Philip Mills Arnold Papers, 1477-1981.
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I. Cryptography [series]: (5 items)
box-folder   1/1  
Caramuel de Lobkowitz, Steganographiae Trithemii et Claviculae Salmonis Germani declaratio et vindicatio . (850 pp.)   
Scope: Manuscript of a French translation of around 1650-1675, Neatly written on fine laid paper this text deals with the “Steganographia” of Abbot Trithemius which had been written around 1500 and printed in Lyons in 1531. It ends with a certification that it follows accepted doctrine, with the date of 1534 and a permit to print it stated to have been prepared in Salamanca, 1534. This may be fictitious or perhaps connected with the original text of Trithemius. One leaf of introduction seems to be missing. Otherwise in fine unflawed condition. Caramuel was a Spanish theologian (1606-1682). He had a varied career, serving Emperor Ferdinand III, Pope Alexander VII, and occupied some of the highest positions in the Cistercian concerns, with secret correspondences and means to communicate by hidden indications, the invocation of spirits, writing explained by code, etc.

box-folder   1/2  
Coffis Moisé, Invenzione di cifre di me . (8 pp.)   
Scope: Photocopy of Auto ms. from microfilm, unbound. Original held in Fabayan Collection, Library of Congress. Ciphers developed by an Italian captain for secret communication between princes and potentates. Includes keys to ciphers. Brief text in Italian translated into English and typed out opposite text.

box-folder   1/3  
Henri Spelmano (1564?-1641), Archaifmus Graphic . (68 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms., with Auto inscriptions by J. Fitzwiliam (1684) and Thomas Smith (undated), Consists of alphabetical lists of abbreviations and codes to be used for Latin and Greek. Henry Spelman was knighted for his work on ecclesiastical and local history. An independent scholar, Spelman is best known for his work on the origins of English Common Law. This manuscript was designed to assist in decoding legal documents in Latin and Greek relating to the early history of law. First published as part I of Henrici Spelmanni Archaeologus, 1626, London, F. Beale, and reprinted in Glossarium, archaeologicum, 1664, London, Aliciam Warreb.

box-folder   1/4  
System of Symbols . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Auto notes. Note accompanying the mss. indicates that it was from a group of drawings from the granddaughter of Gen. Henry Clinton, probably ca. 1834.

box-folder   1/5  
Johannes Trithemius (1462-1516), Steganographia . (263 pp.)   
Scope: Bound photocopy of Auto ms., in 2 unidentified hands, from microfilm with additional page tipped in noting missing pages and describing contents. Codex Vaticanus Reg. Lat. 1344, a gift to Philip M. Arnold from Pius XII Memorial Library, St. Louis University, Vatican Film Library Collection. Examples of ciphers and alchemical formulas. Apparently completed circa 1500. Trithemius, the Abbot of Sponheim, delineated here 55 different ciphers and described various ways of putting messages in codes. The alchemical formulas and strange terms and characters caused him to be suspected of withcraft. This manuscript by an important cryptographer supplements the 1721 printed edition included in the Arnold collection. First published as Steganographia: hoe est : Ars per occvltam scriptvram animi svi volvntatem absentibvs aperiendi certa, 1606, Frankfurt, M. Beckeri.

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II. Sign Languages [series]: (21 items)   
Scope: Many are located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
Alphabet-Manual Allemand-Francais (1 p)   
Scope: Published in Strasbourg. Lithograph by E. Simon.

box-folder   -/-  
Alphabet-Manuel Anglais (1 p.)   
Scope: Published in Strasbourg. Lithograph by E. Simon.

box-folder   -/-  
Alphabet zur Hand (1 p.)   
Scope: Includes explanation of chart.

box-folder   -/-  
Alphabeto Manuale de Sordi-muti (1 p.)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
Az egyes betük kézi j ejelése (1 p.)   
Scope: For Magyar.

box-folder   -/-  
Das ABC der Taubstummen (1 p.)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   2/6  
Louis Du Vignan de Lissandre, Lettres muettes ou la maniere de faire l’amour en Turquie sans scavoir [sic] ny lire ny escrire (62 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto mss. Published in Constantinople. Text and tables describing language system for the mute. May be related to the work by Du Vignan listed on p. 4 of Part II of David Shulman, An Annotated Bibliography of Cryptography (New York: Garland Publishing, 1976). These broadsheets were probably used as instruction guides in 19th century European schools for the deaf and mute. They include guides for use in English, French, German, Hungarian, and Russian.

