Carol Berge Papers, 1970-1984
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box-folder   54-66/ 585-635  
X. Archives of Center magazine. 1970-1979. [series]: (ca. 3550 items.)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and editorial matter relating to the publication of Center and includes a complete run of Center, no. 1-13, 1970-1979. The material is grouped by issue.

box-folder   54-57/ 585-607a  
X. 1. Miscellaneous correspondence. (ca. 2180 items.)   
Scope: Consists of general correspondence, primarily with contributors, relating to the magazine and is arranged chronologically.

box-folder   58/ 608-610  
X. 2. Center no. 1. (44 items.)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence, manuscripts and editorial material toward Center no. 1.

box-folder   58/ 608  
X. 2. a. Correspondence. Consists of correspondence relating to Center no. 1. (10 items.)
box-folder   58/ 609  
X. 2. b. Manuscripts. Consists of manuscripts for Center no. 1. (22 items.)
Abbott, Terry. [Excerpt from work in progress] . 1968. (Ts. 3p.)
Bowering, George. Quick Canada . (Ts. 7p.)
Cohen, Marvin .
Delplessly (sic) one . (Ts(x). 1p.)
The former leg; its old owner; his new double . (Ts(x). 1p.)
Corner, Phillip.
Regards for LaMonte . (Ts(x). 1p.)
Untitled . (Ts(x). 1p.)
Dawson, Fielding.
Consciousness . 1967: November 1. (Ts. 1p. Enc.: ANS from Dawson b.)
There is a man I know (2). 1967: November 1. (Ts. 2p. Enc.: TNS from Dawson b.)
Elbert, Joyce. Hello/goodbye again . (Ts. 5p.)
Johnson, Ray. [Broken nose story] . (Ts. 1p.)
MacLow, Jackson. A story for Iris Lezak . (Ts(cb). 2p.)
Sherman, Susan. Creativity and revolution . (Ts(x). 2p.)
Thomas, John. The water wheel . (Ts(x). 4p.)
Tipton, James. Up for time . (Ts. 4p. Enc.: TNS from Tipton b.)
box-folder   58/ 610  
X. 2. c. Editorial material. Consists of xerox of final proof and dummines. (12 items.)
box-folder   58/ 611-612  
X. 3. Center no. 2. (71 items.)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and editorial material toward Center no. 2.

box-folder   58/ 611  
X. 3. a. Correspondence. Consists of correspondence relating to Center no. 2. (35 items.)
box-folder   58/ 612  
X. 3. b. Manuscripts. Consists of manuscripts for Center no. 2. (36 items.)
Antin, David. The king and the queen . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 7p.)
Baumbach, Jonathan. From "Dream News" . (Ts, Ts(cb), Ts(x). 2 drafts, 8p.)
Brownstein, Michael. Dancing the night away . (Ts(cb), Ts(x). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Cohen, Marvin. The rate of having a reading rhythm . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 3p.)
Dorman, Sonya. Rochdale, Toronto, 1968 . (Ts, Ts(cb). 3 drafts, 7p.)
Fox, Hugh. Uranium anniversary: the destruction of all cellular life . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 8p.)
Gildzen, Alex.
In commemoration of Ira Joel Haber's first flight . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 3p.)
Weekend. (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 3p. draft of The rate of having a reading rhythm [prose] by Marvin Cohen included.)
Kostelanetz, Richard. Milestones in a life . (Ts(cb), Ts(x). 2 drafts, 6p.)
Little, William A. Nutrutionists alert . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 5p.)
Lowenfels, Walter. Excerpts from "Love letters to a hemiplegic" . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 46p.)
Major, Clarence. (Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 2p.)
A promising marriage . (Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 3p.)
Surviving every step of the brutal way . (Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 2p. Going home again [prose] by Major on recto of one draft.)
Morris, Richard.
The duck . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 4p.)
The rhinoceros . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 3p.)
Sherwin, Judith Johnson. [Excerpts from catalog of the complete works of Friedrich Liebermann, Brussells, 1971!] . [1971]. (Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 12p.)
Stoloff, Carolyn.
Go, search diligently . (Ts(cb), Ts(x). 2 drafts, 6p.)
The image . (Ts, Ts(cb), Ts(x). 3 drafts, 5p.)
Sward, Robert. For Eileen and Stephen Grabow . (Ts(cb), Ts(x). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Thomas, John. The dozens . (Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Tipton, James. Up for time. (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 10p.)
box-folder   59/ 613-615  
X. 4. Center no. 3. (133 items.)   
Scope: Consists of manuscripts and editorial material toward Center no. 3.

