Josephine Johnson Papers
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Series III. Material toward books, [series]:   
Scope: Arranged chronologically by date of publication.

box-folder   6/84-89  
III.1 Now in November .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1934.
n.d. (Ms. notes, in pencil with sketches, white and yellow unlined paper. Drafts of sections, variously paginated.75p.)
Ts. draft, ms. notes and revision, pencil, with sketches. Irregularly paged 5-177, text otherwise complete, varying considerably from published version. (157p.)
Ts., marked for printing, minimal text revision. Paged 1-62, 79-219. (189p.)
Dramatization of novel, adapted by John Marshall and presented Nov. 21,22, 1969 at New Richmond Senior High School, New Richmond, Ohio. Ts[duplicated] script, inc. program notes and printed program. No revision or author's markings. (84p.)
Business papers, inc. ts.[carbon] jacket notices, ts. reader's notes, royalty statements, 1935-1939, 1957-1958. (1 folder)
box-folder   6/90  
III.2 Winter Orchard [collection of short stories] New York: Simon and Schuster. 1935.
Business papers, inc. ts.[carbon] contract for publication of book, untitled, March 11, 1935; royalty statements, 1935-1936. (1 folder)
box-folder   7/91-96  
III.3 Jordanstown .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1937.
Ms. notes in notebook, pencil, sketches. Includes introduction and conclusion of novel, varying considerably from published version, synopsis of intermediate material. Black and white illustrated cover, top join. 9 7/8"×7 7/8" (c.70p.)
Ms. notes in notebook, unlined white paper, pencil, sketches. Working notes comprising about 8 pages of notebook, with other personal material. 8 1/2" × 5 1/2" (c.40p.)
Ts.[carbon] complete text, including introductory exerpt. No revision, corresonds to published text and to text below. (269p.)
Ts., marked for printing, inc. p. 1-10, 47-58, 63-69, 77-92, 95-104, 133-142, 161, 163-170, 183-197, 199, 201, 204-206, 211. Published version, inc. (189p.)
Ts. loose sheets, final version, paged 8-26. Marked for printing but does not correspond to paging above. (18p.)
Business papers, inc. ts[xerox] list of 1963 National Book Award nominations, among them Jordanstown Identified as #266. November 1963. (1 item)
box-folder   8/97  
III.4 Paulina Pot [children's book] New York: Simon and Schuster. 1939.
Business papers, inc. ts.[carbon] contract for publication of book, Sept. 19, 1939; royalty statement, Julyl-Dec. 31, 1939. (2 items)
box-folder   8/98-105  
III.5 Wildwood .New York and London: Harper & Brothers. 1946.
Josephine W. Johnson Cannon to[Grant Cannon] n.d., Saturday. ALS, Comments on idea for a novel, centering on Kirkwood, Missouri situation summed up by quote, Ewing's a skunk. - But Winnie thinks he's Natures Nobleman... (9p.)
Ts. draft, moderate ms. revision, of chapter 5 of novel, varying considerably from published version. Names, places changed throughout to published forms. Pages unnumbered. (6p.)
Ts.[carbon] draft, moderate ms. revision, of chapter 11 of novel, varying in layout only from printer's typescript following. Names changed throughout to published forms. Pages numbered [1]-48, incomplete,p.30,31 missing. (46p.)
Ts. draft, early and complete. Names changed throughout to published forms. Moderate ms. revision, ms. inserts. (124p.)
Ts. marked for printer, note on title page to copyreader initialed ECA 5/18/45. Inc. printed and ts. publisher's page, complete text. (169p.)
Editorial matter, including ts. jacket copy and ms. layout sheets [10 sheets] (1 folder)
Business papers, inc. ts. copy of contract July 10, 1946, between Josephine Johnson and representatives of Victor Gollanca Ltd., London, for publication of novel, Wildwood, signed by Josephine Johnson, others; United Kingdom Income Tax repayment claim duplicate, Jan. 17, 1947, relating to publication in UK of novel Wildwood; statement from Victor Gollanca, Ltd., through William Morris Agency, on subscription sales of novel, Jan. 24, 1947.
box-folder   9-11/106-117  
III.6 Dark Traveler .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1963. Nominated for NBA. See Jordanstown.
