Isabella Gardner Papers, 1915-1981
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Series 3 Professional papers [series]: (Gardner I)   
Scope: Includes professional correspondence and drafts and carbons of outgoing letters; literary manuscripts and editorial matter; notes, journals and notebooks; miscellany. As follows:

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3/1 Professional correspondence, 1936-1968, (Gardner I) (ca. 525 items in folders)   
Scope: Chronologically arranged, largely from editors and taff of Houghton Mifflin Co., and University of Chicago Press conc. publication, publicity and distribution of Birthdays from the ocean [1955] The looking glass [1961] and West of childhood [1965] Includes also letters of congratulation from friends and colleagues, copies of prepublication notices by Richard Eberhart, Oscar Williams, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens and Edith Sitwell. Other business correspondence includes arrangements with Elizabeth Kray for Poetry Center readings, readings over WFMT, New York, taping of Birthdays... for Harvard University, Library of Congress tapes, correspondence conc. Yaddo, National Book Award nominations, 1962, and an unpublished novel, The family tree, translations of Gardner poems into Italian, other business matters. Correspondents also include Edith Sitwell, David Ray, Edward Weeks, George Abbe, Alastair Reid, Maurice English, Howard Moss, Valerie Eliot [ts.carbon] Alexander Laing, Reed Whittemore.

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3/2 Drafts and carbon copies of outgoing letters (Gardner I) (ca. 18 items in 1 folder)   
Scope: Arranged alphabetically by addressee, inc. those to New York Times on publication by Lawrence Bensky of an article on MacDowell Colony, to Bensky, to New York Review and Geoffrey Grigson protesting his review of Edith Sitwell's autobiography, to the New York Review conc. the allegation that Edward Dahlberg was forcibly sent out by Allen Tate from his house, to Conrad Aiken, [July 1953] written for Poetry, defending the magazine's publication of a review by Dahlberg [see Aiken to Gardner, Series 2] to Oscar Williams, and Valerie Eliot on the death of T.S.Eliot, to Alexander Laing, and Dean Coleman, conc. New School Course, to editor Chicago Daily News on unwritten Chicago poem, to National Humanities Foundation director conc. reading tour in Southern Negro colleges, 1967

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3/3 Drafts of single titled poems, alphabetically arranged as follows: (Gardner I)
The accomplices .
Ms. and ts. [carbon] drafts, no revision. n.d. [ (2pp.)   
Scope: Printed in Poetry magazine 1966 or 1967

Another country ca. 1950 (. Ts., one ink ms. revision. 1p.)   
Scope: Appeared in Poetry. Not included in any book.

*At the zoo n.d. (Pencil notes, in fragment of spiral notebook she ts. 7pp.)   
Scope: Heavy revision

Baldur was beautiful too . (Ts., no revision. Never printed..'50 1p.)
*Cock a'Hoop n.d. (Ts. and ms. notes, heavy ms. revision in 2 pencils.One sheet on ts. of poem Nocturne. Includes red pencil prose notes. 4pp.)   
Scope: A few of the sheets.

Collage of echoes n.d. (. Ms, no revision. 1p.)   
Scope: Printed in Fire Exit [?] 1967.

Convalescence in summer 1949 . Ts., no revision in text, title expandedin ms. Never printed...'50. (1p.)
Conversation at midnight with Oscar Williams . Never printed...'49 or '50 . (Ts., 1 pencil ms.revision. 1p.)
Daugher n.d. (. Ts., no revision. 1p.)   
Scope: Never printed

Dear John n.d. [after 1966] (. Ms, considerable revision. 11pp.)   
Scope: Variously titled The return, Letter from an empty house. Not printed.

