A. E. Hotchner Papers
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I. Papa Hemingway . Memoir. Published by Random House, Inc., 1966. [series]:
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Draft 1965: n.d. (c. 545)   
Scope: Ms., ts. Heavy ms. revision; newspaper, magazine clippings taped in. Ts. and ms. partial pages attached to full pp.; various sections combine to make up a complete p. Black, red, green pencil revision, notations. P.269 missing.

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Draft 1965: n.d. (c. 587)   
Scope: Ts.[carbon]; second ts.[carbon] includes 1 ts. page. Heavy to moderate revision, deletions. Ts.[carbon] sections inserted on a small number of pages, partial sheets with quotations from Hemingway's books inserted at beginning of chapters with exceptions of chapters 7 and 11, which originally had an insert, and 15 pp., including 328-330, have sections cut out. Black and some red pencil revision. Title page changed from Mister Papa to Papa Hemingway.

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Setting Copy 1966: n.d. (532)   
Scope: Front pp. noted `setting copy'. 1 p. noted `copy pages 356, 358 not here' Ts. includes 1 p. ts.[duplicated], 1 p. ts.[photocopy] Heavy ms. revision, deletions, printers markings, clipping attached. Black, blue, red pencil, pen revision.

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Proof n.d. (132 pages)   
Scope: Noted `Authors 1st proof' galleys 34, 57 missing; 2 galleys each numbered 50, 58, 71, 74, 76, 110, 111, 115. 8 ts., 4 ts.[photocopy] inserts. Heavy printers markings, textual revision. Blue, red, black pencil; pen.

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Proof n.d. (149 pages)   
Scope: Noted `Authors 1st proof' 2 galleys beginning p. 94. Uncut page proof. 1 ts. insert. Heavy to light revision primarily in layout, some textual. Red, blue ink; black red, blue pencil revision.

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Proof 1966. (c. 249)   
Scope: Page proof. Noted on cover `Hotch - galley 81 has a page missing...' Inscription `To Mary' crossed out. Heavy ms. printers marking, textual revisions, deletions. Bound in blue paper cover by spiral ring. Blue, red, black, green pencil revision.

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Proof 1966. (24 page proofs)   
Scope: Cut page proof, ts. inserts proof of title. Heavy ms. revision, Incomplete; numbered lower right 1-26 numbers 3, 4 missing. Red Pen, pencil revisions.

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Saturday Evening Post 1966: Mar. 12 - Apr. 9. (35 p. 3 items [3 complete issues])   
Scope: Serialization of memoir in The Saturday Evening Post. Published articles in 3 parts.

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Proof 1966. (26 galleys.)   
Scope: Galley proof of conclusion of Post article. Moderate to light ms. textual revision and printers marking. Red, black pencil.

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Documents 1966: Jan. 26. (18 p.)   
Scope: Legal papers. Affidavit in opposition to Plaintiffs' motion for a temporary injunction. Estate of Ernest Hemingway and Mary Hemingway, Plaintiffs, against Random House, Inc. and A.E. Hotchner, Defendants. Document signed by A.E. Hotchner. Ts.[photocopy]

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Clippings n.d. (2 pp.)   
Scope: Published articles concerning the suit against the publications of Papa Hemingway. Ts.[photocopy]

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n.d. Clippings, reviews. (c.270 pp.)