Stanley Elkin Papers, 1955-1995.
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box-folder   60-61/10070-10085  
XI. Fiction. [series]: (55 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of short stories and a draft of an unfinished novel (The Glass Continent) by Elkin, including notes, flyers and photographs for one story (Ladies and Gentlemen--Lenny Collyer) and two unidentified fragments of stories.

box-folder   60/10070  
Baseball Story .[short story] [subseries]: (Auto. heavy revision. 18p.)
box-folder   60/10071  
Character .[short story] [subseries]: (Ts, Auto. light to heavy revision. 4 drafts, 27p.)
box-folder   60/10072  
Colin Kelly's Kids .[short story] [subseries]: (Ts(cb). light revision. 4p.)
box-folder   60/10073  
Dangling .[short story] [subseries]: (Auto, Ts. light to moderate revision. 3 drafts, 19p.)
box-folder   60/10074  
The Fall .[short story] [subseries]: (Ts(cb). 16p.)
box-folder   60/10075  
Fifty Dollars .[short story] [subseries]: (Ts. moderate revision. 32p. published in Southwest Review.)
box-folder   60/10076  
Fucking a Bear .[short story] [subseries]: (Auto, Ts. heavy revision. 139p.)
box-folder   60/10077  
The Glass Continent . [novel] [subseries]: (Ts(cb). 128p. novel is early Elkin work and is unfinished.)
box-folder   60/10078  
Ladies and Gentlemen--Lenny Collyer! .[short story] [subseries]: (Auto, Ts, Ts(x). none to heavy revision. 7 drafts, 151p. Includes photos, letters and flyers relating to Lenny Collyer.)
box-folder   60/10079  
The Last of the go-to-hell-god-damn-its .[short story] [subseries]: (Ts. light revision. 39p.)
box-folder   61/10080  
The Memory Expert. 1970. galley. light revision. [subseries]: (8p. Story published in Esquire, 1970:May.)
box-folder   61/10081  
Next Year in Jerusalem .[short story] [subseries]: (Ts. light revision. 13p.)
box-folder   61/10082  
The Outlander .[short story] [subseries]: (Ts. 43p.)
box-folder   61/10083  
Prayer for losers. 1966. [subseries]: (Ts, Ts(x). 3 drafts, 6p. Included 2 copies of questionaire used with Elkin's story. Story published by Behavioral Research Laboratories, 1966.)
box-folder   61/10084  
The Short Road Back to Ninevah .[short story] [subseries]: (Ts(cb). light revision. 21p.)
box-folder   -/-  
Stanley Elkin on "I look out for Ed Wolfe" [satire]. [1973]. [subseries]: (Ts(cb). 2p. Filed in Ser I.l with ALS to Elkin from L. Rust Hills 1973:May 11.)
box-folder   61/10085  
[three fragments] [short story] [subseries]: (Auto, Ts. light revision. 2 drafts, 21p. One titled chapter one; the others are portions of unidentified stories.)