Jennifer Atkinson Papers
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I. Correspondence. [series]:
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I.1. General Correspondence.   
Scope: Consists of personal correspondence to Atkinson from 1985-95.

Drury, John. (TLS 2p incl. poem 1p)
Sinclair, Mike (ALS 1p incl. 6 poems 13p)
Funk, Allison (TLS 1p)
Hamilton, Jeff (ALS 2p incl. poem 1p)
Funk, Allison (TLS 1p with ALS and poem 17p)
Wright, Jay (ALS 1p)
Leslee (ACS 1p)
Funk, Allison (ACS 2p)
Williams, Marilyn (ACS 1p)
Tuxbury, Ann (TLS 1p)
John (TLS 1p)
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I. 2. Business Correspondence. 1985-1995   
Scope: Consists of correspondence with editors, publishers, etc. Includes royalty statements and receipts.

Academy of American Poets (TL 1p incl. notes in pencil by Atkinson.)
Hopkins, Jeannette (TLS 1p)
Kistner, Diane (TLS 1p)
Sontag, Kate (TLS 1p with ALS in red ink includes notes by Atkinson in pencil.)
Klaviter, Helen (TLS 1p)
Henderson, Bill (TL(x) 1p with not by Henderson in blue ink.)
Univ. of Alabama Press (TLS 1p royalty statement)
Univ. of Alabama Press (TLS 1p royalty statement)
Comfort, Connie (TLS 1p)
Haubrich, Ann (TLS 3p reading agreement)
Univ. of Alabama Press (TL 1p royalty statement)
Cameron, Louise (TLS 1p)
Cameron, Louise (TLS 1p)
Henderson, Bill (TLS 3p)
Hamilton, Jeff (ALS 1p)
Albergo Bolzano (ALS 1p facsimile)
Henderson, Bill (TLS 1p)
Poetry (TL 1p acceptance notice)
Parisi, Joseph (TLS 1p)
Swinger, Drew (TLS 1p includes note by Atkinson in pencil.)
Bradford, Gigi (TLS 1p encl. 1p)
Cameron, Louise (TLS 1p)
Ballard, Linda (TLS 1p)
Ballard, Linda (TLS 1p)
Bond, Christopher S. (TLS 1p)
Parisi, Joseph (TL 1p with note in pencil)
Deavel, Christine (TLS 1p includes AL)
Lojek, Helen (TLS 1p)
Ballard, Linda (TLS 1p)
Ballard, Linda (TLS 1p)
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I. 3. Unidentified or Undated Correspondence.
Ball, Sally (ACS 2p)
Buege, Bill (TLS 1p incl. poem 1p)
Henderson, Bill (TLS 2p)
Latta, John (TLS 1p incl. AL same page.)
Iowa Review (TLS 1p incl. AL in blue ink.)
Lesser, Wendy (TC 1p)
Lewis, Lisa (TLS 1p incl. AL in black ink.)
Williams, Marilyn (ALS 1p)
Richard, Brad (ALS 1p fax with note in pencil)