Isabella Gardner Papers, 1915-1981
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Scope and Contents Note

Correspondence, manuscripts, editorial matter, notebooks, miscellany, c.1923-1968.

Series 1, correspondence between Allen Tate and Isabella Gardner, 1957-1966, discussing personal affairs, c.700 items; Series 2/1, letters 1950-1968, to Isabella Gardner, from Leonie Adams, Conrad Aiken, Lee Anderson, W.H.Auden, John Berryman, Elizabeth Bishop, Philip Booth, Hortense Calisher, Paul Carroll, Elliott Coleman, Gregory Corso, Malcolm Cowley, Edward Dahlberg, Reuel Denney, Babette Deutsch, James Dickey, Richard Eberhart, T.S.Eliot, Maunice English, Roland Flint, Wallace Fowlie, Nancy Hale, Elizabeth Hardwicke, Barbara Howes, Galway Kinnell, Carolyn Kizer, Stanley Kunitz, John Logan, Robert Lowell, Andrew Lytle, Archibald MacLeish, Marianne Moore, Kathleen Raine, Herbert Read, Theodore Roethke, Karl Shapiro, Edith Sitwell, William Jay Smith, Robert Speaight, Stephen Spender, John Hall Wheelock, Oscar Williams, James Wright, others, c. 1025 items. Series 2/2, drafts of poems, articles, by authors other than Gardner, inc. Anderson, Carroll, Coleman, Denney, Jane Evan, Kinnell, William Knott, Kunitz, Logan, Roethke, Muriel Ruykeser, Shapiro, Speaight, Williams; Series 3/1, professional correspondence, 1936-1968, largely from editors of Houghton Mifflin and University of Chicago Press conc. Miss Gardner's books, as well as copies of prepublication endorsements from Eberhart, Williams, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens, Edith Sitwell, correspondence conc. Poetry Center readings, Library of Congress and Harvard tapes of Gardner poetry, Yaddo, N3A nominations 1962, translations and unpublished novel, The family tree. Correspondents also include Sitwell, David Ray, Edward Weeks, George Abbe, Alastair Reid, English, Howard Moss, Valerie Eliot, Alexander Laing, Reed Whittemore, 525 items. Series 3/2, drafts of Miss Gardner's letters to New York Times, New York Review, others, 18 items; Series 3/3, drafts of Gardner poems, inc. Triolet, first published poem [1950 [,c.50 titles; Series 3/4, drafts of translations by Miss Gardner of poems by Yvan Goll, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Francois Villon; Series 3/5, drafts, editorial matter, miscellany, emanating from publication of Birthdays From the Ocean, The Looking Glass, West of Childhood, and untitled collection, c.1950, with ms. notes in hand of T.S.Eliot; Series 3/6, reviews, addresses, and essays; Series 3/7, notebooks, including journal, 1924-1927, with first poem, other early poems and sketches, 2 ms. notebooks containing drafts, notes, other miscellaneous notes; Series 3/8, miscellany, inc. clippings of reviews, articles about Edith Sitwell, Isabella Gardner's books, readings, other professional activities; Series 4, personal and family material including letters, 1931-1937, from Miss Gardner to her father, George Peabody Gardner, letters and telegrams, c.1959, upon marriage of Allen Tate and Isabella Gardner, essays and poems, 1932, 1933, and photographs, c.1923-1931 of Isabella Gardner.

Arranged by author (Gardner or Tate), 1957-1966, bulking 1958-1959, including cablegrams, some postal cards, discussing largely personal affairs, impending divorces, marriage and subsequent divorce. Tate writes from England and the U.S, also discusses briefly Louis MacNeice, William Empson, Norman Jeffares, Robert Lowell, Conrad Iaken, break with Edward Dahlberg, other matters, 318 letters.

Gardner writes from Chicago, Cambridge Mass, comments on friends, their careers, inc. Reuel Denney, Oscar Williams, Robert Lowell, Richard Eberhart, Paul Carroll, John Logan, Galway Kinnell, Stanley Kuniz, Theodore Roethke, Dahlberg, others, 254 letters.

Alphabetically arranged by writer, with unidentified correspondents arranged by first names in Box 1, dealing heavily with literary matters, personal affairs. Principal correspondents include Lee Anderson [53 items] Paul Carroll [47] Edward Dahlberg [129] Richard Eberhart [42] Wallace Fowlie [34] Galway Kinnell [33] John Logan [111] Karl Shapiro [165] Oscar Williams [46] Other correspondents, writing from 1 to 30 letters include Leonie Adams [1] Conrad Aiken [17] W.H.Auden [1] John Berryman [2] Elizabeth Bishop [16] Philip Booth [13] Hortense Calisher [2] Elliott Coleman [26] Gregory Corso [47] Malcolm Cowley [1] Reuel Denny [20] Babette Deutsch [1] James Dickey [1] T.S.Eliot [3 to ISG, 2 to George Peabody Gardner, her father] Maurice English [22] Roland Flint [16] Nancy Hale [3] Elizabeth Hardwicke [13] Barbara Howes [24] Carolyn Kizer [23] Stanley Kunitz [3] Robert Lowell [6] Andrew Lytle [27] Archibald MacLeish [17] Marianne Moore [7] Kathleene Raine [2] Herbert Read [5] Theodore Roethke [10] Edith Sitwell [12] William Jay Smith [27] Robert Speaight [3] Stephen Spender [4] John Hall Wheelock [15] James Wright [4]

Ts. and ms. drafts and final versions of poems, articles, other forms, sent by writers to Isbella Gardner, alphabetically arranged by author after all correspondence.

