Donald Finkel Papers 1947-1983
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box-folder   12-14/92-103  
XVII. Miscellany. [series]: (Finkel II) (351 items.)   
Scope: Consists of four general groups of miscellaneous material: Manuscripts by others, Clippings, Literary miscellany, and General miscellany.

box-folder   12-13/92-97  
XVII. 1. Manuscripts by others. (Finkel II) (279 items.)   
Scope: Consists of manuscripts by others, including a large body of poetry by Arthur Brown.

box-folder   12-13/92-96  
XVII. 1. a. Material toward a special River Styx devoted to the poetry of St. Louis poet Arthur Brown (1947-1982) entitled A Trumpet in the Morning (Finkel II) (276 items, 440pp.)   
Scope: Includes correspondence regarding this issue, a copy of the introduction written by Finkel, notes toward the magazine and a body of poetry written by Arthur Brown used to edit the magazine, much of which consists of duplicates and all of which is Ts(x). Also includes clippings regarding the magazine and a manuscript, The sound of the sly mongoose, a journal for Mister Richard Ruland, by Arthur Brown Ts(x), 29pp. A Trumpet in the Morning,River Styxno. 16, Special Arthur Brown issue, 1985..

Castro, Jan. River Styx.
[n.d.]. ((ALS, 1p w/Encl))   
Scope: Encl: Galley of bijou [poem] by Arthur Brown, 1p.

Castro, Michael,American author.
((ALS, 1p w/Encl))   
Scope: Encl: Editor's lists of poems, 4pp.

Finkel, Donald, 1929-, American author.
To unidentified.
[n.d.]. ((TLS, 1p w/Encl))   
Scope: Encl: Introduction, table of contents, layout, 7pp.

Koelzer, Dewi.
[n.d.]. ((ALS, 1p))
Schwartz, Howard,,American author.
1984: March 30, ((TLS, 1p w/Encl))   
Scope: Encl: Editor's lists of poems, 7pp.

1985: January 28, ((TLS, 1p))
Unidentified author.
[n.d.]. ((ALS, 2pp w/Encl))   
Scope: Encl: An interview with Arthur Brown, 8pp.

Wilson, Mary, Create Studio Media Photo.
[n.d.]. ((ALS, 1p w/Encl, w/envelope))   
Scope: Encl: Cover for River Styx Arthur Brown issue which was not used (x).

box-folder   13/98  
XVII. 2. Miscellany-- Clippings. (Finkel II) (29 items.)   
Scope: Consists of newspaper and magazine clippings concerning Finkel, readings by Finkel, and general news items.

box-folder   13/99  
XVII. 3. Literary miscellany. (Finkel II) (17 items.)   
Scope: Consists of miscellaneous material relating to Finkel's career, including poetry reading announcements, book announcements, and other miscellaneous material.

box-folder   13-14/100-103  
XVII. 4. General miscellany. (Finkel II)   
Scope: Consists of three groups of miscellaneous material including scrapbooks, general miscellany and material relating to the Morton Dauwen Zabel Award. 26 items.

box-folder   13/100  
XVII. 4. a. General miscellany. (Finkel II) (14 items.)   
Scope: Consists of miscellaneous material including Princeton and Washington University information.

Scope: Also includes the following item.

The Ice Cap News. Published by the American Society of Polar Philatelists. Vol.18, No. 1, (Whole No. 97). January-February 1973. (40 pp.)   
Scope: Filed in general correspondence, February 20, 1973.

box-folder   13/101  
XVII. 4. b. Miscellaneous material concerning the Morton Dauwen Zabel Award which Finkel received in 1980. (Finkel II) (10 items.)   
Scope: Includes the program for the presentation of the award and clippings.

box-folder   14/--  
XVII. 4.c. Scrapbooks. (Finkel II) (Items 102, 103.)   
Scope: Consists of two large, undated scrapbooks including programs, announcements, clippings, assorted correspondence, reviews, some editorial material and general miscellany.