Donald Finkel Papers 1947-1983
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box-folder   21-22/160-178  
IX. Material toward Adequate Earth . [series]: (Finkel I) (203 items.)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence, notes, source material, notebooks, clippings, drafts, editorial matter, and other miscellaneous items relating to Adequate Earth, (New York: Atheneum, 1972) and to composer Robert Wykes' setting of material for chorus and orchestra.

box-folder   21/160-162  
IX. 1. Correspondence. (Finkel I) (56 items.)   
Scope: Consists of 3 groups of correspondence relating to Adequate Earth: correspondence with various agencies and friends on the Antarctic expedition, correspondence with Harry Ford of Atheneum, and correspondence from persons commenting on the collection.

box-folder   21/160  
IX. 1. a. Expedition. Consists of correspondence between Finkel and various officials of the U.S. Navy, the National Science Foundations, and friends made through the expedition. (Finkel I) (29 items.)
box-folder   21/161  
IX. 1. b. Harry Ford. Consists of correspondence between Finkel and Harry Ford of Atheneum. (Finkel I) (14 items.)
box-folder   21/162  
IX. 1. c. Friends. Consists of correspondence from friends receiving and commenting on Adequate Earth. Selected correspondents are listed below. (Finkel I) (13 items.)
Booth, Philip E. 1973: January 22. (TLS. 1p.)
Elliott, George Paul. 1972: December 11. (ALS. 1p.)
Merriam, Eve. 1972: December 22. (TLS. 1p.)
box-folder   21/163-165  
IX. 2. Notes and sources. (Finkel I) (89 items.)   
Scope: Consists of notebooks kept by Finkel and miscellaneous source material relating to Antarctica and the expedition.

box-folder   21/163  
IX. 2. a. Notebooks. Consists of two notebooks kept by Finkel while in Antarctica. (Finkel I) (3 items.)
box-folder   21/164-165  
IX. 2. b. Miscellaneous material. Consists of miscellaneous material including clippings, articles, magazines, maps, photographs, post cards, official reports, and other items relating to Antarctica and Finkel's stay there. (Finkel I) (86 items.)
box-folder   21-22/166-174  
IX. 3. Drafts. (Finkel I)   
Scope: Consists of notes and drafts toward Adequate Earth, and 2 letters to Harry Ford.

box-folder   22/175  
IX. 4. Editorial matter. (Finkel I) (12 items.)   
Scope: Consists of photographs, dust jackets, advertisement, and questionnaires.

box-folder   22/176  
IX. 5. Reviews, clippings, programs from Theodore Roethke award ceremony. (Finkel I) (16 items.)   
Scope: Consists of clippings about Finkel's trip; reviews of Adequate Earth, including an article by Harry Marten and Wayne Fields; and programs from Theodore Roethke Award ceremony.

box-folder   22/177-178  
IX. 6. Material for orchestral/choral performance of Adequate earth. (Finkel I) (17 items.)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence, clippings, articles, drafts of program notes, musical score of Robert Wykes' setting of Adequate Earth, and miscellany. The work was performed 1976: Feb 5 by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and the Washington University Chorus.