A. E. Hotchner Papers
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II. Adaptations of Hemingway materials by A.E. Hotchner. All for television unless otherwise noted. [series]:
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The Battler . n.d. (71 pp.)   
Scope: Written with Sidney Carol. Noted `revised final script' Ts.[duplicated] No revisions.

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Capital Of The World . n.d. (37 pp.)   
Scope: Noted `Omnibus 1st Hemingway project for T.V.' Ts[carbon] Ms. revision last 2 pp. only. [Originally written for ballet performance]

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The Fifth Column (112 pp.)
box-folder   6/-  
The Fifth Column , 1959: Dec. 21. (112 pp.)   
Scope: Noted `The parts of Max - Max Shell, Philip - Richard Burton' `revised - 12/21/59' `P. 104-109 missing' Ts.[duplicated] No revisions. p. 105-108 are missing.

box-folder   6/-  
Draft 1959: Dec. 21. (114 pp.)   
Scope: Noted `revised 12/21/59' The following sets of numbers are on 1 page per set: 51-52, 54-55, 68-69. 117 numbered pages. Ts.[duplicated] No revisions.

box-folder   6/-  
Fifty Grand . 1958: Apr. 14. (96 pp.)   
Scope: Ts.[duplicated] Moderate ms. notation, text revision.

box-folder   6/-  
For Whom The Bell Tolls .
box-folder   6/-  
For Whom The Bell Tolls . n.d. (255 pp.)   
Scope: Ts.[carbon] No revisions. In two parts; Part I 127 numbered pp. 4 unnumbered. Part 2 has 122 numbered pp., 2 unnumbered. Held together in brown paper folder.

box-folder   6/-  
1959: Feb. 12. (205 pp.)   
Scope: Noted `Act 1 & 2 2nd revision' `Complete 3/24/59' Many pages noted `revised' Frequent multiple pagination per page. Ts.[carbon] Moderate to heavy textual notation, revision, deletions.

box-folder   7/-  
The Gambler, The Nun And The Radio . 1960: May. (103 pp.)   
Scope: Noted `Final revised as of 5/ /60' Numerous pages noted `rev.' with dated including 5/10/60 - 5/16/60. Ts.[duplicated] No ms. revisions. Frequent multiple pagination per page. Included is ms. music composition The Girls from Ireland. Music by Fred Steiner, Lyrics by A.E. Hotchner.

box-folder   7/-  
The Killers . 1959: Sept. 30. (108 pp.)   
Scope: Noted `second revision 9/30/59' Ts.[duplicated No revision. Numbers 83-85 on same page.

box-folder   7/-  
The Snows Of Kilimanjaro . 1960: Mar. 17. (85 pp.)   
Scope: Final revised copy. Ts.[duplicated Ms. revision on 1 p. only.

box-folder   7/-  
The Undefeated . n.d. (74 p.)   
Scope: Adapted for film. Noted `only copy - never produced' Ts.[carbon] Ms. pagination; light ms. revision, notation - as to placement of text on the page. Held in green paper folder.

box-folder   7/-  
The World Of Nick Adams . 1957: Oct. 9. (80 pp.)   
Scope: Noted `This script belongs to A.E. Hotchner Therefore -...caveat emptor'. Ts.[duplicated], ts.[carbon] Light to heavy ms. revision, deletions. 2pp. 76 and 77.

box-folder   7/-  
Young Man .
Young Man 1961: May 29-Sept. 5. (268 pp.)   
Scope: Adapted for film. Title Adventures of a young man. Early draft noted `first draft screenplay May 29, 1961' Ts.[duplicated] Heavy to light ms. revision, notations. Later draft noted `Final' 1961: Sept. 5. Ts.[duplicated] no revision. First draft in orange covers, not bound.

box-folder   7/-  
Draft Second draft (170 pp.)   
Scope: held in blue paper folder; pp. 148-149 missing.

box-folder   8/-  
The Hemingway Hero . n.d.   
Scope: Stage dramatization illustrating that the Hemingway heroes were simply different views of the same person, Hemingway himself. Drafts and titles vary considerably utilizing the characters Nick Adams, Lieut. Henry, Jake Barnes, Harry Richard, Robert Jordan, Scripps O'Neill and the Old Fisherman. Hotchner had submitted the script to producers while Hemingway was still alive, but had elicited no interest in it. After publication of Papa Hemingway in 1966 he was asked to revise it. It was produced in 1967 in New York. Folders 1-13 are in approximate chronological order of development, flagged as follows.

box-folder   8/1  
1. Hemingway with a capital H. (74 pp.)   
Scope: Ts. Two acts. No revision. Title crossed out and a name changed in a dialogue; Act I is missing pp. 4-18, 33-43, 46-56, 63-66. Act II is missing 14-20, 22; 24-32, 47-54. Loose sheets.

box-folder   8/2  
2. Draft (33 pp.)   
Scope: Ts., ts.[carbon] Very heavy autograph revision and correction, in pencil and red pencil. Some sections stapled together. Paging impossible to follow. Several pages in Act II repeated. Yellow and plain sheets, loose.

box-folder   8/3  
3. Hemingway's Heroes. (103 pp.)   
Scope: Ts. Minor revision and correction. Bound, black hard paper covers, title glued to front cover.