box-folder   -/-  
Einhändiges Alphabet and Zweihändiges Alphabet (1 p.)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
Hand Alphabet für die Taubstimmen (1 p.)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
Handalphabeth der Taubstimmen (1 p.)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
Handalphabeth der Taubstimmen (1 p.)   
Scope: From the K. K. Taubstummen Insitut in Vienna. Drawn and lithographed by Philipp Krippel.

box-folder   -/-  
Handalphabeth der Taubstimmen (1 p.)   
Scope: Published in Vienna.

box-folder   -/-  
Handalphabet des Taubstummen (1 p.)   
Scope: Drawn by J. Moherndl, lithographed by Ch. Fries, printed by J. Höfelichs.

box-folder   2/7  
The History of Anatomy from the earliest Ages of the world till the founding of the school of Alexandria inclusively   
Scope: Contains “The Silent Language by Motion of Hand.” Published in Edinburgh.

box-folder   -/-  
Manual mit zwei Händen (1 p.)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
Johann Morhard, Fingersprache der Taubstimmen   
Scope: From the Taubstimmen Institut in Kamberg, Germany. Lithograph by E. Doerr. Published in Offenbach.

box-folder   -/-  
Pyrhae Azdyka Tryxo (1 p.)   
Scope: For Russian.

box-folder   -/-  
Taubstummen Alphabeth (1 p.)   
Scope: Auto note in pencil at bottom notes this is for German and Hungarian. Lithograph by R. Hendrick.

box-folder   -/-  
Untitled. (1 p.)   
Scope: Printed announcement for commencement exercised at the Konigbaierische Taubstummen Insitut in Freyling.

box-folder   -/-  
Untitled. (1 p.)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
Untitled. (1 p.)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

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III. Telegraphy [series]: (3 items)
box-folder   2/8  
Copre des Orden relatifs aux Signaux . (48 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Codebook and journal detailing military telegraphic codes, how to use them, how they have been used, and how to improve them with examples of actual military communications.

box-folder   2/9  
William Goddard, Observations Strictures and Remarks on Telegraphic Correspondence . (40 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Bears bookplates of Earle of Munster, Col. Fritz Clarence, and the Order of the Garter. Describes author’s attempt to improve telegraphic communication at sea. Includes plans, diagrams, and charts. Published in Chatham, England.

box-folder   3/10  
Silveira Pinto da Fonseca Teizeinra, Jornal da Correspondencia Official, estabelecida, por Orden de Sua Alteza Real entre o Palacio de Ouelluz, e a Torre de Si. Juliao da Barra, e sustentada pelo Telegrapho volante militar, inventado e construido . (21 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Bears the bookplate of Duke of Sussex. Dedicated in French to the Duke of Sussex. Teixeira was Lieutenant-Colonel in the Portuguese militia. Contains 2 transcriptions of 61 actual messages sent by military telegraph between December 8 and December 18, 1803. Text is intended to promote Teixeira’s method of transmitting official correspondence. Published in Lisbon.

box-folder   3-4/11-13  
IV. Accounting and Geometry [series]: (3 items)
box-folder   3/11  
P. Antonio Falaborri Fiorent, Geometria Pratica per l’avanzemento nelle scienze e nett’arti a ogni cento di persone . (189 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. with printed title page. Theoretical and practical guide to the use of geometry. Includes basic propositions and theorems and demonstrates principles that can be applied to building, drafting, and painting.

box-folder   3/12  
Tobias Hirn, Progresionis, Das andere Buch . (130 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Guide to accounting, mathematics, and numerology, with numerous test problems demonstrated.

box-folder   4/13  
Tobias Hirn, Vorbereithung zu der quadrat Rechnung . (344 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Guide to accounting, using squares and cubes, algebraic equations, cryptography, geometry, measurements, and their practical use in bookkeeping, chart and graph making, and building construction.

box-folder   4-5/14-18  
V. Paleography - Writing [series]: (7 items)
box-folder   4/14  
Cartas familiares de Marcos Tulio Cicero, traduzidas em Castellano . (209 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Purports to be Cicero’s correspondence with various people. P. M. Arnold, in letter dated Jan. 3, 1977, notes: “It appears to be in two or more hands, so it may have been copied from some book, but I have not tried to identify such a book. It is not complete, as a piece of paper is pasted over the heading of another chapter on the bottom of the last page. Of course, it may not have been finished by the person who wrote it. I thought it interesting mainly as an example of the handwriting of the period. The title page does not appear to be contemporaneous with the rest of the book, so the dating may be incorrect.”