box-folder   59/ 613  
X. 4. a. Manuscripts (used). Consists of manuscripts of works published in Center no. 3. (53 items.)
Corner, Phillip. Lecture from Sunday performance . (Auto. 7p.)
Elbert, Joyce. Diary, Paris 1959. [1959] (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 4p. draft of 2 visions [prose] by George Montgomery included.)
Friedman, Ken. Some investigations . 1970. (Ts(x). 13p.)
Lopate, Phillip. Page from the diary of an omniscient narrator . (Ts. 1p.)
Lowenfels, Walter.
Survival kit . 1972: February 6. (Ts(x). 1p.)
To Bill Wantling, August 10, 1971 . 1971: August 10. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Lux, Thomas. The fragment. printed . (1p. From the journals of David Ignatow [prose] on verso.)
MacLow, Jackson. The pronouns--a collection of 40 dances--for the dancers . Feb 6-Mar 22. (Ts(x). 30p.)
Matthias, John. Alto Luogo Ayasuluk . [1972]: March 11. (Ts. 4p. Enc.: TLS from Matthias to Berge.)
Montgomery, George. 2 visions. (Ts. 1p.)
Plymell, Charles. Shades of San Francisco . (Ts. 1p.)
Skratz, G P. Desert life . (Ts. 1p.)
Sward, Robert. Another poet's card . 1972: March 3. (Ts. light revision. 2p.)
Young, Laura Chester. Nocturnal ceremony . (Ts. 1p.)
box-folder   59/ 614  
X. 4. b. Manuscripts (not used). Consists of manuscripts of works not published in Center no. 3. (17 items.)
Corner, Phillip. [Untitled] . (Auto. 5p.)
Lopate, Phillip.
Afterbirth . (Ts(x). 2p.)
Basic facts leading toward an analysis . 1968. (Ts(x). 3p. photocopied from Ripsaw (1968).)
Lux, Thomas.
The hardware store . (Ts. 1p.)
Metals and alloys--for Adam Hammer . (Ts. 1p.)
Young, Laura Chester.
"Code" . (Ts. 1p. "Monkey meat" [prose by Young included.)
Monkey meat . (Ts. 1p.)
box-folder   59/ 615  
X. 4. c. Editorial matter. Consists of dummies of Center no. 3. (63 items.)
box-folder   59/ 616  
X. 5. Center no. 4. Consists of manuscripts for Center no. 4. (58 items.)
Bayes, Ronald H. Persons (a small set) . (Ts. 7p.)
Berne, Stanley. Chapter II from "Phenomena" . (Ts(x). 6p.)
Bowering, George. From "Curious" 23: Denise Levertov . (Ts. 1p.)
Bruchac, Joseph III.
The difficult creature . (Ts. 1p.)
Number nine . (Ts. 1p.)
Di Palma, Ray.
The Assyrian, his venery (remembered) . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Asthma gospel . (Ts. 1p.)
Hawk Struthers and Ahmed Ibrahim. (Ts. 1p.)
Idiom feel job . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Proust . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Dorman, Sonya. A room of your own . (Ts. 2 drafts, 3p.)
Fitzsimmons, Thomas.
Noseed . (Ts(x). 1p.)
[Untitled] . (Ts(x). 1p.)
Gitin, David.
America (rearview) . (Ts. 1p.)
Foster's 7th Street . (Ts. 1p.)
Washington's birthday . (Ts. 1p.)
Kruchkow, Diane.
How I spent my summer vacation . (Ts. 1p.)
Of comings & goings . (Ts. 2p.)
Seven stages of man . (Ts. 1p.)
Lippard, Lucy. [Untitled] . (Ts. 4p.)
Lopate, Phillip.
How the cloudy lake was formed . (Ts, Ts(cb). 6p.)
How the cloudy lake was formed . (Ts(x). 8p.)
Lowenfels, Walter. To an unsuccessful suicide . (Ts(cb), Ts(x). 2 drafts, 5p.)
Major, Clarence. Sue & Tee . (Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 7p.)
Mednick, Murray. I can hardly believe it . 1972: June 27. (Ts. 1p.)
Morley, Hilda. [Untitled] . (Ts. 1p.)
Olson, Toby. Three views of the cross . (Ts(x). 10p.)
Skratz, G P.
The bubble . (Ts. 1p.)
The news . (Ts. 1p.)
Sukenick, Lynn. from "Characteristics" . (Ts(x). 6p.)
Wallace, Richard.
Diatribe #8 . 1972: July 12. (Ts(cb), Ts(x). 2 drafts, 5p.)
Diatribe #11 . (Ts. 1p.)
Eggroll 1 & II . (Ts(x). 2p. Diatribe #11 [prose] and "Take the reds man..." [prose] by Wallace on verso.)
"Take the reds man..." . (Ts. 1p.)
Zekowski, Arlene. Chapter 20 from "Decorations as for prayers" . (Ts(x). 11p.)
box-folder   60/ 617  
X. 6. Center no. 5. (54 items.)   
Scope: Consists of manuscripts for Center no.5.

