Carol Berge Papers, 1970-1984
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XIII. Miscellany. [series]: (1445 items.)   
Scope: Consists of miscellany divided into 2 subseries, Personal miscellany and General miscellany.

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XIII. 1. Personal miscellany. (857 items.)   
Scope: Consists of personal miscellany broken into 16 groups.

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XIII. 1. a. Announcements, brochures and pamphlets. Consists of announcements concerning Berge, including brochures, flyers, posters, pamphlets, and mailings. (29 items.)
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XIII. 1. b. Clippings A. Consists of newspaper clippings concerning Berge, primarily announcements of readings and 2 brief reviews of her work. (11 items.)
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XIII. 1. c. Photographs and artwork, Consists of photographs, slides and proofsheets, mostly of Berge, some of unidentified persons and 24 pieces of artwork, 2 by Judith Sward, the remainder unsigned. (69 items.)
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XIII. 1. d. Household and financial materials. Consists of correspondence concerning Berge's household finances, legal affairs, medical affairs, divorce and personal and professional subscription forms and products. (219 items.)
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XIII. 1. e. Peter Berge, schools. Consists of material concerning Peter Berge's schooling. Includes correspondence, school brochures, grade slips, homework, class materials, clippings and awards. (78 items.)
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XIII. 1. f. Cumberland Gap Material. Consists of notes, outlines, and magazines concerning the Cumberland Gap. Notes not necessarily by Berge. (51 items.)
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XIII. 1. g. Richard Barker lawsuit. Consists of correspondence concerning Berge's suit against Richard Barker for breaking and entering and harassment. (11 items.)
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XIII. 1. h. Judson Memorial Church. Consists of announcements, flyers, posters and programs for concerts, readings and services at the Judson Memorial Church Persons involved in these events include Berge, Diana Di Prima, Lawrence Kornfeld, Carolee Schneeman, Philip Corner, Charlotte Moorman, and Robert Nichols. (15 items.)
box-folder   73/ 668  
XIII. 1. i. "Happenings". Consists of material relating to "happenings" of 1960's. Includes scripts, posters, notes by Berge, a "happening tree" and work by Allan Kaprow, and Dick Higgins. (21 items.)
box-folder   73/ 669  
XIII. 1. j. Protests against Vietnam War A. Consists of flyers, petitions, announcements and xeroxed clippings concering protests against the Vietnam War and government agencies. Includes material from Writers and Artists Project, Citizen Exchange Corps, Timothy Leary Defense Fund, Poets for Peace, Committee for Nonviolent Action, Committee for Freedom of the Arts and Betrand Russell Peace Foundation. (13 items.)
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XIII. 1. k. Biographical information. Consists of various pieces of biographical data drawn up for applications, poetry readings and publications. (73 items.)
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XIII. 1. l. Five Cities Gallery. Consists of material concerning Berge's Five Cities Gallery, including correspondence, legal documents and inventories. (38 items.)
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XIII. 1. m. Calendars. Consists of calendars and calendar pages for the years 1967-1969, 1973 and 1975 with AN for appointments and visits by Berge. (6 items.)
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XIII. 1. n. Notebooks. Consists of spiral notebooks, which contain notes, names, addresses, and drafts of poems and stories by Berge. (17 items.)
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XIII. 1. o. Addresses, notes, fragments. Consists of miscellaneous fragments, notes, addresses, postal receipts, postcards, astrological notes, a passport and other personal items. (198 items.)
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XIII. 1. p. Teaching notes. Consists of miscellaneous notes and announcements concerned with writing workshops conducted by Berge. (8 items.)
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XIII. 2. General miscellany. (588 items.)   
Scope: Consists of general miscellany divided into 6 groups.

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XIII. 2. a. Newsletters, announcements, offprints. (297 items.)   
Scope: Consists of newsletters, catalogs and brochures from various organizations, including the MacDowell Colony, EAT, Poetry Flash, Small Press Review, Coda, Bookletter, and numerous presses. Includes announcements for publications, readings, and other arts events. Includes material on or by Nam June Paik, Allen Ginsberg, Charlotte Moorman, Jackson MacLow, Lyn Lifshin, Steve Katz, Vector Perera, John Kerr, Brian Gyson and John Cage.

box-folder   76/ 682-686  
XIII. 2. b. Xeroxes, tearsheets, clippings. (219 items.)   
Scope: Consists of xeroxes of articles, poems, and prose pieces, tearsheets and clippings. Includes works by Herbert Krohn, Denise Levertov, Horace Coleman, Jackson MacLow, Harold Dicker, and Emily Leider.

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XIII. 2. c. Something Else Press. (2 items.)   
Scope: Consists of 9 issues of Something Else Newsletter, 3 Something Else Newscards and 2 catalogs from Something Else Press.

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XIII. 2. d. Alan Watts Journal. (4 items.)   
Scope: Consists of 4 issues of the Alan Watts Journal.

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XIII. 2. e. Poetry. (3 items.)   
Scope: Consists of offprints of Poetry Society of America Prize- winning Poems.

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XIII. 2. f. New York Poets. (63 items.)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence and manuscripts, (1979), toward a special section of Woodstock Poetry Review, No. 6, about New York poets. The section was edited by Berge. Included are correspondence and manuscripts by Jackson MacLow, Toby Olson, Robert Vas Dias, Clarence Major, Serge Gavronsky, Paul Blackburn, Jerome Rothenberg, Norman Rosten and Berge. Correspondence and manuscripts are listed in series I.l a. and series XII respectively.