Lee Anderson Papers
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All Series Level Scope and Content Notes

Scope and Contents Note

Ser. I. CORRESPONDENCE. I. 1. Personal correspondence, 1933-1974; letters filed chronologically by author, includes selected mss, by others filed with letters, Boxes 1-7. I. 2. Misc, correspondence, 1933-1972, letters filed chronologically, Box 8, I. 3. John Trimmer Journal, 1963-1969, consists of letters Lee Anderson wrote to his friend John Trimmer, which he regarded as journal entries.

Ser II. MANUSCRIPTS. II. 1. Titled Poems, arranged alphabetically, Boxes 10-11. II. 2. Untitled poems and fragments, Boxes 12-13. II. 3. Essays, Box 14. Ser. II. 4. Classroom and teaching, Box 15.

Series III. MATERIAL TOWARD BOOKS. III. 1. Prevailing Winds; III. 2. The Floating World and Other Poems; III. 3. Nags Head; III. 4. Bearstone Tetralogy; III. 5. The Treasure Hunt Murder; III. 6 [The Oral Interpretation of Literature]; III. 7. Misc. Galleys, Boxes 16-26.

Ser. IV. NOTEBOOKS. Boxes 27-33.

Ser. V. AUDIOTAPES, Boxes 34-38.

Ser. VI. MANUSCRIPT MATERIAL BY OTHERS (Excluding mss. located in Ser. I. 1 and Ser. V.) V. 1. Book of Gems, authograph book containing holograph poems by various authors, Box 39; VI. 2. Unpublished essays by others on the work of Lee Anderson, Box 39.

Ser. VII. THE YALE SERIES OF RECORDED POETS. Material relating to Anderson's involvement with this project, Box 40.

Ser. VIII. MISCELLANY, Boxes 41-42.

TOTAL: 42 boxes

ca. 4760 items

Filed chronologically, this correspondence covers the period 1933-1972.

Except where noted all correspondence is directed to Lee Anderson. "ac" designates "autograph card.

This group of material consists of letters Lee Anderson wrote to his friend John Trimmer during the period 1963-1969. Anderson considered these letters to be a sort of journal. They consist primarily of compilations of Anderson's daily activities, thoughts, observations, etc. Anderson would periodically send these journal letters to John Trimmer for the latter's comments. Anderson had used Trimmer as a reader of his work in progress for a number of years. This group of material is distinct from Anderson's general journals and notbooks in Series IV, as well as from the general Trimmer correspondence in Series I.1. As noted, the material spans the years 1963-1969 and totals approximately 90 items. It is arranged chronologically.

Included are drafts of Lee Anderson's titled poems. Drafts are arranged alphabetically by title; they are in various forms- -Ts; Ts [carbon]; Ts [duplicated]; auto. draft- -however, no attempt has been made to distinguish between them in this description. The number of versions of each draft is noted in parentheses after the title; if a title has no number following, this indicates there is only one draft of that poem.

Includes various drafts of Lee Anderson's untitled poems, as well as fragments of poems.

Includes titled and untitled essays; unpublished lecture notes; speeches, prefatory notes, and reviews. The number of drafts of each is noted in parantheses after each item, except when there is only one draft.

Various drafts, auto. and typescript (incomplete, ca. 100pp.); 2 notebooks containing auto. drafts; typescript labelled "fair copy" (30 pp); drawings with commentary (9 pp); page proofs with auto. corrections (47 pp.); printer's mockup of the book in slipcase.

Various drafts, auto. and typescript (ca. 650 pp.); 2 typescripts with corrections, printer's copies (91 pp, 37 pp); 3 sets of corrected galleys.

Various drafts, auto. and typescript (ca. 1100 pp.); typescript carbon of title poem (12 pp. in folder); typescript with author's corrections and instructions to printer or typist, possibly printer's copy (62 pp.); 1 set of corrected galleys.

This collection consists of the author's revised versions of his three previous collections, along with the concluding poem, Bearstone, to what he conceived to be a tetralogy. The collection was never published. Various drafts, auto. and typescript, ca. 4500 pp.

Bound typescript with front cover missing (250 pp.)

Material toward a projected textbook on the oral interpretation of poetry. Consists of various material to be included in the book, most of which duplicates material found in Anderson's essays and classroom/lecture material (ca. 100 pp.); 4 letters to prospective publishers (5 pp); carbon of letter sent by Anderson.