Ahern, Tom. Extract from Four planes of very existence . (Ts. 2p.)
Amprimoz, Alexandre L. Leonardo . (Ts.)
Berge, Carol.
Book reviews . (Ts. 7p.)
Untitled . (Ts. 2p. Ts(cb) copy included.)
Clark, Melissa. Don't bring me down . (Ts(x). 4p.)
Dawson, Fielding.Dawson, Fielding. Remember Pearl Harbor . (Ts(x). 4p.)
Gitin, Maria.
The first Americans. 1972: October 10. (Ts. 1p.)
Untitled. 1972: August 10. (Ts. 1p.)
Harris, Stephen. Extract from The history of the Bratharra sages . (Ts. 3p.)
Herrman, John Arthur. The enemy in the solarium . (Ts(x). light revision. 5p.)
Knight, Arthur. Maybe next time . (Ts(x). 5p.)
Kostelanetz, Richard. Aftertexts . (Ts(x). 1p.)
Lippard, Lucy. Careheart (for Charles) . (Ts. 3p.)
Lopate, Phillip. Athens afternoon with black cows . (Ts. 2p.)
Meissner, William. Pie's breath . (Ts. 3p.)
Porridge, Genesis. Mrs. Askwith . (Ts. 15p.)
Skratz, G P.
The fan . (Ts. 1p.)
(for Cece) . (Ts. 1p.)
The hearth . (Ts. 1p.)
The open road . (Ts. 2 drafts, 2p.)
This time (a breath) . (Ts. 1p.)
Wallace, Richard. Diatribe 18 A&P Weooooooo! . 1973:January 24. (Ts(x). 3p.)
Wieners, John. [Two prose pieces] . (Ts, Ts(cb). 2p. contents: Kirke and Unfashionable.)
box-folder   60/ 618-619  
X. 7. Center no. 6. (187 items.)   
Scope: Consists of manuscripts and editorial materialtoward Center no. 6.

