Donald Finkel Papers 1947-1983
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box-folder   29-30/223-234  
XII. Material toward What manner of beast . [series]: (Finkel I) (126 items.)   
Scope: Consists of material toward What Manner of Beast, (New York: Atheneum, 1981), including notes, source material, drafts of poems, drafts of the manuscript, correspondence, and reviews.

box-folder   29/223-225  
XII. 1. Notes and sources. (1980-1981). (Finkel I) (7 items.)   
Scope: Consists of one notebook kept by Finkel, notes, early drafts, and clippings used as resource material.

box-folder   29-30/226-233  
XII. 2. Drafts. (Finkel I) (117 items.)   
Scope: Consists of partial drafts, draft of early contents, several drafts in various stages of revision including tables of contents, and a series of correspondence regarding revisions to the manuscript.

box-folder   29/226  
XII. 2. a. Partial drafts. Consists of partial drafts toward What Manner of Beast. (Finkel I)
box-folder   29-30/227-231  
XII. 2. b. Complete drafts. Consists of four complete drafts for What Manner of Beast and several sets of table of contents pages, none of which were used in the final version. (Finkel I) (19 items.)
box-folder   30/231  
XII. 2. c. Earlier contents. Consists of 89 pages of contents pages and poems intended for a collection entitled Detachable Man. This original collection was reorganized and two collections were published, What Manner of Beast and Detachable Man (1984). A list of poems housed in this series which appeared in neither of the published collections follows. (Finkel I) (1 item.)
[n.d.]. (Ts(x). 89p.)
As a matter of fact. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
At five. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Because believing. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Building a head. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Conversation. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Dandelion. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Dead leaves. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Dear muse. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Documentary. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Even song. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Extraordinary measures. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Grandma is playing the Moonlight Sonata. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Her coat of hair. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Hitting the road. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Home thoughts. (Ts(x). 1p.)
How things fall. (Ts(x). 1p.)
In the ward. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Invitation to an apocalypse. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
It was someone. (Ts(x). 1p.)
The lady down the street. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Lawn. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
The man on the trampoline. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Mother's day. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Never for long. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
On the beach. (Ts(x). 1p.)
One-eyed's wind song. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
The party. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Pas de deux. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Pilgrimage. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Pruning the mimosa. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
A question of memory. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Rattle-bang. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Sunset sonata. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Thistle. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Till the doctor comes. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
A visit to the catacombs. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Washoe's baby. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Yucca. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
box-folder   30/233  
XII. 2. d. Revisions and correspondence. Consists of of correspondence, (1978-1980), between Finkel, Roger Fouts, and Harry Ford some of which list revisions made by Finkel. (Finkel I) (8 items.)
box-folder   30/233  
XII. 3. Reviews. (Finkel I) (10 items.)   
Scope: Consists of reviews of What Manner of Beast.