Miscellaneous galleys for unidentified publication, various titled poems.

Anderson's notebooks and journals. Arranged chronologically: 207 notebooks from 1934 - 1972, with 27 additional undated notebooks.

Material in this series consists of unpublished audiotapes of readings by Anderson and others. All tapes are reel-to-reel.

Includes the following: Robert Frost reading and discussing his poetry;, [unidentified poet]; Lewis Hull, Berkeley, May 24, 1952; Merrill Moore, Boston, May 9, 1953; [Unidentified poet, reading "Prayer the Night Before Easter," [n.d.]; Louis MacNeice reading, "Visitation VI, [n.d.]. This tape was possibly used by Anderson to illustrate his lectures.

Radio station WCFM broadcast, "Poet Americana." Selections were taken from Eberhart's recording for the Library of Congress series of recorded poets.

Panelists include Richard Eberhart, Carolyn Kizer, Josephine Jacobsen, and Elliott Coleman.

Original box contained two photographs which were removed to Series VIII Photographs.

Excluding material found in Series I and Series V.

In 1958 Lee Anderson began keeping an autograph book in which he had various poets write samples of their work. Following is a list of the poets and the titles of their poems that appear in the book. The list is arranged in order of appearance. All items are listed in the index to the Manuscript Division.

Unpublished Essays by others on the work of Lee Anderson.

From 1959-1961 Anderson was the coordinator of the Yale Series of Recorded Poets, a recording project in which a number of outstanding British and American poets recorded their poetry for release in the Yale Series. The following material relates from Anderson's involvement with the project.

Includes correspondence relating to Anderson's involvement with the Yale Series and in particular with his later attempts to sell his literary papers to Yale. Starred (*) correspondence is included in the general index to the Lee Anderson Papers. Except where indicated all correspondence is directed to Lee Anderson.

Includes material relating to the issuing of specific records in the Yale Series, particularly with editorial matters relating to the jacket copy. Material relating to the following recordings is included:

Includes Lee Anderson's typescript drafts of the jacket copy (3 copies), 17 pp.; along with proofs of the jacket copy.

Included is correspondence related to the recording of Moore, correspondents include Louis Martz, Lee Anderson, and *Geoffrey Hartman who wrote the jacket copy.

Includes correspondence related to the issuing of the record, including letters arranging the recording session, requests for permissions to publishers, and contractual materials. Correspondents include Lee Anderson, Louis Martz, and *Louis Simpson.

Consists of materials relating to the jacket copy which was written by Lee Anderson.

Consists of correspondence related to the issuing of the record, correspondents include Louis Martz, Lee Anderson, and Elliott Kone; one set of corrected proofs for the jacket copy, which was written by Martz; photocopy of the accompanying text for the record.

Includes various lists of poets, booklets and promotional material relating to the Yale Series, and accompanying texts for three of the records in the series: Conrad Aiken, Lee Anderson, R. P. Blackmur.

In the Spring of 1968, Lee Anderson coordinated a poetry festival at Frostberg State College in Frostberg, Maryland. Participants at the festival held April 27-29, 1968 included Elliott Coleman, Josephine Jacobsen, Carlolyn Kizer, Richard Eberhart, as well as Lee Anderson. Correspondence relating to the festival has been interfiled in Series I; audiotape recordings made at the festival are found in Series V. Material includes program announcements, flyers, biographical guides to the poets, etc.

One folder of announcements, flyers, etc. for various Anderson readings and lectures.

Program notes for various radio stations with which Lee Anderson was involved in coordinating poetry broadcasts. Includes KPFA Program Folio, 6 issues (Feb 24 - May 17, 1953); WGMS Program magazine (April 1952);WCFM Program Notes (May 1953).

One folder of rejection letters Anderson received from various magazines and publishers, often including attached poems.

One folder of photographs of various poets, including Louis MacNeice, Anne Ridler, Elliott Coleman, and Lee Anderson.

One folder of drawings by unknown artists.

One folder of clippings and tear sheets of articles by and about various poets, several inscribed to Lee Anderson.

Tear sheets and clippings of articles on Anderson and reviews of his work.

Business papers, biographical information, Helen Anderson's high school yearbook, high School diploma, Helen Anderson's family tree, other misc. material.