box-folder   60/ 618  
X. 7. a. Manuscripts. Consists of manuscripts for Center no.6. (83 items.)
True story . (Ts. 1p.)
Untitled . (Ts. 1p.)
Amprimoz, Alexandre L.
Goodbye . (Ts. 2p.)
Tre scalini . (Ts. 3p.)
Andre, Michael.
April 15. (Ts. 1p.)
Professional Mike . (Ts. 1p.)
Bellamy, Joe David. (Ts. 4p.)
Berge, Carol. Anima version . (Ts(x). 2p.)
Berne, Stanley. The great American empire . (Ts,Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 12p.)
Bowering, George. The Minnesota Twins . (Ts(x). 2p.)
Codrescu, Andrei.
C'est la vie or that's the breaks . (Ts. 1p.)
Greg & Evan . (Ts. 1p.)
Cuelho, Art. Shitters . (Ts. 2p. with Elevation worthy of my solitary flight [poem].)
Di Palma, Ray. Available light . (Ts. 4p. consists of 4 separate passages.)
Edkins, Anthony. The skull beneath the skin . (Ts. 4p.)
Fox, Hugh. Visiting hour . (Ts(cb). 2p.)
Herrman, John Arthur. (Ts(x). 3p.)
Higginson, William.
Essai: instructions for the past ten years . (Ts. 1p.)
Paterson: mid-September sequence. 1972. (Ts. 1p.)
Jones, Gayl. from Pross . (Ts(x). 4p.)
Kostelanetz, Richard. Chatterly reconsidered lady (1959). (Ts, Ts(x). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Lally, Michael.
Everything . (Ts. 2 drafts, 3p.)
Here's lookin' at you kid . (1p.)
The story . (1p.)
MacAdams, Lewis.
Border patrol . (Ts(x). light revision. 2p.)
Changed carrot . (Ts(x). 1p.)
Detroit room 91 . (Ts(x). 1p.)
The launching of the Annie . (Ts(x). 2p.)
Moonlight chevrolet . (Ts(x). 1p.)
Torchlight parade . (Ts(x). 2p.)
The zen story . (Ts(x). 1p.)
Marlatt, Daphne.
Untitled . (Ts. 1p.)
Untitled . (Ts. 1p.)
Skratz, G P. The tiger . (Ts. 1p.)
Szerlip, Barbara. The dress . (Ts. 1p.)
Vega, Janine Pommy. Star treatise . 1973: December. (Ts. 1p. with TLS to Carol Berge from Vega.)
Zekowski, Arlene. From Salt from sacraments . (Ts, Ts(x). 2 drafts, 10p.)
box-folder   60/ 619  
X. 7. b. Editorial material. Consists of proofs, mock-ups and miscellanytoward Center no. 6. (104 items.)
box-folder   61/ 620  
X. 8. Center no. 7. (64 items.)   
Scope: Consists of manuscripts toward Center no.7.

Ahern, Tom. The discontent of Franz Boas. (Ts. 3p.)
Berge, Carol.
Book reviews. (Auto, Ts, Ts(cb). 16p.)
The gifted. (Ts. 1p.)
Berne, Stanley. Phenomena. (Ts(x). 2p.)
Cohen, Marvin. Blat as the disciple.... (Ts(x). 4p.)
Corner, Phillip. [Untitled musical composition]. (Auto(x). 1p.)
Cushman, Don.
The deserted courtroom. (Ts. 1p.)
Reportage. (Ts. 1p.)
Davis, William Virgil. An algebra problem. (Ts. 3p.)
Dixon, Stephen. Ez is his son, Tilly his ex-wife. (Ts. 4p.)
Edkins, Anthony. The weed killers. (Ts. 2p. originally titled The nose pickers.)
Eisenstein, Samuel A. Cologne cathedral. (Ts. 2p.)
Enslin, Theodore.
My man, Grodek. (Ts. 1p.)
Snerri's gloss. (Ts. 5p.)
Fraser, Kathleen. Two extracts from The kiss. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
Hitchcock, George. Romance. (Ts. 1p.)
Kelly, David M. Hester. (Ts. 4p.)
Marshall, Jack. Waving to normal going by. (Ts. 6p.)
McAllister, Bruce. Extract from Thank you. (Ts. 3p.)
McCord, Howard. Prior causes justify. (Ts. 1p.)
Olson, Toby. Passion and death, extract from The life of Jesus,part 3. (Ts(x). 2p.)
Phelps, Donald.
[Letter to Carol Berge]. (Auto. 2p.)
[Letter to Carol Berge]. 1975: January 21. (Auto. 4p.)
Roth, Henry H. Breaking out. (Ts, Auto. 5p.)
Solomon, Norman. [Gosper]. (Ts. 2p.)
Webb, Charles. The mummy. (Ts. 1p.)
Young, Laura Chester.
Cry baby. (Ts(x). 1p.)
[Untitled]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Zekowski, Arlene.
Extract from Chapter II, Histories and dynasties. (Ts(cb). 8p.)
Berne, Stanley Statement of the authors. 1972: December17. (Ts(x). 2p.)
box-folder   61/ 621-622  
X. 9. Center no. 8. (114 items.)   
Scope: Consists of manuscripts and editorial mattertoward Center no. 8.

