Pamela Hadas Papers 1966-1983.
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All Series Level Scope and Content Notes

Scope and Contents Note

The Hadas Papers consist primarily of her poetry manuscripts and material toward her books. Also included is correspondence with a number of literary figures, and Hadas' undergraduate and graduate school work.

Consists of correspondence, 1967-1984, primarily to Hadas, divided into 2 sub-series, General Correspondence and Business Correspondence.

Consists of personal and professional correspondence, 1967-1984, arranged alphabetically. Selected correspondents are listed below.

Consists of correspondence with Alice Quinn of Knopf, with other publishers to whom Hadas had sent letters of inquiry, and with various readers of the collection; also includes editorial material relating to publication of the collection, and 1 draft labelled "Early arrangement of Designing women."

Consists of correspondence with the Jewish Publication Society, and with others, reviews, advertisements, preface draft and xeroxed galleys.

Consists of correspondence, 1978-1984, with the Jewish Publication Society and others, royalty statements, and a JPS catalogue.

Consists of reviews, advertisements and clippings, 1980-1981.

Consists of auto and ts drafts of preface.

Consists of xeroxed galley proof, 1980.

Consists of 2 drafts, setting copy, galley and page proofs of the collection, correspondence with Alice Quinn of Knopf, and reviews.

Consists of Ts and Ts (x) drafts of the collection.

Setting copy, galley proof and page proofs; galley proof filed in galley case.

Correspondence with Alice Quinn of Knopf, print specifications, xerox of cover artwork, other editorial material, and reviews.

Material consists of various arrangements of collected poems. Many of the collections overlap with other collections, and include some poems later published in Designing women. Titles of the various collections are: After all, As if a mask weren't a coffin, As if as epitaph, As if my epitaph, Breaking drowning building waking, Building waking, Diamond solitaire, Four passions, The gashes-o, Portfolio of selected poetry, and Stages of passion. Poems are Ts and Ts(x). Collections are maintained alphabetically by title.

Consists of poems by Hadas, arranged alphabetically by title. Included at the end of the alphabetical sequence is a notebook labelled "1967-Japan," containing drafts of poems and poems laid-in.

- for Phyllis.

- for Ron Powers.

- for Kathleen.

See Cameno.

- for Dr. William B.

- for Debbie in memory of Tim.

- for M.F.G..

- for Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

- for Peter

- for David Friedman

- an ode on The Book of Kells (after Marianne Moore).

- for Kathleen

- for Jacob Berg

- for B.S.

- for marci

- for judy

- for S.P.

for W.B., upon returning the emerald and the gold

- a little play for St. Valentine's Day

- for Claire Kleinschmit

- for Marion Milner

- for Alice

- for Daisy



Consists of two plays, a translation, an interview and two stories by Pamela Hadas.

Consists of 2 full drafts of this play by Hadas produced at Washington University in 1980, plus early drafts of portions of the piece, and a tape of the production.

Libretto is a work-in-progress; Hadas is collaborating with composer Glen Lieberman.

New translation of Chekhov's play by Hadas and Ilya Nykin, director of the St. Louis. 5 items. Box 19, fol. 91. production; includes 3 programs and a clipping; produced in 1982 by West End Players in St. Louis.

Consists of a ts(x) interview with Pamela Hadas, [1983], conducted by Joyce Renwick, included in a to-be published collection of Breadloaf interviews.

Consists of eight page auto draft of Letters [short story] by Pamela Hadas.

27 page auto draft of [A story for Redbook! [short story] by Pamela Hadas, filed in Ser. VIII. 1 in spiral notebook.

Includes material toward classes taught by Hadas, notebooks and papers from her own graduate and undergraduate work, and her dissertation on Marianne Moore.

Includes notes, sources and other materials for classes taught by Hadas, primarily at Washington University.

Notebooks and notes from Hadas' college classes; includes 2 offprints by Kenneth Burke and some poems by Hadas laid-in.

College papers by Hadas from 1966-1971, including her senior thesis on Finnegan's Wake.

Notes toward and drafts of Hadas' PhD Dissertation, Efforts of Affection: The Poetry of Marianne Moore,

Consists of manuscripts by others, some of which are filed in Ser. I.

Consists of printed material and magazines, some of which is filed in Ser. VIII.

Includes notes, fragments, notebooks of quotes, clippings, reading announcements and other general miscellany.

Accural 2 (acc. 23058) consists of unprocessed material including correspondence, poetry manuscripts, undergraduate and graduate school work, ephemera, realia, and David Hadas materials. Folder titles supplied by Hadas have been maintained.

Located in accession queue.

Consists of business and personal correspondence.

Consists of extra copies of poems from Designing Women .

Consists of drafts of In Light of Genesis .

Consists of drafts and material toward The Square Heart of Chaos , Virgins and Monsters , and Just Because I Am...

Poems is divided into two subseries: Poems Individually Titled and Notebooks.

Consists of poems by Hadas, arranged alphabetically by title.

Consists of various notebooks with Hadas's poetry and notes.

Consists of plays, translations, prose, and poetry collections. Manuscripts is divided into nine subseries: Enigma's Fair Dinkum; Missionary Position; Jane Austen; Janusz Korczak; Mother's Day; Self-Evidence; Self, Narrative, and the Power to Die; Miscellaneous manuscripts, and Translations.

Consists of drafts, notes, excerpts, outlines, manuscripts.

Consists of drafts.

Consists of drafts and notes.

Consists of drafts.

Consists of typescripts and ribbon copies.

Consists of manuscripts and published poems excluded from Self-Evidence.

Consists of drafts.

Consists of introductions, essays, and manuscripts.

Consists of translations of Sappho, Sarrazin, Bonnefoy, and others.

Consists of material toward classes taught by Hadas and notebooks and papers from her own graduate and undergraduate work.

Consists of manuscripts by others.

Consists of printed material and magazines.

Ephemera is divided into seven subseries: Personal documents, Financial documents, Clippings, Notes, Photographs, Programs, and Artwork.

Consists of Hadas's address book and information from her 1968 wedding ceremony.

Consists of business materials.

Consists of clippings featuring Hadas, rhyming alphabets, and probably source material clippings.

Consists of notes, fragements, and writing journals.

Consists of photographs of Pamela Hadas and others.

Consists of posters and theater programs.

Consists of artwork.

David Hadas Material is divided into five subseries: Correspondence, Manuscripts, Clippings, Photographs, and Miscellany.

Consists of personal correspondence.

Consists of essays and manuscripts by David Hadas.

Consists of clippings featuring David Hadas.

Consists of photographs of David Hadas.

Consists of notebooks and a painting.

Consists of Hadas's glasses and seven cassette tapes.