Philip Mills Arnold Papers, 1477-1981.
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VI. Mnemonics [series]: (1 item)
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Raymond Lull (1232-1315), Ars demonstrativa et ars brevis . (200 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Two colophons, one on K6 (calendris februaris 1516) and one on M4 (February 10, 1516). Memory wheels, text figures on memory and mnemonics. Lull was born in Mallorca and was one of the most prolific writers of his time. He composed his texts in Arabic, Catalan, and Latin. The Ars demonstrativa (1282-1285) is a simplified version of his elaborate ideas on Art; it details a system he devised to be used both as a logic and as a metaphysic. He was unique in ascribing letters instead of numbers to the symbolic elements in his syllogistic systems and for combining these with geometric figures. His work is based on the numerology of the 7 planets and the 12 signs of the Zodiac, divine symbols that influenced the elemental patterns of nature. The Ars brevis (1308) is a lesser, philosophical work. Lull was influenced by medieval Platonism and the Cabala, and in turn influenced the work of Giordorna Bruno and Pasqual. The Ars brevis was first published in Raymundi Lullii e Opera, 1609, Argentorati, Lazari Zetzneri, and the Ars demonstrativa was first published in Opera Omnia, Mainz, 1721-1742, as Vols. III and IV.