box-folder   61/ 621  
X. 9. a. Manuscripts. Consists of manuscripts toward Center no.8. (99 items.)
Berge, Carol.
The art couple. (Ts(x). 1p.)
The quality of my life. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Dixon, Stephen.
Close Sylvia. (Ts(x). 5p.)
Open tisch. (Ts(x). 5p.)
Edkins, Anthony.
Flaxman's circular dream. (Ts. 1p.)
Rimbaud. (Ts. 1p.)
Elevitch, M D. Milk and honeywell for life. (Ts(x). 3p.)
Fox, Hugh. (30 degrees. Ts(cb). 1p.)
Check. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Chess. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Commissary. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Dacca. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
The day after the seventh seal. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
De cathedra. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Developments. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Do. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
El Progresso. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Eurydice. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Eyes. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
The face of Guy Lombardo. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Immortalian. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Karma. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Listing. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Maximum security. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
M.D.. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Movement. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Report. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Samahdi. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Second martini. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Shacking up. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Sipapu. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
UNESCO. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Vision-guest. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Without a ribbon. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
World enough and time. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Zoom. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Grossman, Martin. The interview. (Ts. 3p.)
Matte, Robert, Jr..
Bridge. (Ts. 1p.)
The dripping faucet. (Ts. 1p.)
Pebbles. (Ts. 1p.)
Murphy, Frank. In the arm of Carina Cygnus. (Ts. 1p. Alternately titled In the arm of Carina Cygnus Magnum.)
Nations, Opal. Multi-media project poems. (Ts(x). 2p.)
Roth, Henry H. Only a fugue. (Ts(x). 3p.)
Swann, Brian. The how of it. (Ts(x). 1p.)
box-folder   61/ 622  
X. 9. b. Editorial material. Consists of xerox of mock-up and notestoward Center no. 8. (15 items.)
box-folder   62/ 623-624  
X. 10. Center no. 9. (157 items.)   
Scope: Consists of manuscripts and editorial materialtoward Center no. 9.

box-folder   62/ 623  
X. 10. a. Manuscripts. Consists of manuscripts for Center no.9. (79 items.)
Berge, Carol. A folk story. (Auto. 1p.)
Dorman, Sonya. Onyx. (4p.)
Drake, Albert.
Lents: early Sunday morning (from One Summer. (Ts. 2p.)
Vision (from One Summer). (Ts. 1p.)
Edkins, Anthony.
Abstract: laughing fool. (Ts. 1p.)
Mexico. (Ts. 1p.)
Everman, Welch D.
Some things are serious. (Ts. 2p.)
What he is saying. (Ts. 10p.)
Grossinger, Richard. Scorpio. 1965. (Ts(x). 8p.)
Harris, Jana. Letters from the promise land, Alaska, 1974. (Ts. 2p.)
Holt, Rochelle L. Welcome to love in Mississippi. (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 10p.)
Hutchinson, Peter. The art dictator. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Jones, Gayl.
Choice. (Ts. 2p.)
Kiss. (Ts. 1p.)
Repetitions. (Ts. 2p.)
Kicknosway, Faye. The violence of potatoes. He said. She said.. (Ts. 3p. excerpt from novel-in-progress.)
Lieberman, Renee. [Excerpts from The FakrimpteAmazon]. (Ts. 3p.)
Lifshin, Lyn.
[from poem, The department]. (Ts. 1p.)
The man in the boiler room is. (Ts. 1p.)
She said one day she. (Ts. 1p.)
Madden, David. Wipes and finales, or machine close-outs. (Ts. 20p.)
Miller, Brown. Lung escape. (Ts. 2p.)
Mycue, Edward. Aunt Jane Riddlesperger and Miss Emma . 1976:August 19. (Ts(cb). 2p.)
Nations, Opal. The virtues of the female breasts. (Ts(x). 2p.)
Ostriker, Alicia. Like fruit. (Ts. 1p.)
Randall, Margaret.
The brilliant orange pink. 1976: June 13. (Ts(mim). 2p.)
Let me see if I can draw a line. 1976: November. (Ts. 2p.)
Rodefer, Stephen. Interview with Robert Creeley. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Smith, Carol Sturm. Selections from a novel, FatPeople. (Ts. 4p.)
Swann, Brian. White pine. (Ts(x), Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 4p.)
Tucker, Martin. Suburban rapid transit sic transit suburbia. (Ts. 5p.)
Vega, Janine Pommy. Death train. (Ts(x). 2p.)
box-folder   63/ 625-626  
X. 10. b. Editorial material. Consists of correspondence and manuscriptstoward Center no. 10. (69 items.)
X. 11. Center no. 10.   
Scope: Correspondence and manuscripts toward Centerno. 10.

