The William Keeney Bixby Papers
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III.2 Printed items. [subseries]:
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[Bixby, William K., ed.]. [n.d.]. Burns letters. Printed pages pasted in a blank book; auto. notations on blank pages; brown paper wrappers. (1 item, 36 pp.)
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Black, James,, Detroit Burnsian. [1867: May 1]. “The Geddes Burns”[address]. Delivered at the first regular meeting of the Burns Club of Detroit. (1 item, 4 pp.)
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Burns, Robert, 1759-1796, Scottish poet. [n.d.]. The cotter's Saturday night[poem], with an intro. by [H.H. Harper]. Page proofs corrected by Harper. (2 items, 11 pp.)
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Burns Cottage Association, Louisiana Purchase Exposition. 1904. Historical sketch and catalogue of the exhibits of the Burns Cottage Association[catalog]. Catalog of the items exhibited at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis. (1 item, 37 pp.)
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Daley, Thomas Augustine,, American journalist. [n.d.]. The birth of Tom O'Shanter[poem]. Galley proof, corrected. Signed by the author and inscribed to William K. Bixby. Clipping from the St. Louis Republic[newspaper], [n.y.]: Jan. 26, of the poem as printed;clipping concerning the reading of the poem; tear sheet from Reedy's Mirror[magazine], [n.d.], concerning Daly's speech before Burns Club. Included is Bixby's card on the galley. (5 items, 8 pp.)
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Hubbard, Elbert Green, 1856-1915, American writer. [1899]. Little journeys to the homes of English authors[travelog]. Printed booklet. (1 item, 35 pp.)
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Law, James D.,, American author. 1927. What's what and what's not so regarding Robert Burns[essay]. Inscribed by the author to William K. Bixby, 1927: July 21. Printed booklet with envelope. (1 item, 57 pp.)
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Scottish Exhibition of National History, Art and Industry, Glasgow. 1911. Various items related to the Exhibition as follows:
Prospectus, listing officers and regulations. (1 item, 8 pp.)
Announcement. (1 item, 3 pp.)
Program, including a description of the Exhibition and a brief history of Glasgow. (1 item, 28 pp.)
Glaister, John, Convener of the Exhibition. Precautions for safety of historical exhibits[leaflet]. (1 item, 1 p.)
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[n.d.]. Tom O'Shanter[poem]. Printed booklet bound in brown cloth with quarter leather, gold stamped spine. (1 item, 15 pp.)
box-folder   9/11.  
Thomas Agnew & Son, London. [1918]. The Burns Cottage Collection[catalog]. Exhibit catalog of exhibition held to benefit the Westminster Hospital. (1 item, 8 pp.)
box-folder   9/12.  
Wilson, John, et. al. 1904. Speeches and essays[literary criticism]. Published by the Burns Cottage Association. Paper wrappers. Signed by Bixby.
Wilson, John, et. al. 1908. Speeches and essays[literary criticism]. 4th edition - enlarged, pub. under the auspices of the Jean Armour Burns Club. Paper wrappers, signed by Bixby. (2 items, 197 pp.)