The disenchanted . Ts. two ms. ink revisions. Never printedor submitted.. 1948 - 1st poem after age 17. (1p.)
The duet . Ms., heavy revision. `Unfinished.' (1p)
Feminine ending or abandoned, she died . (T. and ms. drafts, one labeled Not printed... accepted by Poetry but I withdrew...'62 .Published in Northwest review. 3pp.)
Fixing the clock n.d. (. Ms, moderate to heavy ms. rev. 4pp.)
Folkways . Ts., ts. [carbon] light ms. pencil revision. Note, In Furioso... not included in a book but in 50 or 51 Oscar Williams Silver Treasury. Torn. (2pp.)
Fright among the runes n.d. (. Ts., no rev. 3pp.)   
Scope: Poetry northwest sometime in 1965-not included in book.

*In memory of Lemuel Ayres, scene designer . Ts., ms. notes in pencil. (1p.)
The man of faith n.d. (. Ts [carbon] no rev. 1p.)   
Scope: Neverprinted

* Mea culpa . Ms. notes, pencil, heavy pencil revision. (15pp.)
Mindful of the forest . Ms. pencil draft. Reverses to Summer evening.Probably unpublished. (1p.)
Mon moi! Ils m'arrachent mon moi . Ts., one ms.pencil revision. Not collected, probably unpublished. Originally intendedfor West of childhood. (1p.)
...nor good red herring n.d. (. Ts., Ts [carbon] ms, ms. rev. 3pp.)   
Scope: Never finished [one draft appears finished] notprinted.

O Tempora. With two alternate titles. Ts., light ms. pencil revisionon second version, ...and the voice of the turtle... Variations of a poem that didnt come off...not printed (3pp.)
Ode to K and F Biddle Aug. 27, 1959. (. Ms, no rev. 1p.)
Of conscience nd (. Ts, no rev. Never printed. 1p.)
Of mercy n.d. (. Ts, no rev. Never printed. 1p.)
* On looking in the looking glass . Ts., heavy ms. revision in pencil. (1p.)
*The panic vine . Ts., ms. notes, heavy revision. (1p.)
Roundelay April 1965. (. Ts, ms., pencil and ink, light ms. revision. Publishedin A review of English literature, v.VI, no. 2, 6pp.)   
Scope: Alsowill be in Logan's edition of Poetry Northwest....

Salt [Dec. 1966] (. Ms, ts.[carbon] ms. notes and rev. Printedin the Nation 1966 or 67. 3pp.)
Sestina 1952 ... (. Ts, no revision, Kenyon Review proof, inc. also Timeo,The minotaur. Kenyon, 1p., 3pp. proof)   
Scope: notincluded in any of my books.

Sing a song of slaughter...(fl) Ms. ts., light rev. n.d. Printed
Sonnet . Ts., one ms. pencil revision. Never printed '50or 51. (1p.)
Sonnet for my acquaintances . Ts.[carbon] no revision. Neverprinted July 1949 (1p.)
Spendthrift n.d. (. revision. 2p.)   
Scope: Neverprinted

Spousall verse . n.d. [after 1966] (Ts, ms., ms. revision.4pp.)   
Scope: Never printed.

A protholamion for Allen Tate
Summer evening . On reverse of Mindful of the forest. In ms. draft.In Birthdays from the ocean and West of Childhood. (1p.)
*That craning of the neck . Ts. and ms. notes, ms.revision in pencil. Very few kept. (4pp.)
This neighborhood nd. (. Ts, no rev. 1p.)   
Scope: Neverprinted in any book maybe in Poetry magazine. Reverse, M.S.sent to T.S.Eliot by Shag Donohue for I Gardner

