Donald Finkel Papers 1947-1983
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box-folder   20/150-159  
VIII. Material toward Garbage wars . 1970 [series]: (Finkel I) (68 items.)   
Scope: Consists of material toward Garbage Wars, (New York: Atheneum, 1970), including correspondence, early drafts, printer's draft, galleys, proofs, editorial matter, and reviews.

box-folder   20/150  
VIII. 1. Correspondence. 1969-1974. (Finkel I) (22 items.)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence relating to Garbage Wars and includes letters and notes from Finkel, Harry Ford of Atheneum, and Mona Van Duyn.

box-folder   20/151-155  
VIII. 2. Drafts. (Finkel I) (38 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of poems written for Garbage Wars, some of which were not used, and one setting copy.

box-folder   20/151-153  
VIII. 2. a. Early drafts and notes of poems used. Consists of early drafts of poems, notes, and fragments of poems used in Garbage Wars, (Finkel I) (ca. 490 pages. 3 items.)
box-folder   20/154  
VIII. 2. b. Poems edited out. Consists of drafts of poems written for, but edited out of the final version of Garbage Wars. (Finkel I) (32 items.)
Alarm. (Ts, Ts(x). 3 drafts, 3p.)
The decline and fall of the mind. (Ts, Ts(x). 2 drafts, 2p.)
Digging up old friends. (Ts, Ts(x). 5 drafts, 5p.)
Fall of the city. (Ts, Ts(x). 7 drafts, 7p.)
Spasm. (Ts. 2 drafts, 2p.)
Time of the cock. (Ts. 3 drafts, 3p.)
Walter: a sweaty garland. (Ts, Ts(x). 4 drafts, 4p.)
Yours of the 31st. (Ts, Ts(x). 4 drafts, 9p.)
box-folder   20/155  
VIII. 2. c. Setting copy. Consists of setting copy with printer's markings and includes a letter from Harry Ford of Atheneum. (Finkel I) (3 items.)
[1970]. (90p.)
box-folder   20/156-158  
VIII. 3. Editorial matter. (Finkel I) (8 items.)   
Scope: Consists of galleys, proofs, tables of contents, and notes. Galleys and proofs are filed in galley case.

box-folder   20/159  
VIII. 4. Reviews and advertisements. (Finkel I) (10 items.)   
Scope: Consists of advertisements for and reviews of Garbage Wars.