Isabella Gardner Papers, 1915-1981
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Isabella Gardner papers - Group III (Gardner 1682) (1682)   
Scope: Gardner, Isabella, books, magazines, and printed ephemera which had either been removed from the Gardner Library or had been previously removed from Acc. 1555 before it was accessioned and later catalogued.

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Printed Material by Gardner and Others:
Bennet, Bruce.
Coyote pays a call. [A Bits Chapbook series. Cleveland: Bits Press, 1980].
Cummings, E.E.
Sketches & watercolors of the twenties & thirties. Profile Press, 1968] Catalog of examples of Cummings artwork, presumably for a show of his work. Includes seven prints. Outer envelope has colored picture tipped on.
Gardner, Isabella.
Card advertising That was then by Isabella Gardner] Advertisement includes "Autumn: Early Morning," a poem by Gardner.
Of mercy [Let Jacob] (cb). TLS to "Henry" written on verso. (1969)
Salt [broadside]. Honolulu: Petronium Press, 1975. Inscribed by the author.
Letter to the signers of "The Manifesto of the 121". [New York: privately printed]. Open letter in support of dissenters fighting against oppression in the Algerian War. Letter bears 32 names of "artists, writers, and intellectuals" including James T. Farrell, Isabella Gardner, and Allen Ginsberg. [ca. 1954-62].
O'Gorman, Ned.
A description of the sea for Lina Lenzi who has never seen it. (x).
Petrovsky, Tony.
Letter presumably to Isabella Gardner, requesting poems and/or support with a poetry project. Encs.: [four poems] Abstract love poem, by John Logan; The Snail's Road, by James Wright, Letter home, by Shreela Ray, Heroes, by Carl Dennis.
Sandy, Stephen.
Phrases, Fields, Kanda (6 p.m.). [Grel Press, 1972]. Two copies, one bearing an inscription from Sandy to Gardner.
Simpson, Peter L.
A Poet in the President's Office. Alumnus, September 1977, vol. 5, no. 4.
Smith, William Jay.
At Delphi. [privately printed for Allen Tate on his seventy-fifth birthday, November 9, 1974]. Bears auto note from Smith to Tate.
Tschacbasov, Nahum.
Print of a painting and poem: Pavillions of the wind. [privately printed, 1977]. Bears Tschacbasov's autograph.
Turner, Melvin. Laura's theme Melvin's book. [privately printed, ca. 1975] Bears auto note from Turner to Gardner.
West, Michael. Eye Ouilt:. [privately printed, 1971].
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Two folders of offprints, photocopies, and travel books. (22 items.)
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Family Books.
Columbus, Christopher.
The Columbus letter of March 14, 1493. [translated by Richard Henry Major for the Hakloyt Society in 1847]. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1953.
Vassilovitch, Ivan.
Beatrice the ballerina. E. P. Dutton and Co., Inc., [1942]. Well-worn copy, auto markings in crayon.
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The Centennial Review. Vol. XV, No. 2, Spring 1971. Includes "Three poems" by Carol Berge with auto inscription by Berge to Gardner. TLS from Berge to Gardner laid into the review relating Gardner's influence on one poem, "Bettina's world," filed in Gardner II collection, Ser. I.1.,
Centre News Huizen. Vol. XXXIV, January/March 1971.
Changes in the arts. Issue No. 80, March 1973.
The Hollins Critic. Vol. XII, No. 1, February 1975. Includes "The Dark Train and the Green Place: The Poetry of William Jay Smith," by Josephine Jacobsen. and bears an auto inscription from Jacobsen to Gardner.
Nuova Corrente, [February, 1957].
Poetry Pilot [Published monthlky by the Academy of American Poets]. Four separate issues--New York: April 1979; December 1979; June 1981; July 1981. The April 1979 publication includes four poems by Allen Tate: "Mr. Pope," "The Mediterranean," "The Subway," and "The Swimmers" and a short write-up by William Jay Smith commemorating Tate's achievement as a poet.
The Poetry Society of American Bulletin. Vol. LXXI, Winter 1981. This is a special issue called "Women Poets," with Janet Sternberg as guest editor.
Provincetown Review 3. Provicetown, Mass.: 1960. Includes some auto notes throughout.
Ouadrant. No. 81, Vol. XVII, No. 1, February 1973.
Triptych. [New York]: 1969. Includes Poems by Dan Murray and bears an auto note from him to Gardner.
The Western Review. Vol. 21, spring 1957. Includes four poems by Gardner "That `Craning of the Neck,' " "Lines to a seagreen lover," "Summer evening," "Cook a' hoop."
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One folder of miscellaneous material, 9 items. including five photographs, a charcoal sketch, a bible with an auto inscription from Gardner to her son, a playbill for a presentation of Endicott and the Red Cross, by Robert Lowell (Kit Carson is included in the cast listings), and one page of a manucript (cb) entitled Tibetan Devil Dagger.