box-folder   4/15  
Giovambattista Palatino Gittadino Romano (16th century), Gifro di Giovambattista Palatino Gittadino Romano . (101 pp.)   
Scope: Bound, printed. Printed samples of Palatino’s calligraphic work, including his Chauncery script. Palatino was know as the “calligrapher’s calligrapher,” and his work went thorugh numerous editions. These random samplings demonstrate how well known his work was, and the broad interest in his calligraphy as an example to emulate.

box-folder   5/16  
J. Teesfen, Verzameling von Schriften en anderen Olflujusch voor hat examen . (Two volumes. Volume I, 37 pp., Volume II 86 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Both volumes bear the bookplate of A. G. de Bruyn. Calligraphy samples using biblical tests, various alphabets, decrees, proverbial texts, musical scores, accounts, and a map. In Dutch, German, and English. Published in Amsterdam.

box-folder   5/17  
William Coham Turner. (3 items,)   
Scope: Calligraphy samples texts of proverbial sayings, probably Turner’s own. Turner taught at Commercial and Mathematical School, Barnstable, England (May 27-31, 1836). Sewn Auto ms., 7 pp., (Mid-summer 1835). Sewn Auto ms., 9 pp., (Nov. 14-28, 1838). Sewn Auto ms., 14 pp.

box-folder   5/18  
Untitled. (66 ½ leaves of vellum)   
Scope: Sewn Auto ms., 66 ½ leaves of vellum with bound booklet of 16 vellum leaves and 4 vellum leaves with crude notations in pencil. Written in Ge’ez, a language related to Amharic. Prayer book, mostly involving prayers to St. Mary. In several unidentified hands.

box-folder   5/19  
VI. Mnemonics [series]: (1 item)
box-folder   5/19  
Raymond Lull (1232-1315), Ars demonstrativa et ars brevis . (200 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Two colophons, one on K6 (calendris februaris 1516) and one on M4 (February 10, 1516). Memory wheels, text figures on memory and mnemonics. Lull was born in Mallorca and was one of the most prolific writers of his time. He composed his texts in Arabic, Catalan, and Latin. The Ars demonstrativa (1282-1285) is a simplified version of his elaborate ideas on Art; it details a system he devised to be used both as a logic and as a metaphysic. He was unique in ascribing letters instead of numbers to the symbolic elements in his syllogistic systems and for combining these with geometric figures. His work is based on the numerology of the 7 planets and the 12 signs of the Zodiac, divine symbols that influenced the elemental patterns of nature. The Ars brevis (1308) is a lesser, philosophical work. Lull was influenced by medieval Platonism and the Cabala, and in turn influenced the work of Giordorna Bruno and Pasqual. The Ars brevis was first published in Raymundi Lullii e Opera, 1609, Argentorati, Lazari Zetzneri, and the Ars demonstrativa was first published in Opera Omnia, Mainz, 1721-1742, as Vols. III and IV.

box-folder   6-7/20-24  
VII. Language - Philosophy - Philology [series]: (5 items)
box-folder   6/20  
C. F. H. (unidentified), Charaden, Rathsel, Logogryphen, Homonymen, Anagramen . (239 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Compilation of puzzles, word games, homonyms, and anagrams. Published in Pressburg.

box-folder   6/21  
Dacus Giovanni, Il Paternoster in varie Lingue . (154 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. The Lord’s Prayer in Asian, European, and American languages. Each page illustrated, and each script done in stylized calligraphy.

box-folder   6/22  
Photographs of leaves from Blaise de Vigenères’ Traicté des chiffres .   
Scope: Contains Chinese and Japanese characters.

box-folder   6/23  
Specimens of sixty-five out of the one hundred and sixty-four Versions of the Holy Scripture printed or promoted by the British and Foreign Bible Society . (132 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms., with pasted inserts from printed books. Pasted in single pages taken from Bibles printed in various languages, with descriptive Auto note opposite each one, and 3 printed charts and maps from the Society laid inside back cover. Auto note opposite title page, dated June 15, 1877, by William Major Paulk states in part that “the writing is in the hand of Mr. Stokes Dudley, formerly one of the District Secretaries of the B & F Bible Society.”