box-folder   63/ 626  
X. 11. a. Correspondence. (33 items.)   
Scope: Consists of manuscripts for Center no.10.

X. 11. b. Manuscripts. Manuscripts toward Center no. 10.
[Excerpt from In Motion]. 1967-1969.Ts(x). 11p.
[from an interview of Opal Nations, conducted by James Campbell]. (Ts(x), Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 32p.)
Baracks, Barbara. I used to spend a lot of time thinking. (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Dixon, Stephen. (Auto by. Ts. 1p.)
Enslin, Theodore. He wrote an enormous amount (f.l.). (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Grossman, Martin. Martin lives with his wife Julie. (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Higgins, Dick.
The gentle desperado. 1959: December 31. (Ts(cb). 4p.)
Sandals and stars (excerpt from Legends andFishnets). 1969: July. (Ts, Ts(cb). 3p.)
Women, like horses. 1969: February 6. (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 6p.)
Lippard, Lucy. Center statement , Jan. 1977. 1977: January. (Ts. 1p.)
Lowenfels, Walter. The impossible goal. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Marlatt, Daphne. [Letter to Carol Berge]. (Ts(x), Ts. light revision. 2 drafts, 5p.)
Marshall, Jack. Half a page from a solar notebook. (Ts. 2 drafts, 2p.)
Mycue, Edward. [Letter to Carol Berge] . 1977: January29. (Auto. 1p.)
Perkins, Michael. [Excerpt from The possibilities]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Sukenick, Lynn. I want to be touched (f.l.). (Ts. 1p.)
Vega, Janine Pommy. [Excerpt from a letter] . 1977: February3. (Ts(x), Ts. 2 drafts, 3p.)
Webb, Charles. Right now isn't the most exciting time (f.l.) . 1976:December 1. (Ts. 1p.)
box-folder   63/ 628  
X. 12. Center no. 11. (1 item.)   
Scope: Consists of xerox copy of Center no. 11.

box-folder   63-64/ 628-632  
X. 13. Center no. 12. (83 items.)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence, manuscripts,and editorial material toward Center no. 12.

box-folder   63/ 628  
X. 13. a. Correspondence. Consists of correspondence, notes, andmiscellany relating to Center no. 12. (51 items.)
box-folder   63-64/ 629-630  
X. 13. b. Manuscripts. Consists of manuscripts for Center no.12. (30 items.)
Bell, Charles G. Lacandon journals , 1972 and 1978. (Ts(x). 2 drafts, 19p.)
Berge, Carol.
The beginning of the story . 1979: July. (Ts(x), Ts. 3p.)
End of the story . (Ts(x), Ts. 4p.)
The middle of the story: the world of small planes . (Ts(x). 2p.)
Drake, Albert. [Textures] . (Ts(x). 6p.)
Edkins, Anthony. Something's happened . (Ts, Ts(x). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Frumkin, Gene. Times have changed . (Ts, Ts(x). 2 drafts, 58p.)
Jong, Erica. Solitude . (Ts(x). 10p.)
Larsen, Carl. Extract from In the museum of oddities . (Ts, Ts(x). 26p.)
Moore, Elizabeth. Dark by the summer porch . (Ts, Ts(x). 18p.)
Perera, Victor. The jaguar story (excerpt from Lastlords of Palengue: the Lacandon of Nche). (Ts, Ts(cb), Ts(x). 2 drafts, 12p.)
box-folder   64/ 631-632  
X. 13. c. Editorial material. Consists of xerox copy and mock-upof Center no. 12. (5 items.)
box-folder   64/ 633  
X. 14. Center no. 13. (29 items.)   
Scope: Consists of manuscripts for Center no. 13.