Ms. draft of early [first] version of novel. Lined notebook paper, unlined white paper, pencil. No pagination, incomplete. n.d. (c.70p.)
Ts., moderate to heavy ms. revision, pencil and ink. White and yellow unlined paper. Includes epilogue, prologue indicated and cancelled. Occasional ts.[carbon] and ts.[xerox] sheets. Irregularly paged, ordered. Version similar to item above. n.d. (c.112p.)
Ms. and ts. loose sheets, apparently corresponding to first version above. Includes at least 15 sets of variously paged and ordered sections, various typewriters, sketches. Sections separated in folder. n.d. (c.80p.)
Ts. and ts[carbon] draft of second version, with p. 1-146 complete with occasional omissions. Light to moderate ms. revision, green ink and pencil. Two typewriters, occasional ts. inserts. (c.140p.)
Ts., duplicating pages of item preceding, inc. pages54-70, 77-79, 83. Pages initialed in pencil JJ, n.d. Pencil pagination. Light ms. revision, cancellation. (17p.)
Ms. draft of third and last version, ink, with occasional ts. pages, ms. revision. Continuous from chapter 1 photography episode, with conclusion missing. Occasional pages dated Jan-June, 1952. (178p.)
Ts., ms. revision in pencil, third version. Begins p.17-190 [typescript pagination] includes conclusion corresponding generally to published version. Dated Mar.29-April 4, 1962. Last 5p. ms. in ink. (183p.)
Ts.[carbon] minimal ms. revision in pencil. Complete text, p. 1-189, with conclusion varying from published version. n.d. (189p.)
Ts.[carbon] no revision, of third version, titled The inland ocean. Complete text with conclusion corresponding to published version, p. 1-196. n.d. (196p.)
Ts.[xerox] printer's copy, with occasional ms. revision in another hand, titled The dark companion. Complete text, stamped Oct. 31, 1962. Original text deposited at Boston University. (199p.)
Ms. and ts. loose notes on book, probably 1952, later, inc. notes on prologue, text. Included also are critical comments in ts. and ms., apparently by Grant Cannon, on progressive pages of the final text. (60p.)
Ms. and ts. drafts of an essay on the novel, prepared for Writer's Digest[information on note enclosed, ms. ink in Josephine Johnson's hand.] (20p.)
box-folder   11/118  
III.7 The Sorcerer's son and other stories .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1965.
Ts. printer's copy, inc. all front matter, transparent layouts, no text revisions. Stamped Aug. 13, 1964. (255p.)
box-folder   11/118  
III.8 Socerer's son and other stories .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1965.
Ts. with revisions in pencil 8/13/64 (255p.)
box-folder   11/119-121  
III.9 Inland island .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1969.
Ms. notes, dated Aug. 24-, with comments on plant and animal life. Probably early notes toward monthly notebook used for Inland island. Pink notepad, glued top, 5" × 7 5/8". (7p.)
box-folder   11/122-124  
III.10 Seven houses; a memoir of time and places .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1973.
Two ts.drafts with revisions in pencil, one partial ms. draft. 1973 ()
box-folder   11/125-129  
III.11 Circle of seasons .New York: Viking. 1974.
Ts.drafts with revisions in pencil. Photographs 1973 ()
box-folder   12/130  
III.12 Invaded city .Unpublished novel.
Ms. and ts. notes toward an unfinished, abandoned novel. Paging 1-170, text complete, additional loose pages. Bulk of text in ms., blue ink. (176p.)
box-folder   12/131  
III.13 Uncollected poems .Unpublished. 1969.
Ms. and ts. with annotations n.d. (46p.)
box-folder   12/132  
III.15 Other material relating to novels, stories or other publications:
box-folder   12/132  
Untitled, unpublished novel. (Ts. [carbon] no revision, p. 45-68, inc. part of chapter 3, chapters 4 and 5, part of chapter 6. 23p.)
box-folder   13/-  
III.14 Pallas Cat .Unpublished. 1989.
Ts. and with hand annotations March 8, 1989 (Notebook)