box-folder   7/24  
Traitte des Poids, des monoyes et des chifres qui et orent en usage ches les Hebreux, les Grecs et ches les Romains pour servira l’intelligence des Anciens auteurs . (119 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Treatise on ancient Hebrew, Greek and Roman philology. P. M. Arnold notes “Very little of this is original. The chart on p. 98, and the two first groups of figure symbols on page 101 (given more fully on page 118) are copied from Pienio Valeriano ‘Hieroglyphica’, cap XXXVII.”

box-folder   7/25  
VIII. Stenography [series]: (1 items)
box-folder   7/25  
Untitled. (223 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Transcriptions of the Psalms in shorthand. Transcriber uses either the Rich or the Shelton Shorthand system.

box-folder   -/-  
IX. Specimens of Early Typography [series]: (52 items)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
8. Deutsche Bible . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Anton Sorg in Augsburg.

box-folder   -/-  
13. Hochdentsche Bibel . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Hans Otmar in Augusburg,

box-folder   -/-  
Agenda . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Lebaldus Mayer in Dillingen.

box-folder   -/-  
Angelus, Märkische Jahrgeschichten . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by J. Hartmann in Frankfurt am Oder.

box-folder   -/-  
Augustinus, De civitatede . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Bonetus Locatellus in Venice.

box-folder   -/-  
Bergomensis, Supplementum supplementi, cronicarum . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Georgius de Ruseonibus in Venice.

box-folder   -/-  
Biblia Latina Hentenii . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Amatus Tavernerius in Antwerp.

box-folder   -/-  
Biblia latina . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Haeredes Beuilaguae in Venice.

box-folder   -/-  
Brandenburgische Kirchenordnung . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Johann Petreius in Nuremburg.

box-folder   -/-  
Castellanuns, Rosario Mariae . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by M. Sessa and P. di Rauani in Venice.

box-folder   -/-  
M. T. Cicero, Orationes . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Jodocus Badius Ascensius in Paris.

box-folder   -/-  
Caspar Creutziger, Kirchen-Postille Luthers . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Hans Kraff in Wittenberg.

box-folder   -/-  
[ Catechismus or Kinderpredigt ]. (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Johann Daubmann in Königsberg.

box-folder   -/-  
Petrus de Natalibus, Catalogus sanctorum . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Jacobusgiveti in Lyon.

box-folder   -/-  
Johann de Vanckel, Summarium . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by I. J. Koelhoff in Cologne.

box-folder   -/-  
Johan Dietenberger, Katholische Bibel . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Johan Quentals Erben and Gerwinus Calenius in Cologne.

box-folder   -/-  
Horatius Flaccius, Öpera . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Johann Grüninger in Strassburg.

box-folder   -/-  
Fust & Schoeffer, Psalter . (1 p.)   
Scope: Published by Cuneo Press, Inc. in Chicago, IL. 1456 original date, 1933 facsimile date.

box-folder   -/-  
Galeni Isagogic libri in artem medicam . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Junta in Venice.

box-folder   -/-  
Geiler von Keisersperg, Predigten zu Brants Narrenschiff . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Johann Gruiniger in Strassburg.

box-folder   -/-  
Graduate Monasterieuse . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Haro Alopecius in Cologne.

box-folder   -/-  
Grisoni, Pferdebuch . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published in Augsburg.

box-folder   -/-  
Caspar Hedion, Auserlesene Chronik . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Crafft Myller in Strassburg.

box-folder   -/-  
Herodutus Halicarnensis , Book 9. (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by M. Godefrid, Hittorpiji in Cologne.

box-folder   -/-  
Hieronymus, Epistulae . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Jakob Saccon in Lyon.

box-folder   -/-  
Hieronymus, Leben der Altväter . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published in Strassburg. Anti-Christ Drucker.

box-folder   -/-  
Augustinus Hippon, Sextus tonus operum . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Officina Forbeniana in Basel.

box-folder   -/-  
Hortulus animae . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Michael Furter in Basel.

box-folder   -/-  
Hortulus animae . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Johann Mayer in Dillingen.

box-folder   -/-  
Kiedrich Psalter .` (4 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Farbwerke Hoechst in Hoechst, Germany. Modern facsimile.

box-folder   -/-  
Kurtz bekentnis Di Marti Luthers vom heiligen Sacrament . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Hans Cufft in Wittenberg.

box-folder   -/-  
Krantz, Wandala .   
Scope: Published by J. Sotar in Cologne.

