Philip Mills Arnold Papers, 1477-1981.
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V. Paleography - Writing [series]: (7 items)
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Cartas familiares de Marcos Tulio Cicero, traduzidas em Castellano . (209 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Purports to be Cicero’s correspondence with various people. P. M. Arnold, in letter dated Jan. 3, 1977, notes: “It appears to be in two or more hands, so it may have been copied from some book, but I have not tried to identify such a book. It is not complete, as a piece of paper is pasted over the heading of another chapter on the bottom of the last page. Of course, it may not have been finished by the person who wrote it. I thought it interesting mainly as an example of the handwriting of the period. The title page does not appear to be contemporaneous with the rest of the book, so the dating may be incorrect.”

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Giovambattista Palatino Gittadino Romano (16th century), Gifro di Giovambattista Palatino Gittadino Romano . (101 pp.)   
Scope: Bound, printed. Printed samples of Palatino’s calligraphic work, including his Chauncery script. Palatino was know as the “calligrapher’s calligrapher,” and his work went thorugh numerous editions. These random samplings demonstrate how well known his work was, and the broad interest in his calligraphy as an example to emulate.

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J. Teesfen, Verzameling von Schriften en anderen Olflujusch voor hat examen . (Two volumes. Volume I, 37 pp., Volume II 86 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Both volumes bear the bookplate of A. G. de Bruyn. Calligraphy samples using biblical tests, various alphabets, decrees, proverbial texts, musical scores, accounts, and a map. In Dutch, German, and English. Published in Amsterdam.

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William Coham Turner. (3 items,)   
Scope: Calligraphy samples texts of proverbial sayings, probably Turner’s own. Turner taught at Commercial and Mathematical School, Barnstable, England (May 27-31, 1836). Sewn Auto ms., 7 pp., (Mid-summer 1835). Sewn Auto ms., 9 pp., (Nov. 14-28, 1838). Sewn Auto ms., 14 pp.

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Untitled. (66 ½ leaves of vellum)   
Scope: Sewn Auto ms., 66 ½ leaves of vellum with bound booklet of 16 vellum leaves and 4 vellum leaves with crude notations in pencil. Written in Ge’ez, a language related to Amharic. Prayer book, mostly involving prayers to St. Mary. In several unidentified hands.