Philip Mills Arnold Papers, 1477-1981.
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I. Cryptography [series]: (5 items)
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Caramuel de Lobkowitz, Steganographiae Trithemii et Claviculae Salmonis Germani declaratio et vindicatio . (850 pp.)   
Scope: Manuscript of a French translation of around 1650-1675, Neatly written on fine laid paper this text deals with the “Steganographia” of Abbot Trithemius which had been written around 1500 and printed in Lyons in 1531. It ends with a certification that it follows accepted doctrine, with the date of 1534 and a permit to print it stated to have been prepared in Salamanca, 1534. This may be fictitious or perhaps connected with the original text of Trithemius. One leaf of introduction seems to be missing. Otherwise in fine unflawed condition. Caramuel was a Spanish theologian (1606-1682). He had a varied career, serving Emperor Ferdinand III, Pope Alexander VII, and occupied some of the highest positions in the Cistercian concerns, with secret correspondences and means to communicate by hidden indications, the invocation of spirits, writing explained by code, etc.

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Coffis Moisé, Invenzione di cifre di me . (8 pp.)   
Scope: Photocopy of Auto ms. from microfilm, unbound. Original held in Fabayan Collection, Library of Congress. Ciphers developed by an Italian captain for secret communication between princes and potentates. Includes keys to ciphers. Brief text in Italian translated into English and typed out opposite text.

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Henri Spelmano (1564?-1641), Archaifmus Graphic . (68 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms., with Auto inscriptions by J. Fitzwiliam (1684) and Thomas Smith (undated), Consists of alphabetical lists of abbreviations and codes to be used for Latin and Greek. Henry Spelman was knighted for his work on ecclesiastical and local history. An independent scholar, Spelman is best known for his work on the origins of English Common Law. This manuscript was designed to assist in decoding legal documents in Latin and Greek relating to the early history of law. First published as part I of Henrici Spelmanni Archaeologus, 1626, London, F. Beale, and reprinted in Glossarium, archaeologicum, 1664, London, Aliciam Warreb.

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System of Symbols . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Auto notes. Note accompanying the mss. indicates that it was from a group of drawings from the granddaughter of Gen. Henry Clinton, probably ca. 1834.

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Johannes Trithemius (1462-1516), Steganographia . (263 pp.)   
Scope: Bound photocopy of Auto ms., in 2 unidentified hands, from microfilm with additional page tipped in noting missing pages and describing contents. Codex Vaticanus Reg. Lat. 1344, a gift to Philip M. Arnold from Pius XII Memorial Library, St. Louis University, Vatican Film Library Collection. Examples of ciphers and alchemical formulas. Apparently completed circa 1500. Trithemius, the Abbot of Sponheim, delineated here 55 different ciphers and described various ways of putting messages in codes. The alchemical formulas and strange terms and characters caused him to be suspected of withcraft. This manuscript by an important cryptographer supplements the 1721 printed edition included in the Arnold collection. First published as Steganographia: hoe est : Ars per occvltam scriptvram animi svi volvntatem absentibvs aperiendi certa, 1606, Frankfurt, M. Beckeri.