box-folder   -/-  
Leben der Heiligen . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Anton Koberger in Nuremberg.

box-folder   -/-  
Leben der Heiligen . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Johann Gruninger in Strassburg.

box-folder   -/-  
Titus Liuius and Lucius Florus, Von Ankunfft und Ursprung des Römischen Reichs . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Theodor Rihel in Strassburg.

box-folder   -/-  
F. Hector Pintus Lusitanus, Commentaria in Esaiam . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Theobaldus Paganus in Lyon.

box-folder   -/-  
Luther-Bibel . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Christoph Endter in Nuremburg.

box-folder   -/-  
Luther-Bibel . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Hans Luft in Wittenberg.

box-folder   -/-  
Jacobi Machelli, Patrocinia Forensis . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Johannes Rubens and Alexander Benacius in Bologna.

box-folder   -/-  
Missale Romanum . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Balthasari Moreti in Antwerp.

box-folder   -/-  
Sebastian Münster, Kosmographie . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Henriepetri in Basel.

box-folder   -/-  
Sebastian Münster, Kosmographie . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Henriepetri in Basel.

box-folder   -/-  
Sebastian Münster, Kosmographie . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Henriepetri in Basel.

box-folder   -/-  
Sebastian Münster, Kosmographie . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Henriepetri in Basel.

box-folder   -/-  
Postilla Guillermi . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Michael Furter in Basel.

box-folder   -/-  
Reisch, Margarita philosophica . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Johann Scott in Strassburg.

box-folder   -/-  
Ringman, C. Julli des Ersten Römakeysers Beschreibung aller Kriege . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Peter Schmidt in Frankfurt am Main.

box-folder   -/-  
Rüxner, Turnierbuch . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Georg Raben in Frankfurt am Main.

box-folder   -/-  
Sacerdotale ad S. R. eccl. consuetudinem . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Junta in Venice.

box-folder   -/-  
Stumpf, Schweizer Chronik . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Johann Wolf in Zurich.

box-folder   -/-  
Untitled. (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Lorenzo Torrentius in Florence.

box-folder   -/-  
Gualtherius H. Rouius Vitruvius, Von der Architektur . (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published by Henriepetri in Basel.

box-folder   7/26-30  
X. Miscellany [series]: (5 items)
box-folder   7/26  
Scope: Ephemera, hand-colored etching depicting Jesus on the cross, undated. Printed below picture “Consummatum Est,” It is finished. P. M. Arnold notes “I found this in an old book. I do not know if it is worth keeping as a piece of ephemera, but it looks to me as if it is quite old.”

box-folder   7/27  
M. L. Morris, Miscellaneous Extracts Poetry . (209 pp.)
box-folder   7/28  
Notes on the Life and Writings of the Jesuit Father Francesco Terzi Lana, Patrician of Brescia . (11 pp.)   
Scope: Sewn typescript gathered into pamphlet. Typescript summary of a 132 pp. pamphlet from the series Italian Writers, by Count Grammaria Muzzuchelli. This text describes the origins of ballooning.

box-folder   7/29  
[Laurus Spolotanus, Joan Baptista], Untitled (22 pp.)   
Scope: Bound Auto ms. Latin text contains legal decrees concerning various rights. Names have been inscribed later in text in gilt lettering. Published in Perugia.

box-folder   7/30  
Three holograph leave originally laid in Institvtiones antiqvariae …by Everardo Audrich.   
Scope: Notes on the book. Two leaves laid in at page 129 and one leave laid in at page 161. From the library of Joseph Pelli, bearing his bookplate.

box-folder   8/-  
XI. Microfilm [series]: (11 items)   
Scope: 11 rolls of microfilm from Austria, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München, the British Library, Hess. Landesbibliothek Fudla, Walfenbuttel, Württembergische landesbib - Stuttgart.

box-folder   9-10/-  
XII. Realia [series]:
Astrolablum Clock   
Scope: Purchased in 1970 from Gubelin.

Scope: Produced by Gradko International Limited.

Scope: Located in Special Collections reading room.

Bibliographical Collation Computer   
Scope: Located in Box 9.

Cabinet, rosewood with burlwood facing on 12 drawers (15"D x 21"Wx50"H)   
Scope: Custom constructed in Hong Kong in 1974.

Cap Rock Ranch by Alexander Hogue, framed lithograph, (18"W x 14"H)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

Clock, Goldsmiths Company (3.5"W x 5.5"H)   
Scope: Located in Box 10.

