Philip Mills Arnold Papers, 1477-1981.
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VII. Language - Philosophy - Philology [series]: (5 items)
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C. F. H. (unidentified), Charaden, Rathsel, Logogryphen, Homonymen, Anagramen . (239 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Compilation of puzzles, word games, homonyms, and anagrams. Published in Pressburg.

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Dacus Giovanni, Il Paternoster in varie Lingue . (154 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. The Lord’s Prayer in Asian, European, and American languages. Each page illustrated, and each script done in stylized calligraphy.

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Photographs of leaves from Blaise de Vigenères’ Traicté des chiffres .   
Scope: Contains Chinese and Japanese characters.

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Specimens of sixty-five out of the one hundred and sixty-four Versions of the Holy Scripture printed or promoted by the British and Foreign Bible Society . (132 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms., with pasted inserts from printed books. Pasted in single pages taken from Bibles printed in various languages, with descriptive Auto note opposite each one, and 3 printed charts and maps from the Society laid inside back cover. Auto note opposite title page, dated June 15, 1877, by William Major Paulk states in part that “the writing is in the hand of Mr. Stokes Dudley, formerly one of the District Secretaries of the B & F Bible Society.”

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Traitte des Poids, des monoyes et des chifres qui et orent en usage ches les Hebreux, les Grecs et ches les Romains pour servira l’intelligence des Anciens auteurs . (119 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Treatise on ancient Hebrew, Greek and Roman philology. P. M. Arnold notes “Very little of this is original. The chart on p. 98, and the two first groups of figure symbols on page 101 (given more fully on page 118) are copied from Pienio Valeriano ‘Hieroglyphica’, cap XXXVII.”