This room is full of clocks . Ms. notes, pencil. 2 or 3pages (3pp)
Three rings or five rings n.d. (. Ts, no rev. 1p.)
To a daughter aged 10 . Ts., no revision. Never printed..'50 or '51 (1p.)
*To Thoreau on rereading Walden . Ms. notes, pencil revision. (4pp.)
A toast to Jack and Susan Feb. 26, 1944. (. Ts. [carbon] no revision. With second section, untitled, 2pp.)
Triolet . Ts., Ts. [photocopy] ms, ms. revision. In AmericanMercury [1950] and first published poem. (2pp.)
Two sapphics . Ts., no rev. Yaddo Oct. or Nov. 1965 Notpublished. (2pp.)
Villanelle . Also titled Incantate the cockatrice and The voiceof the turtle. Ts. and ms, ms. revision. Not printed 4 versions ofan unpublished and unfinished poem. (3pp.)
*West of childhood . Ms. notes, pencil, heavy pencil revision. Somesheets... (6pp.)
Who spilled the salt A villanelle [Sept. 1967] (. Ts, ms, light rev. Printedin Atlantic. 2pp.)
* The widow's yard . Ms. notes, pencil, moderate to heavy revision.First titled Snail. Some notes and worksheets... (9pp.)
A word from the Piazza del Limbo n.d. (. Incomplete. Ts, ms.correction. 8 1p.)
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3/4 Translations by Isabella Gardner as follows: (Gardner I)
Goll, Yvan. From La homme a tiroirs. n.d. (Ts, ms., ms. rev. 13pp.)   
Scope: Includes Jean sans Terre: The chest of drawers and...Wraps himself in a red coat.