Clock, Gubelin   
Scope: Located in Box 10.

Scope: Located in Box 9

Obelisks (2 items, 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 12" tall)   
Scope: Located in Special Collections Department Head's office.

Table (5"W x 30"L x 30"H with 12 1/2")   
Scope: Located in exhibition space.

Washington University Libraries Philip Mills Arnold Semeiology Collection book plates printing blocks (3 items, 4"x4.5", 3"x3.25", 2"x2.25")   
Scope: Made by Kindersley.

box-folder   11-39/31-139  
XIII. Personal Papers [series]:
box-folder   11/31-32  
Address books
box-folder   11/33  
American Institute of Chemical Engineers fellow award   
Scope: Located in oversize.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers certificate of membership   
Scope: Located in oversize.

The American Institute of Chemists certificate of membership   
Scope: Located in oversize.

Gas Processors Association Hanlon Award   
Scope: Located with Series XII. Realia, Box 10

Gas Processors Association Hanlon Award Clock   
Scope: Located with Series XII. Realia, Box 10

The Governor of the State of Oklahoma appointment as member of the governor's advisory committee on science and industry (2 copies)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

National Academy of Engineering diploma   
Scope: Located in oversize.

Southwest Chapter of the American Institute of Chemists Professional Recognition Award   
Scope: Located in oversize.

Washington University Alumni Citation award
box-folder   12-14/-  
Card Catalogue Files   
Scope: Card catalogue records for Arnold's personal library.

Clippings and Photocopies
box-folder   15/34  
Book Ads
box-folder   15/35  
Cryptographie by Gaëtan Henri Léon Viaris. Published in "Le Génie Civil," 1888. 2 copies. Translation.
box-folder   15/36  
Cryptographie indéchiffrable by Emile Victor Théodore Myszkowski, 1902. 2 copies. Translation.
box-folder   15/37  
Japanese Hiragana
box-folder   15-16/38-40  
box-folder   16/41-42  
Polygraphiae by Johannes Trithemius
box-folder   17/43-44  
box-folder   17/45  
Washington University Student Life
box-folder   17/46  
Book Donations Other than Washington University
box-folder   17-18/47-53  
box-folder   19/54-55  
Research Center for Language and Semiotic Studies
box-folder   19-26/56-84  
Washington University
box-folder   26/85  
Unidentified German letters with partial translation
box-folder   26/86-87  
Curriculum Vitae   
Scope: Includes other professional information.

box-folder   26/88-89  
Animal biology drawings
box-folder   27/90  
Navy, Office of Chief of Naval Operations, Elementary Course in Cryptanalysis
box-folder   27/91-92  
Plant biology drawings
box-folder   27/93  
Pyrolysis of Propane on Pilot Plant Scale   
Scope: Arnold's thesis for a master of science degree in chemical engineering from Washington University.

box-folder   -/-  
Washington University bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
Washington University master of science degree in chemical engineering   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   28/94  
Washington University honorary doctorate
box-folder   28/95  
Washington University honorary degree procedure guide
Financial Papers
box-folder   28-31/96-106  
Antiquarian Books - A-Z
box-folder   31/107  
Antiquarian Books - Dawson
box-folder   31/108  
Antiquarian Books - Howes
box-folder   31/109  
Antiquarian Books - Mundo do Livro
box-folder   32/110  
Antiquarian Books - Quaritch
box-folder   32/111  
Antiquarian Books - Rosenthal
box-folder   32/112  
Antiquarian Books - Salloch
box-folder   32/113  
Antiquarian Books - Shulman
box-folder   32/114  
Antiquarian Books - Stenderhoff
box-folder   32/115  
Bookbinding - Bailey
box-folder   32/116  
Bookbinding - Harcourt
box-folder   33/117  
Bookbinding - Horton/Balloffet
box-folder   33/118  
Bookbinding - Miscellaneous
box-folder   33/119-120  
Bookbinding - Motter
box-folder   34/121  
Long Delayed Books
box-folder   34/122-123  
Miscellaneous Dealers A-Z
box-folder   34/124  
box-folder   35/125  
Scribners - Rizzoli
box-folder   35/126  
Swiss Bank Corporation
box-folder   35/127  
University Presses
box-folder   35-36/128-129  
box-folder   36/130-131  
Paper Samples
box-folder   36/132  
Biaxially Oriented Plastic Film Laminate
Blending Solid Olefin Polymers with Rubber
Catalytic Polymerization
Continuous Extractive Crystallization Process
Continuous Fractional Crystallization Process
Conversion of Hyrdocarbons
Conversion of Ortho Tertiary Alkyl Phenols
Dealkylation of Alkyl Pyridines
Hyrocardbon Conversion
Laminates of Aluminum and Solid Polymers of 1-Olefins
Manufacture of Alkyl Sulfenyl Trithiocarbonates
Method and Apparatus for Forming a Biaxially Oriented Plastic Film Laminate
Method of Heating Microbial Cells
Method of Purifying Anhyrous Aluminum Chloride
Polymers of 1-Monoolefins and Dodecatetraenes
Primary and Secondary Alkyl Sulfenyl Trithiocarbonates
Process for Producing Carbon Black
Production of Alkenyl Thiophenes
Production of Ethyl Alcohol and Alkylate
Solvent Extraction System
Treatment of Hyrdocarbons
Treatment of Hyrdocarbons
box-folder   37/133  
Personal Publications
Beitrag zur Vulkanisation von Butadien/Styrol-Kautschuk durch Gamma-Bestrahlung. (36 pp)   
Scope: Published in Kautschuk Und Gummi