Berge, Carol.
The Center booklist and list of books by Carol Berge. (Ts. 2p.)
Contour lines . (Ts. 6p.)
Index of contributors to Center 1-13. (Ts. 2p.)
Corwin, Phillip. Goldbug. printed . (9p.)
Crews, Judson.
Cochise . (Ts. 5p.)
Cochise [short story]. (Ts(cb), Ts(x). 2 drafts, 17p.)
Frym, Gloria.
Backhand . (Ts. 1p. on recto of Every space explored yields beauty.)
Backhand [short story]. (Ts. 1p.)
Every space explored yields beauty . (Ts. 1p.)
Every space explored yields beauty [short story]. (Ts. 1p.)
Gavronsky, Serge. Playtext . (Ts. 10p.)
Lewis, Harry. Early Monday morning in Scranton . (Ts. 4p.)
Ratner, Rochelle. Patchwork . (Ts. 5p.)
Smith, Carol Sturm. Extract from Cosmic clowns . (Ts. 2p.)
Vega, Janine Pommy. ...from Threading the maze . (Ts. 4p.)
box-folder   65-66  
X. 15. Center, 1 - 13. (9 items.)   
Scope: Consists of complete run of Center, no. 1-13.

box-folder   66/ 634  
X. 16. Miscellaneous manuscripts. (162 items.)   
Scope: Consists of various manuscriptssubmitted to Center but not strictly associatedwith one issue.

Bennett, John.
Forget about the harvest .[prose] (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Modern life .[prose] (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Berge, Carol.
The pull [short story]. Ts(cb). (2p. fair copy.)
Tomcat doing nothing .[poem] (Ts(cb). 1p. inscribed to Bill H.)
Berne, Stanley. My philosophy is in here somewhere . (Ts(x). 1p. signed by Berne; extract from The Great American Empire [novel].)
Burroughs, William S. [Review of The last of the moccasins [prose]. 1971. (Ts(cb). 1p. review is blurb for jacket copy; fair copy.)
Cohen, Marvin.
The former leg; its old owner; his new double .[prose] (Ts(cb). 1p. fair copy.)
Helplessly one .[prose] (Ts(cb). 1p. fair copy.)
Elbert, Joyce.
Hello/goodbye again .[short story] (Ts(cb). 3p. fair copy.)
Lone night in Lima .[short story] (Ts. 3p.)
Enslin, Theodore. My man, Grodek [short story]. (Ts(cb). 2p.)
Gold, Ivan. Culled [short story]. (Ts(cb). 3p. fair copy.)
Higginson, William. On reading Lao-Tzu [poem]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Hitchcock, George. Romance--a one page novel [short story]. (Ts, Auto. light revision. 2 drafts, 2p. ANS on recto of Ts draft; both drafts signed.)
Kicknosway, Faye. I am Macduff (fl) [prose]. (Ts. 1p. signed by Kicknosway.)
Kostelanetz, Richard. Recyclings [prose]. 1971. (Ts(x). 6p.)
Lippard, Lucy.
Extracts from I see/you mean .[prose] (Ts, Ts(x). 2 drafts, 14p.)
New York Times II .[prose] (Ts. 1p.)
Nations, Opal.
Learn how-to-make series .[prose] (Ts. 3p.)
There was a young man from Vancouver .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Plymell, Charles D. Old Uncle Jones (fl) [prose]. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
Sanders, Ed.
An editorial conference .[short story] (Ts. 4p.)
Extract from Vulture egg matzoh brei .[short story] (Ts. 3p.)
Stokes, Terry. The meat extract business [short story]. (Ts(x). 3p.)
Sukenick, Ronald. Extract from 98.6 [prose]. (Ts(x). 5p.)
Szerlip, Barbara.
Envoy from Houdini .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Epitaph for Otero (1868-1965) .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Open letter from Lola Montez .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Vega, Janine Pommy. Chapter II [poem]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Wallace, Richard. On watching The Appaloosa the second time [poem]. (Ts. 1p. ANS on recto.)
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Scope: Consists of clippings, business correspondence, lists, notes, fragments, and other materials relating to the printing and distribution of Center.