John M. Bennett Papers 1956-1985.
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box-folder   28-38/261-313  
VI. Miscellany. [series]: (ca. 1482 items.)   
Scope: Consists of material broken into 2 groups: General miscellany and personal miscellany.

box-folder   28-32/261-286  
VI. 1. General Miscellany. (888 items.)   
Scope: Consists of material broken into 5 subseries: Publishers' catalogs and advertisements, Requests for submissions, Announcements, Form letters, and Latin American studies.

box-folder   28-29/261-268  
VI. 1. a. Publishers' Catalogs and Advertisements. Consists of publishers catalogs, subscription offerings and miscellaneous catalogs and advertisements. (ca. 166 items.)
box-folder   30/269-272  
VI. 1. b. Requests for Submissions. Consists of requests for participation in and/or submission to mail art exhibitions, book fairs, poetry readings, etc. The bulk of this material concerns mail art exhibitions. (ca. 273 items.)
box-folder   31/274-279  
VI. 1. c. Announcements. Consists of announcements of art show openings and exhibitions, book fairs, poetry readings, films, performances, and miscellaneous events. Includes some art show catalogs. (ca. 270 items.)
box-folder   32/280-285  
VI. 1. d. Form Letters. Consists of form letters issued by various arts organizations and reference bibliographies and biographies. Fol. 273 contains chain letters and Fol. 274 contains newsletters issued by miscellaneous civic and/or arts associations. (ca. 163 items.)
box-folder   32/286  
VI. 1. e. Latin American Studies at Ohio State University. Consists of bibliographies, newsletters and guides to the Latin American Collection at Ohio State University, which were prepared by Bennett when he was employed by the University Library. (16 items.)
box-folder   33-38/287-313  
VI. 2. Personal Miscellany. (605 items.)   
Scope: Consists of material subdivided as follows: Juvenilia, High School and College Materials, Art work and photographs, Resumes and applications, Records of submissions, Materials relating to Mexico, and Notes, fragments and clippings.

box-folder   33/287-289  
VI. 2. a. Juvenilia. Consists of junior high school student papers and creative writing, clippings, school awards and certificates and a photograph. 2 folders contain auto notes, fragments and drafts of early writings, including 1 spiral notebook containing drafts of the first three chapters of Crowds, an early novel. (ca. 62 items.)
box-folder   33-36/290-305  
VI. 2. b. High School and College Material. Consists of class notes, assignments and publications from Bennett's high school and college years. 4 folders contain high school notes, papers and essays. 7 folders contain undergraduate papers, essays and examinations from Washington University. Includes issues of Grouch, Free Lance and Student Life, student publications in which Bennett's work appeared. (ca. 227 items.)
box-folder   37/306  
VI. 2. c. Artwork and Photographs. Consists of sketches, watercolors and pressed flowers by Bennett and photographs of himself and his wife, Janifer. Includes 2 self-portraits by Janifer Bennett. (63 items.)
box-folder   37/307  
VI. 2. d. Resumes and applications. Consists of drafts of grant proposals, fellowships and job applications and Bennett's resume and bibliography. (ca. 18 items.)
box-folder   37/308  
VI. 2. e. Records of Submissions. Consists of 2 auto notebooks containing Bennett's submissions from 1964-1981. (2 items.)
box-folder   37-38/309-311  
VI. 2. f. Material relating to Mexico. Consists of notes, fragments, clippings, concert programs, notebooks and other materials relating to Bennett's residence in Mexico as a student. (ca. 174 items.)
box-folder   38/312-313  
VI. 2. g. Notes, Fragments and Clippings. Consists of newspaper clippings, auto notes and fragments, addresses, photocopies, advertisement, posters and announcements. (ca. 59 items.)