Ungaretti. Sentimento del temp . n.d. See Kray, 1968, Series 3/1. (Ms, ms. rev. 3pp.)
Villon, Francois. Ballade. n.d. (Ts., ms., ms. rev. 11pp.)
box-folder   11-12/-  
3/5 Manuscripts, editorial matter, miscellany relating to Isabella Gardner collections, as follows: (Gardner I)
Untitled collection . Notation, Ms. sent to Eliot by Shag Donohue..without my knowledge in 1950. Ts, ms, revision. Ms. marginal notes in T.S.Eliot's hand. Inc. The last trump, Creative man, The milkman, The panic vine, Cowardice and A loud song mother. (6pp.)
Birthdays from the ocean . Boston, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1955;
Ms. content and foreward notes in IG's hand, other notes. (9pp.)
T. letter [copy] of letter from Isabella Gardner to [Paul] Brook, H.M. editor, suggesting a table of contents, with appended note signed G.K. commenting on the poems, suggesting a contract. Ts., ms., notes. (3pp.)
Ts., final, inc. table of contents, of bbok, corresponding to published version. Includes publication citations after poems, occasional ms. revision. Black paper covers. (41pp.)
Ts., [carbon] of above. Section sheets omitted, no revision. (36pp.)
Ts. comment on poems in order of ts. above,possibly by HED Donohue. (1p.)
Galley proof of 2pp, [35 and 36] showing The milkman and Timeo. No revision. (2pp.)
Page proof of front matter, no rev, proof corrections. (11pp.)
Business papers, inc. ts. of jacket copy, revised.; ts. with revision of Eberhart comment, used on back jacket; remaining book jacket copy, inc. Sitwell, Williams and Schwartz comments; contract; copyright assignment; royalty statement for March, 1955. (6 items in 1 folder)
The looking glass. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1961.
Cover proof, unused, Glossy of four color drawing for cover, cut in two pieces. Also includes paper cover of Phoenix - Chicago edition. (3 items)
Business papers, as follows:
Contract with Miss Gardner and U.Chicago Press for publication of book. Printeditem, ts.[carbon] (1 item)
Distribution list, inc. ms. list by Miss Gardner on proof of her photograph, and ts.[xerox] list of prepublication review copies, Phoenix edition. (2 items in 7 sheets)
Publicity releases, and a biographical sheet [printed and ms xerox] supplied by Miss Gardner. (3 items)
National Book Award release, showing Miss Gardner as contender for poetry prize with The looking glass. Ts.[xerox] Inc. note signed by Maurice English. (1 item)
West of Childhood . Boston, Hourghton Mifflin Company, 1965. Originally titled f Flesh and bone.
Ts. of collection, titled Of flesh and bone, with table of contents, some ms. revision. Omits Sestina from ts., includes Mon moi Ils m'arrachment... but ommitted in book. Otherwise generally corresponds to subsequent version. Includes duplicate table of contents. (82pp.)
Ms. and ts. notes of "original plan for book coming out Oct. or Nov. 65 now called West of Childhood..." (5pp.)
Ts. of West of Childhood, omitting table of contents, inc. other front matter. Uses The milkman, omits Mon moi... Ts., ts.[carbon, xerox] printer's markings. Proof of This rrom is full of clocks used as copytext. (82pp.)
Printers' typescript, inc. transparencies, printers' markings, no other ms. revision, occasional editor's queries. (99pp.)
Galley proof of entire book, with proof marks, author's corrections, largely accidentals. Yellow stock. (33 galleys)
Page proof on galley sheets, proofreaders' markings only. Yellow and white stock (28 galleys)
Cut and galley proofs, white galley stock, of various poems. No author's markings. (15 sheets)
Proofs of two cover illustrations, titled Of flesh and bone. Four colors, each 5 1/2 × 8 1/4. (2 items)
Business papers, comprised of Sept. 30 [1966] royalty statement (1 item)
box-folder   13/-  
3/6 Reviews, essays, addresses as follows: (Gardner I)
Flint, Roland. A few words about Roland Flint . [essay] n.d. Appeared in Minnesota review. No revision. (Ts[carbon] 4pp.)
Iremonger, Valentin. A first book by an Irish poet: Reservations , by Valentin Iremonger [review] (Ts.[carbon] no revision. 4pp.)
Poetry Workshop. Description of course to have been given by Miss Gardner at New School [1967] with two poems. (Ts[carbon] ms., ms. revision. 4pp.)
Essay conc. the nature of poetry . (Ts, ms. revision. Untitled. Notation on first page in ms. `Edited by Dorothy de Santillana and Paul Brooks for use as a foreword which I am against.' Possibly intended for Birthdays... or West... 5pp.)
Address based on preceding essay, delivered at Marquette University. Ts.[carbon] Unpublished. No revision. (10pp.)
Address delivered at the Foxcroft School, Virginia. rev. [c1965] (4pp.)
Address conc. Miss Gardner's speech patterns. Ms, ms. revision. Unknown place, begins Thank you Miss Kral. (3pp.)
box-folder   13/-  
3/7 Notes, journals and diaries. (Gardner I)
A Notebook, 1924-1927. Ms., including `my first poem.' Drawings by Miss Gardner's sister KatherInk and Pencil, leather covers. (51pp.)
B Notebook, loose spiral covers, inc. Heraldic chant royal, Villanelle, When a warlock dies (last collected in Birthdays and West of Childhood) n.d. (7pp.)
C Notebook, small blue spiral covers, inc. ms. drafts of Mindful of the forest (unpublished?) and Summer evening (Birthdays... and West of Childhood) Other notes. n.d. 1ne. (9pp.)
Notes for poems, drafts, untitled and unidentified. Ms., heavy revision. n.d. (40pp.)
box-folder   13/-  
3/8 Miscellany, inc. photographs, clippings, printed matter (Gardner I)
Photographs, inc. those of Gene Derwood Williams, Dylan Thomas and unidentified woman, Dyland Thomas and Oscar William, Karl Shapiro children.
Clippings, inc.:
Edith Sitwell items. (1folder)
Reviews of Isabella Gardner's books, inc. journal articles about her, [Sitwell, Taylor, Carroll, Wright] (1 folder)
Clippings conc. 1962 National Book Award, for which The looking glass was nominated. (1 folder)
General articles, newspaper appearances of Miss Gardner's poems, etc. (1 folder)
Printed material, inc. program for Tate-Gardner reading, Minneapolis; Gardner-Dahlberg reading, New York; Gardner-Wright reading, New York; Gardner-O'Connell, place not known; notes from students who have heard Miss Gardner read; contract for Yale tapes; BBC contract; program for Robert Lowell's Old Glory, signed by Tate, Miss Gardner, Ralph Ellison, others; list of poets invited to contribute to Kennedy anthology; invitation lists, unidentified poem To Isabella Gardner mit kisses; other. (1 folder)