The William Keeney Bixby Papers
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V.5 Miscellany. [subseries]:
box-folder   18/61.  
Autobiographical information and clippings as follows:
[n.d.]. An autobiographical essay composed by Field. (Auto.[facsimile] and printed versions.)
[n.d.]. Clipping showing Field's grave.
1926: Mar. 8. Clipping from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat concerning Field's reinterment.
1927: Jan. 14. Clipping from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reviewing Life of Eugene Field[biography] by Slason Thompson.
1927: Feb. 5. Clipping from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat reviewing Life of Eugene Field[biography] by Slason Thompson.
Note: 6 items, 15 pp.
Shelved. [n.d.]. Autograph book. Volume of blank leaves stamped on spine A little book of profitable tales. (1 item, 57 pp.)
box-folder   18/62.  
[n.d.]. Books by Eugene Field. Ts. list with auto. annotations. Compiler unknown. (1 item, 10 pp.)
box-folder   18/63.  
Buskett, Wm. C. 1897: Mar. 6. Photograph, inscribed to Trotty. [n.d.]. Obituary notice clipped from newspaper. (2 items)
box-folder   18/63a.  
Corwin, W.B. [n.d.]. To Eugene Field[poem]. Auto. draft, without corrections. (1 item, 2 pp.)
box-folder   18/64.  
Democratic Party and campaign material.
1892. Red hot Democratic campaign songs. Eugene Field's copy.
[1892]. Cleveland, Grover. (8 campaign pictures.)
1888. National Democratic Convention. Welcome to the convention in St. Louis.
1892: Dec. 7. The Union League, Philadelphia. Autographs of Field, Henry George, Talcott Williams, Edward W. Bok, and others on Union League stationary.
[n.d.]. Handy, M.P. Three calling cards identifying him as National Commissioner to Europe for the World's Columbian Exposition.
Note: 14 items, 37 pp. & 11 cards
box-folder   18/65.  
Drawings: [Eugene Field]. 1888: April 23. Drawing of Mary Field made by Eugene Field;
[n.d.]. Drawing of himself made by Eugene Field on the back of a calling card of F.B. DeBerard.
Note: 2 items, 1 p. & 1 card.
Map case. [n.d.]. Drawings: Stoddard, Lawrence(?). [Eugene Field in the Chicago Daily News Office] [caricature]. Ink and water color drawing. (1 item)
box-folder   18/66.  
1892: Feb. 16. Drawings: Young, Art. Horace and me[caricature]. Ink drawing of Field. (1 item)
box-folder   18/67.  
[n.d.]. Edward VII. Auto. note, allegedly written by Edward while Prince of Wales. (1 item, 4 pp. & envelope.)
box-folder   18/68.  
Larned, Wm. Trowbridge. The mantle of Eugene Field[historical essay]. Tear sheets from the Bookman, v. 41, 1915. (1 item, 15 pp.)
box-folder   18/69.  
189?: May 13. McCullogh, J.B. Note accompanying a Reporter's badge for Railway conductors' convention.
[n.d.]. Two silhouettes, possibly of field. (1 item, 2 pp.)
box-folder   18/70.  
[n.d.]. Photographs: Eugene Field. 12 photographs. (12 items)
Map case. [n.d.]. Photographs: Eugene Field. One photograph. (1 item)
box-folder   18/71.  
Photographs: People and places. Photographs as follows:
[n.d.]. Buffalo, N.Y.: 1825 & 1850. Clipped from a magazine.
[n.d.]. Misc. photos. of prominent journalists from Buffalo, clipped from magazine. Including: J.N. Matthews, Henry H. Otis, C.W. Winspear, John Laughlin, Wilson Shannon Bissell, and Robert Dick.
1895: Feb. Francis Wilson. Inscribed to Eugene Field.
Note: 6 items.
box-folder   18/72.  
Poetic tributes.
[n.d.]. Reedy, William Marion. To Eugene Field[poem]. (Ts. copy taken from Missouri literature[anthology], ed. by Richard H. Jesse & Edward A. Allen.)
1892: Feb. 19. Stoddart, Alfred. Our little boy blue[poem]. (Auto. draft, inscribed to Eugene Field.)
Note: 2 items, 2 pp.
box-folder   18/73.  
Programs, passenger lists, menues, etc.
1892: Aug. 3. Field's place card for a dinner, signed by those present.
1894: Feb. 23. Menue for a luncheon at The Snipery, signed by those present.
1892: Feb. 13. Seating arrangement and signatures of those present at a luncheon at the Virginia Hotel.
1889: Oct. 9. Inman line. List of saloon passangers... Including the Field family.
1892: Dec. 6. Pen and Pencil Club. Program for a reading by Eugene Field and George W. Cable.
1889: Feb. 6. Milwaukee Press Club. Program for a reading by Bill Nye and James Whitcomb Riley.
[n.d.]. H.J. Norman. Miss Mary French readings from her father's poems [advertising booklet].
[no year: April 21]. Anchorage Country Club. Program for a reading by Eugene Field.
1892: June 21. Richards, Frank. Protection for Americans abroad[advertising broadsheet].
Note: 9 items, 34 pp.
box-folder   18/74.  
1877: April. The Rothacker-Rosewater imbroglio[compilation of clippings]. Clippings mounted on paper. Compiled by Field. (1 item, 7 pp.)
box-folder   18/75.  
Various items.
[n.d.]. An account list perhaps composed by Field.
[n.d.]. A copy of Field's bookplate, mounted.
[n.d.]. Park, Wm. D. & Son. The lobster: Is it cruel to cook him alive[culinary/humanitarian inquiry].
[no year]: Dec. 4. Two box seat tickets to P.T. Barnum's Greatest Show On Earth, at the Olympia Theatre, [London].
1890. Guest card for J.W. North Eagle privided by the Duke of Westminster, admitting Eagle to the Grosvenor House for lunch.
Note: 7 itemsNote: 281 items