The William Keeney Bixby Papers
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III. Burns Club Papers. [series]:
box-folder   9/1.  
III.1 Correspondence. 1906-1923. [subseries]: (26 items, 49 pp. & 1 card)   
Scope: The letters relate to activities of the Club. They are often responses to invitations which had been sent to Burnsians outside St. Louis. Correspondents include Henry H. Harper, J.D. Price, George Williamson, Thomas Sutherland, Roy Sherman, D. McNaught, Mathew Smith, W. Hakes, W. MacNeile Dixon, William Marion Reedy, J.C. Ewing, K. O'Malley, and Eugene H. Angert. Most are addressed to William K. Bixby.

box-folder   9/1-12  
III.2 Printed items. [subseries]:
box-folder   9/2.  
[Bixby, William K., ed.]. [n.d.]. Burns letters. Printed pages pasted in a blank book; auto. notations on blank pages; brown paper wrappers. (1 item, 36 pp.)
box-folder   9/3.  
Black, James,, Detroit Burnsian. [1867: May 1]. “The Geddes Burns”[address]. Delivered at the first regular meeting of the Burns Club of Detroit. (1 item, 4 pp.)
box-folder   9/4.  
Burns, Robert, 1759-1796, Scottish poet. [n.d.]. The cotter's Saturday night[poem], with an intro. by [H.H. Harper]. Page proofs corrected by Harper. (2 items, 11 pp.)
box-folder   9/5.  
Burns Cottage Association, Louisiana Purchase Exposition. 1904. Historical sketch and catalogue of the exhibits of the Burns Cottage Association[catalog]. Catalog of the items exhibited at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis. (1 item, 37 pp.)
box-folder   9/6.  
Daley, Thomas Augustine,, American journalist. [n.d.]. The birth of Tom O'Shanter[poem]. Galley proof, corrected. Signed by the author and inscribed to William K. Bixby. Clipping from the St. Louis Republic[newspaper], [n.y.]: Jan. 26, of the poem as printed;clipping concerning the reading of the poem; tear sheet from Reedy's Mirror[magazine], [n.d.], concerning Daly's speech before Burns Club. Included is Bixby's card on the galley. (5 items, 8 pp.)
box-folder   9/7.  
Hubbard, Elbert Green, 1856-1915, American writer. [1899]. Little journeys to the homes of English authors[travelog]. Printed booklet. (1 item, 35 pp.)
box-folder   9/8.  
Law, James D.,, American author. 1927. What's what and what's not so regarding Robert Burns[essay]. Inscribed by the author to William K. Bixby, 1927: July 21. Printed booklet with envelope. (1 item, 57 pp.)
box-folder   9/9.  
Scottish Exhibition of National History, Art and Industry, Glasgow. 1911. Various items related to the Exhibition as follows:
Prospectus, listing officers and regulations. (1 item, 8 pp.)
Announcement. (1 item, 3 pp.)
Program, including a description of the Exhibition and a brief history of Glasgow. (1 item, 28 pp.)
Glaister, John, Convener of the Exhibition. Precautions for safety of historical exhibits[leaflet]. (1 item, 1 p.)
box-folder   9/10.  
[n.d.]. Tom O'Shanter[poem]. Printed booklet bound in brown cloth with quarter leather, gold stamped spine. (1 item, 15 pp.)
box-folder   9/11.  
Thomas Agnew & Son, London. [1918]. The Burns Cottage Collection[catalog]. Exhibit catalog of exhibition held to benefit the Westminster Hospital. (1 item, 8 pp.)
box-folder   9/12.  
Wilson, John, et. al. 1904. Speeches and essays[literary criticism]. Published by the Burns Cottage Association. Paper wrappers. Signed by Bixby.
Wilson, John, et. al. 1908. Speeches and essays[literary criticism]. 4th edition - enlarged, pub. under the auspices of the Jean Armour Burns Club. Paper wrappers, signed by Bixby. (2 items, 197 pp.)
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III.3 Club materials. [subseries]:
box-folder   10/13.  
Burns cottage[photo]. [n.d.]. Photo. to be included in an unidentified book, edition limited to 300, pub. for members of the Burns Club, [St. Louis?]. (1 item, 2 pp.)
box-folder   10/14.  
Burns Club, St. Louis. [1924: Jan. 25]. Meeting of Burns Club - January 25th, 1924[program]. Ts.[carbon] draft. (1 item, 2 pp.)
box-folder   10/15.  
Burns Club, St. Louis. 1912-1921. Menues, invitations, etc. Various items relating to Club activities as follows:
Note: This file missing as of 7/16/2003. CE
Burns Club, St. Louis. 1919: Jan. 25. Two menues for the annual Club dinner. (2 items, 8 pp.)
Burns Club, St. Louis. 1921: Jan. Menue for the annual Club dinner. (1 item, 5 pp.)
Burns Club, St. Louis. 1923: Jan. Menu for the annual Club dinner. (1 item, 4 pp.)
Burns Club, St. Louis. 1912: Jan. 25. Painting by H.J. Dobson reproduced by Bixby for the annual Club dinner. (1 item, 1 p.)
Burns Club, St. Louis. 1915: Jan. 25. Three invitations to the annual Club dinner. (3 items, 12 pp. & envelopes.)
Burns Club, St. Louis. 1921. Burns dinner. A list of songs and poems to be used at the annual Club dinner. Auto. draft, prepared and signed by Bixby. (1 item, 2 pp.)
Note: 9 items, 32 pp.
box-folder   10/16.  
Burns Club, St. Louis. Minutes of special meeting of the Burns Club of St. Louis to bid farewell to Wm. M. Porteous on the occasion of his departure from St. Louis to reside in Los Angeles, California[club minutes]. Printed sheet, 1923: April 19. (1 item, 1 p.)
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III.4 Miscellany. [subseries]:
box-folder   10/17.  
Burns, Robert. [n.d.]. Portraits[engravings]. Two engraved portraits. (2 items, 2 pp.)
Map case. Burns, Robert. Proposals, for publishing by subscription, Scotch poems[subscribers' list]. Photo. mounted on brown board. With a note from J.C. Ewing to William K. Bixby, 1916: June. (1 item, 2 pp.)
box-folder   10/18.  
Burns Clubs, United States and Great Britain. 1915-1916. Items from various Burns Clubs including those in Liverpool, Blackburn-on-Almond, Glasgow, Portland, Atlanta. (11 items)
Map case. Samson, Wm. H.,, New York Book Dealer. [n.y.]: May 17. A.L.S. to William K. Bixby. Included is a ts.[carbon] copy of a document titled Records of the committee of the synod of Galloway for visitation of churches, 1697. (2 items, 34 pp.)
box-folder   10/19.  
Misc. items as follows:
[n.d.]. John Bartholomew & Co. Bartholomew's new reduced survey: Sheet 4, Ayr & Clydesdale[touring map]. Signed by Bixby on the inside sheet.
[n.d.]. Walsh, Honor. The[poem]. Newspaper clipping.
[n.d.]. J. Pearson & Co., London. Tearsheets from a booksellers catalog.
[n.d.]. [Auto. notes concerning Burns manuscripts].
[n.d.]. Ts. notes concerning Burns books and manuscripts. (2 items, 4 pp.)
Note: 6 items, 13 pp., clipping & mapNote: 80 items