Stanley Elkin Papers, 1955-1995.
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box-folder   61-65/10086-10113  
XII. Non-fiction prose. [series]: (118 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of non-fiction work by Elkin grouped in the following series: General non-fiction, Book Reviews, Speeches, Interviews, Undergraduate papers, and Doctoral dissertation.

box-folder   61-62/10086-10098  
XII. 1. General non-fiction. [subseries]: (39 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts, most showing extensive revision, of various essays written by Elkin.

box-folder   61/10086  
Alfred Kinsey: Patron Saint of Sex. 1983. (Xerox galley. light revision. 3p.)   
Scope: Written for and published in Esquire, Dec. 1983. Includes letter from Creighton Taylor of Esquire.

box-folder   61/10087  
An essay on items, on niche, on inheritance, on stuff that goes psss, zzzz, pffft andd kapow in the night. (Ts, Auto. heavy revision. 17p.)   
Scope: Includes notes towards the essay.

box-folder   61/10088  
[Introduction to Best American Short Stories, 1980]. 1981. (Ts, Ts(x), xerox galleys. light to heavy revision. 3 drafts, 33p.)   
Scope: Includes letter from Houghton Mifflin Co and two royalty statements.

box-folder   61/10089  
A la recherche du Whoopee Cushion [prose]. 1970. (Galley. light revision.5p.)   
Scope: Published in Esquire, 1970:May.

box-folder   61/10090  
[Letter to John Flanagan]. 1975. (Auto, Ts, Ts(cb). light to heavy revision. 4 drafts, 7p.)   
Scope: Letter is tribute to John T. Flanagan, Elkin's doctoral dissertation advisor, on occasion of Flanagan's 70th birthday Includes letter from Flanagan's daughter.

box-folder   61/10091  
The Middle Age of Men . 1981. (Ts. 5p. Published in TWA Ambassador. )   
Scope: Includes letter from Elkin to David Martin, editor of TWA Ambassador.

box-folder   61/10092  
Our Mensch in Paris . (Auto, Ts, Ts(cb). light to heavy revision. 3 drafts, ca. 120p.)
box-folder   61/10093  
[Preface to Fiction of the Sixties]. (Ts, Auto, Ts(x). none to heavy revision. 3 drafts, 25p.)   
Scope: Includes Ts and Ts(x) tables of contents for Fiction of the Sixties.

box-folder   61/10094  
[Richard Rudner Memorial]. (Ts. light revision. 2p.)   
Scope: Memorial written for Richard Rudner, Washington University, Department of Philosophy, who died 1979: July 26.

box-folder   61/10095  
Three Meetings . (Ts, Auto. heavy revision. 2 drafts, 6p.)
box-folder   62/10096  
Where I Read What I Read . 1981. (Ts. 9p.)   
Scope: Includes letter to Byron Dobell, Esquire.

box-folder   62/10097  
Why I Live Where I Live . 1980. (Ts, Ts(x), xerox galley. none to heavy revision. 4 drafts, 25p.)   
Scope: Published in Esquire. Auto note by Dominique on recto of xerox galley.

box-folder   62/10098  
World on $5 a day . 1973., (Galleys. 4 drafts,122p.)   
Scope: Published in Harper's, July 1972. Includes letter from Margaret Haugen. Galley proofs for story filed in galley case.

box-folder   62/10099  
XII. 2. Book Reviews. [subseries]: (19 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of 5 book reviews by Elkin.

[Review of Anthony Burgess' MF]. 1971. (Ts. heavy revision. 3 drafts, 32p.)   
Scope: Elkin wrote the reviews of Burgess' MF for the New York Times Book Review at John Leonard's request in Jan 1971. The piece is an essay on Burgess as well, as per Leonard's suggestion. However, Leonard was not pleased with the essay, paid Elkin and returned ti to him. Elkin rewrote the review as a quasi- short story entitled The Graduate Seminar in Modern Fiction, published by Fiction Vol. 1 (1972). Included with drafts are letter and telegram from Leonard, card from Arline Youngman of New York Times Book Review, and notes towards the piece.

[Review of Bernard Malamud's The Fixer]. (Ts. heavy revision. 4p.)
[Review of Isaac Bashevis Singer's the Seance and Other Stories] . 1968. (Ts. heavy revision. 2 drafts, 10p.)   
Scope: Includes clipping from New York Times Book Review, 1968:Oct 20 and clippings of resultant letters to editor.

[Review of Stanley Crawford's Travel Notes (from here to there)] . 1971. (Ts, Auto. heavy revision. 2 drafts, 12p.)   
Scope: Includes clippings of review, printed in New York Times, 1968:Apr 21.

[Review of William K. Everson's The Art of W.C. Fields] . 1967. (Ts, Auto. heavy revision. 2 drafts, 17p.)   
Scope: Published in Chicago Tribune Book World, 1967:Dec 24 Includes copy of the magazine.

[Review of William Trevor's Angels at the Rite] . (Ts. heavy revision 5p.)
box-folder   62-63/10100-10101  
XII. 3. Speeches. [subseries]: (23 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of speeches, most with extensive revisions. Includes 1 folder of introductions by Elkin of other speakers and readers.

Address to the Hawaiians . 1979. (Ts. moderate revision. 3p.)
Audience . (Ts,Ts(x). heavy revision. 11p.)   
Scope: Includes parts of other drafts of speech.

The Brazil Speech . (Ts. heavy revision. 14p.)
The Endings of Novels . 1964. (Ts. moderate revision. 15p.)   
Scope: Draft is marked Breadloaf lecture.

Fiction and Society . (Ts. light revision. 14p.)   
Scope: Speech delivered in Denver,CO.

Literature and the Heart Attack . 1968. (Ts. light revision. 2 drafts, 18p.)   
Scope: Speech delivered at Purdue, 1968. Includes letters from Allen Hayman of Purdue and K.K. Merleer of Windmore Press.

Performance and Reality . 1982. (Ts. 12p.)
Plot . (Ts. light revision. 8p.)   
Scope: Speech published in Substance.

A Roof with a View . (Ts, Auto. heavy revision. 2 drafts, 21p.)
[Speech about comic strips]. (Ts.)
[Introductions for speakers, readers]. (F. 239.)   
Scope: Includes drafts of Elkin's introductions for various speakers and readers: Hortense Calisher, Robert Coover, William Gass, John Irving, Frank Kermode, Joseph McElroy, Angus Wilson.

box-folder   63/10102  
XII. 4. Interviews. (1971) [subseries]: (2 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of 2 interviews, (1971), one from Washington University's Student Life and the other unidentified.

box-folder   63/10103-10105  
XII. 5. Undergraduate papers. [subseries]: (26 items.)   
Scope: Consists of papers written by Elkin in his undergraduate literature classes.

box-folder   64-65/10106-10113  
XII. 6. Doctoral dissertation. 1961 [subseries]: (3 items.)   
Scope: Consists of 3 drafts of Elkin's dissertation, "Religious themes and symbolism in the novels of William Faulkner," written for his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois--Urbana in 1961.