Isabella Gardner Papers, 1915-1981
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Series 2/2 Manuscripts by others [series]: (Gardner I)   
Scope: Ts. and ms. drafts and final versions of poems, articles, other forms, sent by writers to Isbella Gardner, alphabetically arranged by author after all correspondence.

Anderson, Lee, 1896-
The floating world [poem] Mar. 12, 1955. (Ms, pencil. Full title, For Isabella Gardner the first copy of the final draft of the third part.... Signed, in paper covers. 8 bound, 1 loose pp. 9pp.)
Nags Head [poem] Aug. 25-28 1957. (Ms, ink, ms. revision. Labled 34th revision. Signed with self-sketch, bound in paper cover. 14pp.)
Nags Head [poem] Dec. 11-15, 1957. 47th revision and final manuscript copy. Signature device, inscribed to Isabella Gardner, bound in paper. (Ms, pencil. 17pp.)
Nags Head [poem] Oct. 23, 1957. 42nd revision, and final. Signature device, dated in ink, laid in paper covers. (Ts, 11p.)
A manuscript of the shorter poems of Lee Anderson [collection] Ms, ink, ms revision. Dec. 2-4, 8, 1955. Labeled `Original ms. for typescript. Inscribed for Isabella Gardner the 8th of December 1955' Signed. Bound in spiral notebook. (61pp.)
Introduction to taped reading by Isabella Gardner, written by Anderson. Ts, ms. notation by Anderson and IG. [1956] (2pp.)
Journal. Dec. 18-26, 1958. Loose sheets, two inks. (Ms, ink. 13pp.)
Carroll, Paul, 1927-
A madrigal for Mary [poem] Christmas 1954. (Ts, no rev. 1p.)   
Scope: Inscribed to IG

Ode to marriage [poem] n.d. (Ts [xerox]no rev. Inscribed.7pp.)
An exorcism on my 35th birthday [poem] 1964. (Ts, ms. revision. Inscribed with a note to Allen Tate and IG. 2pp.)
Poem to my bride. Ts (Inscribed to AT and IG. 1p.)
Ode on my 39th birthday Ts. 1966. ([xerox]. Inscribed with note to IG. 1p.)
Isabella Gardner: The poetry is not the pity [essay] (Ts. [xerox]. Ms. revision. 15pp.)
Coleman, Elliott, 1906-
Rose demonics [poem] Ts. [carbon] Nov. 21, 1966. Inscribed to IG (8pp.)
A summer sky [poem] Ts Nov. 23, 1966. ([carbon]ms, rev. 2pp.)
Denney, Reuel, 1913-
A conversation with a French poet in Paris [poem] 1964. (Ts, ms, rev., printer's indications. 4pp.)
Variation and celebration of Trumbull Stickney. n.d. (Ts, ms. rev. 4pp.)
Evan, Jane
Pause [poem] n.d. (Subtitled for Isabella Gardner. Ms. in Isabella Gardner's hand. 1p.)
Herschberger, Ruth, 1917-
The perilous fine edge of self esteem [poem] n.d. (Ts., no rev. 1p.)
Kinnell, Galway, 1927-
Rain over a continent and At the winter solstice [2 poems] n.d. (Ts. [carbon] Ms note signed to IG. 1p.)
Grant application, Rockefeller Foundation. (Ts [xerox]. 1p.)
Knott, William, 1940-1965 (Saint Geraud)
Widow's winter. n.d. (Ts. Inscribed to IG. 1p.)
Kunitz, Stanley Jasspon, 1905-
River road [poem] 1965. (Ts. 2pp. [carbon]ms. rev. Inscribed to IG.)
Logan, John, 1923-
Lines for a friend who left... Jan 11 1967 (Ts [carbon]Inscribed. 1p.)
David and Isabel [poem] Feb. 9, 1966. (Ts [mimeo]ms. rev. Inscribed 5pp.)
The rescue [poem] n.d. (Inscribed. Ts [xerox]. 1p.)
Suzannah [poem] n.d. (Ts. [xerox]1p.)
Estlin your last summer... Aug. 22, 1964. (Inscribed. Ts., ms. rev. 1p.)
The weeping [poem] Ts. [mimeo]ms. rev. Nov. 12, 1963. Inscribed Christmas 1963 (1p.)
Of Catherine [poem] n.d. (Ts [carbon]ms. correction. 1p.)
Boston: Ash Wednesday 1957 [poem] n.d. Signed (Ms, ms. revision. 1p.)
Byron at Shelley's burning [poem] Ts [carbon] n.d. Signed. (1p.)
Protest after a dream [poem] n.d. (Ts. Signed. 1p.)
Après un rêve [poem] Ts. [carbon]Ms. marking. n.d. Inscribed. (2pp.)
A celebration of birthdays [review of IG collection, Birthdays from the ocean] (Ts, ms. rev. Signed, with note to IG. 3pp.)
The poetry of Isabella Gardner [review of the Looking glass] Feb. 14. 1962. (Ts.[carbon]. correction. 10pp.)
Rizzardi, Alfredo. no revision. (Ts [photocopy] 4pp.)   
Scope: Preface to Un' altra infanzia (Childhood returned: incantations of Isabella Gardner)

Roethke, Theodore. 1908-1963.
The moment [poem] Ts [mimeo] n.d. (1p.; Ms. pencil note to IG)
A rouse for Stevens [poem] n.d. (Ts [carbon] 1p.; Ms. ink note to IG.)
Ruykeser, Muriel, 1913-
The outer bank [poem] Apr. 5, 1965. (Ts [mimeo]Inscribed to IG 9pp.)
Shapiro, Karl, 1913-
The alphabet [poems] n.d. (Ts, ms. revision. 1p; Ms note, ink, to IG)
Book burial [poem] Inscribed to Belle and Bob [McCormack] June 5 (Ts [carbon] 1p.)
In India [poem]Inscribed to IG (Ts. [carbon] 1p.)
Messias [poem] Ts [carbon]Inscribed Aug. 8, 1956. (1p.)
New Museum [poem] n.d. (Ts., ms. rev. 1p.)
The soldier [poem] n.d. (Ts [carbon]1p.)
Teasing the nuns. Oct. 12, 1956 (Ts [carbon]Inscribed 1p.)
Speaight, Robert, 1904-
In memoriam [poem] Feb. 18, 1962 (Ts., ms. rev. Inscribed to IG and AT 1p.)
Williams, Oscar, 1900-1964
Pianist [poem] n.d. (Ts., ms. rev. 1p.)