Patricia Beer, from The Loss of the Magyar, June 17, 1960
Jeannette Nichols, I Talk of You in Cities, January 13, 1961
Joseph Bennett, Russian bombers, observing the melee" (untitled], January 14, 1961
Samuel French Morse, A Kind of View, April 29, 1961
Jack Sweeney, `Salt Friday's crystal born in dawnlight" [untitled], January 16, 1961
John Holmes, "Whenever the scale of things seems meagre" [untitled], Jan 16, 1961
Edwin Honig, Maker, January 16, 1961
John Frederick Nims, A Pretty Device of the Fathers, May 5, 1961
Lucia Rivers, from The Children of Erasmus, March 29, 1962
Mona Van Duyn, Water, April 1, 1962
Donald Hall, The Long River, April 7, 1962
William Van O'Connor, A. E. Houseman Walks toward Wenlock, Dec 27, 1962
J. V. Cunningham, "When I shall lie without regret" [untitled], Dec 22, 1962
Kenneth Rexroth, "The sea will be deep" [untitled], Sept 29, 1963
Paul Ramsey, The Correct Answer to an Old Question, Nov 9, 1963
Martin Halpern, Occasions, April 21, 1964
Leonard Nathan, The Diver, June 22, 1964
Thomas Parkinson, Death as Natural Process, Jan 12, 1965
Celeste Turner Wright, On a Philosophical System, March 24, 1965
Robert Beloof, March 29, 1965
Thomas Cole, Old Woman's Song, June 14, 1969
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VI. 2. Unpublished Essays.   
Scope: Unpublished Essays by others on the work of Lee Anderson.

Richard Eberhart, A Note on the Poem, (Ts., 2pp.)
Carlyle Mitzell, [Untitled essay], (Ts., 29pp.)
Carlyle Mitzell, The Meteor Hyphen--Lee Anderson, (Ts., 29pp.)
John Morey, Introduction: On the Occasion of Mr. Lee Anderson Reading His "Pomes," Monday Evening, February 13, 1967, (Ts. 3pp.)
John Trimmer, Lee Anderson, A Modern Poet, (Ts., 10 pp. (2 copies).)
John Hall Wheelock, [Untitled], (A MsS, 1p.)
Miscellaneous items, (16 pp. 1 folder, ca. 15 items)