Inscribed to IG

Preface to Un' altra infanzia (Childhood returned: incantations of Isabella Gardner)

Includes professional correspondence and drafts and carbons of outgoing letters; literary manuscripts and editorial matter; notes, journals and notebooks; miscellany. As follows:

Chronologically arranged, largely from editors and taff of Houghton Mifflin Co., and University of Chicago Press conc. publication, publicity and distribution of Birthdays from the ocean [1955] The looking glass [1961] and West of childhood [1965] Includes also letters of congratulation from friends and colleagues, copies of prepublication notices by Richard Eberhart, Oscar Williams, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens and Edith Sitwell. Other business correspondence includes arrangements with Elizabeth Kray for Poetry Center readings, readings over WFMT, New York, taping of Birthdays... for Harvard University, Library of Congress tapes, correspondence conc. Yaddo, National Book Award nominations, 1962, and an unpublished novel, The family tree, translations of Gardner poems into Italian, other business matters. Correspondents also include Edith Sitwell, David Ray, Edward Weeks, George Abbe, Alastair Reid, Maurice English, Howard Moss, Valerie Eliot [ts.carbon] Alexander Laing, Reed Whittemore.

Arranged alphabetically by addressee, inc. those to New York Times on publication by Lawrence Bensky of an article on MacDowell Colony, to Bensky, to New York Review and Geoffrey Grigson protesting his review of Edith Sitwell's autobiography, to the New York Review conc. the allegation that Edward Dahlberg was forcibly sent out by Allen Tate from his house, to Conrad Aiken, [July 1953] written for Poetry, defending the magazine's publication of a review by Dahlberg [see Aiken to Gardner, Series 2] to Oscar Williams, and Valerie Eliot on the death of T.S.Eliot, to Alexander Laing, and Dean Coleman, conc. New School Course, to editor Chicago Daily News on unwritten Chicago poem, to National Humanities Foundation director conc. reading tour in Southern Negro colleges, 1967

Printed in Poetry magazine 1966 or 1967

Appeared in Poetry. Not included in any book.

Heavy revision

A few of the sheets.

Printed in Fire Exit [?] 1967.

Never printed

Variously titled The return, Letter from an empty house. Not printed.

Poetry northwest sometime in 1965-not included in book.


Never finished [one draft appears finished] notprinted.

Alsowill be in Logan's edition of Poetry Northwest....

notincluded in any of my books.


Never printed.

Neverprinted in any book maybe in Poetry magazine. Reverse, M.S.sent to T.S.Eliot by Shag Donohue for I Gardner

Includes Jean sans Terre: The chest of drawers and...Wraps himself in a red coat.

From Foxcroft School and Embassy School of Acting, London. Includes also a letter from Eileen Throndike, Embassy School to George Gardner conc. Isabella, two drawings done by Miss Gardner as a child, Park School report card.

Includes proofs of photographs of Miss Gardner as a child, photograph, clipping at c.16 years,ophotograph [negative] in dance performance in Dublin. Other materials.

Scope and Contents Note

Scope and Contents. Series I. Correspondence. I.1. General correspondence, including manuscripts retained with correspondence. I.2. Family correspondence. I.3. Business correspondence. Series II. Isabella Gardner's manuscripts. Includes drafts of poems, and miscellaneous manuscripts. Series III. That was then [collection] (BOA Editions, 1980). Includes manuscript material, correspondence, and miscellany relating to the publication of this book. Series IV. Manuscripts by others. Series V. Miscellany. Includes clippings, photographs, artwork, memorabilia, and other personal miscellany.

Consists of Gardner's incoming personal and professional correspondence. All letters are directed to Isabella Gardner unless otherwise indicated. Gardner's own letters are filed along with those of the individual to whom she was writing. Correspondents are arranged alphabetically. Letters are filed chronologically within each correspondent's folder, and undated letters are grouped after dated letters. An asterisk indicates that a correspondent's letters are filed alphatically in a folder following each letter grouping; folder is labelled "Misc. A", "Misc. B" etc. Unidentified correspondence is located in a folder following all identified correspondence. Manuscripts retained with individual correspondents' letters are listed alphabetically in a separate list following the listing of correspondence.

Consists of correspondence to, from, and regarding various members of Isabella Gardner's family. Correspondents' letters are filed alphabetically Letters are filed chronologically within each correspondent's folder. Undated letters are grouped after dated letters. Unidentified correspondence follows identified correspondence in a separate folder.


Gardner, Isabella, books, magazines, and printed ephemera which had either been removed from the Gardner Library or had been previously removed from Acc. 1555 before it was accessioned and later catalogued.