Jennifer Atkinson Papers
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II. Poems. [series]:
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II. 1. a. Poems by Atkinson.   
Scope: Individually foldered and listed alphabetically by title.

After the Annunciation. (1 draft, Ts. 2p. rev. in blue & red ink.)
Afterward. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. editorial marks in blue marker.)
All But One. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. revision in red ink.)
Ancient of Days. (5 drafts, Ts. 5p. heavy rev. pencil & blue ink.)
The Annunciation. (1 draft, Ts. 2p. dated 7/6/94 rev. blue ink.)
August Elegy. (1 draft, Ts. 2p. dated 1/18/95 rev. in red ink.)
Backrub. (1 draft, Ts. 2p.)
Beaver Meadow Road. (1 draft, Ts. 2p. rev. in pencil & red ink.)
The Birds of the Air. (2 drafts, Ts. & Ms. 2p. rev. in black ink.)
Bitter Love Song. (1 draft, Ts. 1p.)
Christian Island. (1 draft, Ts. 2p.)
Dares. (1 draft, Ts. 2p.)
Daughters of Jerusalem. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. rev. blue & green ink.)
The Disfigurement of Shame. (1 draft, Ts. 1p.)
The End of Advent. (3 drafts, Ts. 5p. heavy revision in pencil. 1 draft dated 1/95, 2 drafts dated 3/95.)
Expecting Fear. (1 draft, Ts. 2p.)
Extradition. (3 drafts, Ts. 3p. pencil rev. 1 draft(x) from Poetry)
Failed Attempt. (1 draft, Ts. 1p.)
Flying Kites in Late Winter Twilight. (2 drafts, Ts. 2p.)
For a Boy, 15, Shot, Who left the VCR Programmed. (1 draft. Ts. 1p.)
Haddam Meadows. (2 drafts, Ts. 2p. pencil rev. dated 9/18/94.)
Happiness Is Easy. (1 draft, Ts. 1p.)
How Undignified a Man. (1 draft, Ts. 1p.)
Honeymoon. (1 draft, Ts. 3p.)
Hypnotist. (2 drafts, Ts. 2p. notes in pencil.)
Imposing Presence. (1 draft, Ts. 2p.)
In the Future After My Mother's Death. (1 draft, Ts.1p. pencil rev.)
In the Interim. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. revision in red ink.)
Inheritance. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. revision in black ink.)
Jacob's Dream. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. revision in pencil.)
On Wanting a Child. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. revision in pencil.)
Outside Ronda. (1 draft, Ts. 1p.)
Madonna and the Bee. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. revision in blue ink.)
My Woodstock. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. light revision in black ink.)
Resolution. (1 draft, Ts. 2p. heavy revision in pencil.)
The Rose. (3 drafts, Ts. & Ms. 3p. rev. in pencil and blue ink.)
Seven Words. (1 draft, Ts. 2p.)
Stillness. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. revision in black ink.)
Still Life With Angel. (1 draft, Ts. 1p.)
Teaching School in Kathmandu Valley: Dry Season. (1 draft, Ts. 2p.)
This Dawn A Spectral Whiteness. (1 draft, Ts. 1p.)
To Save the Blooming Peonies from the Storm, I Pick Them. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. revision and sketches in red ink.)
Untitled. (1 draft, Ts. 1p.)
A Wedding Gift of Parrot Tulips. (1 draft, Ts. 3p.)
What There Is. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. revision in blue & black ink previously titled: The Four Blue Panes of an Evening Window.)
The World Is A Thing I Could Pity. (1 draft, Ts. 1p. blue ink rev.)
World Without End. (1 draft, Ts. 2p. light revision in pencil.)
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II. 1. b. Unidentified or Untitled.   
Scope: Consists of 21p. Ts. & Ms. revised in blue, black, red ink and pencil.

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II. 1. c. Poems in Manuscript Form.   
Scope: Consists of handwritten drafts of unidentified or untitled poems. Blue, black, red ink & pencil.

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II. 2. a. Poems by Others.   
Scope: Consists of Poems arranged alphabetically by author's name.

Buege, Bill.
A Roll of Film . [long poem] (1 draft, Ts. 33p)
The Demise of the Wheel . [poem] (1 draft, Ts. 3p.)
Forget #17 . [poem] (1 draft, Ts. 2p. with ALS on 1st page in blue ink.)
Funk, Allison.
Redbud . [long poem] (1 draft, Ts. 5p. includes ALS 1p in blue ink.)
Pankey, Eric.
Nocturne with Two Figures . [poem] (2 drafts. Ts. 2p.)
Approaching Accademia. (single draft. rev. in pencil.)
To Anna Catherine del Valle . [poem] (1 draft. Ts. 1p. notes in pencil and dated 10/94.)
Prayer . [table of contents] (1 draft. Ts. 1p. with ALS by Pankey in black ink & note by Atkinson in pencil.)
Schreiner, Steven.
Honeymoon . [poem] (1 draft, Ts. 3p. pencil rev.)
Sommer, Jason.
For X. Who Reads My Books in Solitude . [poem] (2 drafts, Ts. 2p. notes in black ink and pencil.)
Love Cars . [poem] (1 draft, Ts. 1p. revision in pencil.)
Tonight It Is the Shoes . [poem] (1 draft, Ts. 3p. revision in pencil. dated 1/95 in red ink.)
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II. 2. b. Unidentified Poems.   
Scope: Folder consists of 1 poem, single draft, Ts. 1p.