Josephine Johnson Papers
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Series II. Single title poems, short stories, articles. [series]:   
Scope: Separately foldered by title.

box-folder   4/33-34  
II.1 Poems:
box-folder   4/33  
Autumn evening . Ts., no revision. (1p.)
box-folder   4/34  
Notes for poems. Ts., ms., revision. Most unidentified, many with pencil sketches. (38p.)
box-folder   4/35-40  
II.2 Articles:
box-folder   4/35  
[Cotton sharecroppers facing war] . ca. 1936. (Ts., light ms. revision, incomplete. 7p.)   
Scope: Published in Illinois Magazine, July 5, 1936.

box-folder   4/36  
The Drought . (Ms, ts. 2 drafts, pencil and ink revisions, complete.)
box-folder   4/37  
House . (Ts. draft, heavy pencil revision, complete.Also called "House and Mice.")
box-folder   4/38  
Letter from an ark . (Ts. draft and photocopy of its appearance in Country Journal)
box-folder   4/39  
Tenants of the house . (Ts. draft, heavy pencil revision, complete.With unidentified comments on separate sheet.8p.)
box-folder   4/40  
Prose fragments . (Ts., ms. heavy pencil revision.)
box-folder   4-5/41-83  
II.3 Short stories:
box-folder   4/41  
Alexander to the park . (Ms., corresponding generally to published version, varying in some respects, incomplete. Also contains draft of The glass pigeon, notes on Haskell book, other. Draft c.25 p., with preliminary ms. notes, other materialc.65p., inc. sketches.Notes on bound galley of Rachel's children,by Harriet Hassell.)
box-folder   4/42  
All saints eve . n.d. (Ts[carbon] no revision. 12p.)
box-folder   4/43  
Arcadia recalled . n.d. (Ts., no revision, paragraph indications. Signed, 27p.)
box-folder   4/44  
Autumn road . n.d. (Ts., incomplete. Note origins of Now in November.4p.)
box-folder   4/45  
The birthday . n.d. (Ts[carbon] one proof revision. 24p.)
box-folder   4/46  
Christmas morning in May .
box-folder   4/47  
Christmas morning in May [draft] n.d. (Ms. draft, alternately titled The May-time Christmas. Light revision,incomplete version. 16p.)
box-folder   4/48  
Christmas morning in May [draft] Ts., complete draft, no revision, occasional proof correction. n.d. (7p.)
Christmas morning in May [draft] n.d. (Ts.[carbon] complete, final, no revision. 7p.)
box-folder   4/48  
Coney island . Ts. one draft and page 11 of another draft. n.d. (1p.)
box-folder   4/49  
Conversation piece . n.d. (Ts., no revision. Signed. 4p.)
box-folder   4/50  
The crystal flowers . n.d. (Ts., light revision, cancellation. 10p.)
box-folder   4/51  
Foxes have holes . n.d. (Ts. and ms., light revision, inc. 4p.)
box-folder   4/52  
The garden . n.d. (Ts[carbon] labeled p. 2-8, inc. No revision. 7p.)
box-folder   4/53  
Glass mountain . (Ts.[carbon] No revision. 27p.)
box-folder   4/54  
The glass pigeon . Versions as follows:
box-folder   4/55  
The glass pigeon . (Notes on bound galley of Rachel's children, by Harriet Hassell.Ms., heavy revision and cancellation, incomplete and varying at end from published version. 30p.(To locate: See Alexander to the park.))
The glass pigeon (Ts. single page [carbon] with one pencil addition. 1p.)
(Ts.[carbon] Complete text, corresponding to published version. 11p.)
box-folder   4/56  
The Heirs . (Ts.)
box-folder   4/57  
Hyde Annan . (Ts, light to moderate pencil revision. Submitted to Washington University magazine, rejected. Incomplete. 17p.)
box-folder   5/58  
January.... (Ts., minimal revision. Note similarity to Inland Island. 48p.)   
Scope: Notes on seasons, variously titled Winter, Late winter days, February. Follows through December.

box-folder   5/59  
The last hotel .
box-folder   5/60  
The last hotel . n.d. (Ts., no revision. Complete version. 14p.)
box-folder   5/61  
Loki and Sigyn . (Ms., ts., ts. [x], Light revision in pencil. Also titled Wife of Loki.)
box-folder   5/62  
Mother's story . Versions as follows:
box-folder   5/63  
Mother's story . n.d. (Ts., no revision. Notation, Published in Good Housekeeping topleft corner, first page. 19p.)
box-folder   5/64-65  
Old Galahad . Versions as follows:
Old Galahad . n.d. (Ts., no revision. Typed name, W. in pencil inserted. 13p.)
Old Galahad . n.d. (Ts.[xerox] no revision. 13p.)
box-folder   5/66-70  
Penelope's Web . Versions as follows:
Penelope's Web . n.d. (Ms. draft, heavy revision, cancellation. Includes later rejected section. 17p.)
Penelope's Web . n.d. (Ms. draft, he vy revision, of unused section of story. Includests. inserts, heavily revised. 13p.)
Penelope's Web . n.d. (Ts. and ts.[carbon] loose sheets, including p. 1-9 of continuousversion, p. 10, 11 of another version. Light revision throughout, 13p.)
Penelope's Web . n.d. (Ts.[carbon] complete draft, p.12 insert,p.13 heavily revised. 13p.)
Penelope's Web . (Ts.[carbon] no revision. Complete draft, typed name, address topleft first page. Corresponds to published version and to draft above.13p.)
box-folder   5/71-73  
Portrait of cousin Cary and other essays, including The death of Saint Sggemund, Concerning apples, and After the rains . Short essays, versions as follows:
Portrait of cousin Cary and other essays, including The death of Saint Sggemund, Concerning apples, and After the rains . n.d. (c. Ms. notebook, pencil. Contains sections of Portrait of Cousin Cary,others. Heavy revision and correction. Sketches throughout. Lined yellow pad,top join. 60p.)
Portrait of cousin Cary and other essays, including The death of Saint Sggemund, Concerning apples, and After the rains . n.d. (Typescript including introduction and sections of above titled essays. No revision. 18p.)
Portrait of cousin Cary and other essays, including The death of Saint Sggemund, Concerning apples, and After the rains . [The rented room] n.d. (Ms. section, ink, labeled pp. 84. 85. 2p.)
box-folder   5/74-75  
The sorcerer's son . (Ts., heavily revised, on yellow paper, inkrevision, sketches. Inc. 3 ms. sheets, numerous ms. insertions. 22p.)
box-folder   5/76-77  
The storm . (Ts., heavy pencil revision. Originally titled Thomas,present title substituted for cancelled title. Pages renumbered in pencil. 20p.)
box-folder   5/78  
Summer evening . (Ts., light pencil revision.)
box-folder   5/79  
Summer morning . (Ts., light pencil revision. Typed signature. Note resemblance to format of Inland Island. 5p.)
box-folder   5/80  
Summer tides . (Ts., pencil revision. 3p.)
box-folder   5/81  
Thanksgiving night . (Ts., no revision. Pencilled title. Incomplete. 11p.)
box-folder   5/82  
[Unidentified story] . (Ts., p.3-14, no revision. 12p.)
box-folder   5/83  
[Unidentified story] n.d. (.notes. Ms., sketches, revision. Labeled p. 2-14,fragmentary. 14p.)