box-folder   8/4  
4. Draft Ts.[carbon] Text same as above, but revision more extensive (103 pp.)
box-folder   8/5  
5. Draft (c.85 pp.)   
Scope: Ts.[photocopy] Text unique among this group, having the only scene with Sylvia Beach in Paris? No revision or correction. Utilizes device of editor as narrator as do the early drafts. Drops use of Scripps as a character and the waitress. Act I missing pp. 43-46. Ends p. 58. Act II missing 1-6. Act II is shorter version, ends p. 38. Loose sheets.

box-folder   8/6  
6. Hemingway's Heroes. (91 pp.)   
Scope: `es' in Heroes is crossed out. Ts.[duplicated] Moderate revision. Act II, p. 2-7 missing. One yellow page laid in. Red cover, bound.

box-folder   8/7  
7. The Hemingway Hero. (c.38 pp.)   
Scope: The draft seems to be an amalgam of selected scenes from earlier scripts, some pieces are earlier duplicated material stapled to new sheets. Major portions are typescript. Heavy revision and correction in ts. and ms. Paging varies, in ms. form. Yellow and plain loose sheets.

box-folder   8/8  
8. Draft (97 pp.)   
Scope: Ts.[duplicated] This appears to be the first uncorrected, complete script of its kind. Paging appears complete. Bound, orange paper covers.

box-folder   9/9  
9. Draft (c. 121 pp.)   
Scope: Ts., ts.[duplicated], ts.[carbon] Rough new version, using sections of earlier scripts. Some different characters introduced. New opening description. Paging seems complete. Loose sheets.

box-folder   9/10  
10. Draft (c. 102 pp.)   
Scope: Ts., ts.[duplicated] This appears to be first typescript of previous compilation. Bound, Dartmouth green paper covers.

box-folder   9/11  
11. Draft (c. 119 pp.)   
Scope: Ts.[duplicated] Some ts., ts.[photocopy], ms. Minor revision, moderate correction. 18 pp. at end marked for particular page insert. Also ts.[duplicated] program schedule dated 1/20/67 for production in New Haven, Boston, New York. (The play never reached New York) This draft seems to be very much a production copy.

box-folder   9/12  
12.Draft (c. 90 pp.)   
Scope: Ts., ts.[duplicated] Pages renumbered, seem to be in order and complete. Loose sheets.

box-folder   9/13  
13. Draft (88 pp.)   
Scope: Ts.[duplicated] No revision or correction. Marked #15. Bound red covers.

box-folder   9/14  
1967: Feb. Playbill: The Hemingway Hero, Wilbur Theatre.
box-folder   10/-  
A Short Happy Life.   
Scope: Dramatization for the stage based on various Hemingway stories including Farewell to arms, Snows of Kilimanjaro, The undefeated, Torrents of spring, and others. Adaptation originally titled Love And Death and Hills Like White Elephants. Note similarity of sections to The Hemingway Hero. Drafts not numbered; arrangement approximately chronological.

box-folder   10/-  
1. Love And Death . n.d. Ts.[duplicated] No revision. Divided into 3 parts. Loose pages; red paper covers, but unbound. (100 p)
box-folder   10/-  
2. Draft 1960. (108 p)   
Scope: Ts.[duplicated] No revision. Bears little resemblance to earlier draft. Dartmouth green hard paper covers, bound.

box-folder   10/-  
3. Of Love And Death . 1960. (106 p)   
Scope: Ts.[duplicated] No revision. Bound, red covers.

box-folder   10/-  
4. Draft 1961. (c.108 p)   
Scope: Ts.[duplicated] Varies greatly from earlier drafts. Note on production concept by Frank Corsaro. Bound, red paper covers.

box-folder   10/-  
5. Hills Like White Elephants . n.d. (100 p)   
Scope: No revision, minor correction. Loose sheets. Typescript.

box-folder   10/-  
6. A Short Happy Life 1962: (109 pp)   
Scope: Ts., ts.[duplicated]. ts.[carbon] Light revision. Brown paper covers titled A Short happy life. Bound.

box-folder   11/-  
7. A Short Happy Life . 1962. (92 pp)   
Scope: Ts.[duplicated] No revision. Loose sheets.

box-folder   11/-  
8. A Short Happy Life n.d. (94 pp)   
Scope: Ts.[duplicated] Marked `Final' Very heavily revised and annotated; apparently a working stage copy, with stage directions, and notices of re-writes, etc. Laid in are 8 photocopies of drawings of stage sets for the production by Jo Mielziner. Designs marked for appropriate scene. Some pages missing or mis-numbered. Yale blue cover spring binder, bound.

box-folder   11/-  
10. A Short Happy Life n.d. (5 items.)   
Scope: Designs and details to scale of sets and props by Jo Mielziner in ms. Each bears stamp of United Scenic Artists Local 829. Loose.

box-folder   11/-  
11. A Short Happy Life n.d. Background music scores by Bernardo Segall, for conductor, woodwind, trumpet, and guitar. (4 items.)   
Scope: Separate black music folders; one with hard cover, three with soft covers. Sheets vary in number.

box-folder   11/-  
12. A Short Happy Life n.d. (4 items.)   
Scope: Reviews of the New York production.