Contributor's Column (1 p)   
Scope: Published in The Bent of Tau Beta Pi, November 1937.

Cycloversion Process for Catalytic Cracking (2 pp)   
Scope: Published in World Petroleum, 1944. Co-written by Bradley Skinner.

Making Research and Development Effective (16 pp)   
Scope: Speech at the Arden House Industrial Research Conference.

Modern Alchemy (5 pp)   
Scope: Published in The Chemist, April 1971.

Olefin Production by Thermal Cracking of Isobutane (5 pp)   
Scope: Published in The Oil and Gas Journal, July 7, 1945.

Petroleum Industry Shifts into High (3 pp)   
Scope: Published in C&EN Annual Review, 1950. Co-written by R.W. Thomas

Refiners Embrace Petrochemicals (3 pp)   
Scope: Published in Chemical and Engineering News, Volume 32, 1954.

Talk Given by P.M. Arnold in Phillips Officers' Dining Room (5 pp)
Untitled paper (9 pp)   
Scope: Speech from the PTC Research Institute Annual Conference, June 5-6, 1969.

What Management Expects from the Patent Department (5 pp)   
Scope: Speech by Arnold before the Association of Patent Counsel.

Why Not Try Cooperative Research (14 pp)   
Scope: Published in Harvard Business Review, July-August 1954 and Teknisk-Vetenskaplig Forskning, 1959.

box-folder   37/134  
Arnold photographs (7 items)   
Scope: Includes one photograph with William H. Danforth.

box-folder   37/135  
Bartlesville, Oklahoma house (4 items)
box-folder   37/136  
Unidentified loose photographs (6 items)
box-folder   -/-  
Unidentified framed photographs (4 items)   
Scope: Six photographs of women and two of men.

box-folder   -/-  
William McKim Arnold (1810-1862)   
Scope: Located in oversize. Framed.

box-folder   -/-  
Photo albums (2 items)
box-folder   38/-  
Postcard collection
Scope: Arnold retired from Phillips Petroleum Company on January 13, 1976.

box-folder   39/137  
Bound volume of Arnold patents from the Technical Information Branch of Phillips Petroleum Company.
box-folder   39/138  
Cartoon centerpiece featuring Arnold.
box-folder   -/-  
Engraved listing of Arnold patents from the Patent Division of Phillips Petroleum Company   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
Framed cartoon drawing of Arnold from the Patent Division of Phillips Petroleum Company.   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   39/139  
Guest book from Arnold's retirement party.
box-folder   -/-  
Lucite Tree from Electron Accelerator from the Physics and Analysis Branch of Phillips Petroleum Company   
Scope: Labeled as six million volt electron tree.

box-folder   -/-  
Phillips Petroleum Company award, Retirement as VP of Research and Development   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   -/-  
Photo album of Arnold's retirement party at the Hillcrest Country Club.   
Scope: Located with Series XII. Realia., Box 9.

box-folder   -/-  
Picture of Arnold in plastic pellets from the Plastics Development Branch of Phillips Petroleum Company.   
Scope: Contains more than 20,000 Marlex Polyethylene pellets.

box-folder   -/-  
Printing plate with baren   
Scope: Located in oversize.