Josephine Johnson Papers
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Accrual I
Series I. Correspondence, [series]:
box-folder   1-2/1-30  
Series I.1 General Correspondence, (c.650 items)   
Scope: Largely from editors Ellery Sedgwick, Clifton Fadiman, Quincy Howe and Maria Lieper, discussing Now in November, Dark traveler, Sorcerer's son, and other short stories. Other correspondents, often writing as editors, include agents Maxim Lieber and Helen Strauss, and Bernard DeVoto [5] Louis Untermeyer, Tennessee (Tom) Williams [1] Stringfellow Barr, Granville Hicks, Mark DeWitt, Theodore Morrison, Alexander Laing, Jack Conroy, Malcolm Cowley, Edward Weeks, Vance Bourjaily. Also included are letters from readers of Now in November and colleagues of Josephine Johnson in social reform projects during the 1930's. Folder listing follows.

box-folder   1/1  
n.d. (58 items)
Note: Undated correspondence and empty envelopes
box-folder   1/2  
July 17, 1929-Dec. 20, 1932 (21 items)
box-folder   1/3  
Jan. 10, 1933-Dec. 6, 1933 (24 items)
box-folder   1/4  
[1934] - May 31, 1934 (22 items)
box-folder   1/5  
June 11, 1934-Sept. 14, 1934 (21 items)
box-folder   1/6  
Sept. 17, 1934-Oct. 17, 1934 (25 items)
box-folder   1/7  
Nov. 2, 1934-Dec. 28, 1934 (20 items)
box-folder   1/8  
[1935] - Feb. 20, 1935 (26 items)
box-folder   1/9  
Mar. 1, 1935-May 8, 1935 (22 items)
box-folder   1/10  
May 9, 1935-June 10, 1935 (22 items)
box-folder   1/11  
June 11, 1935-July 9, 1935 (20 items)
box-folder   1/12  
July 10, 1935-Aug. 27, 1935 (18 items)
box-folder   1/13  
Sept. 5, 1935-Oct. 30, 1935 (20 items)
box-folder   1/14  
Nov. 4, 1935-Nov. 10, 1936 (15 items)
box-folder   1/15  
Jan. 27, 1937-May 14, 1940. (12 items)
box-folder   1/16  
June 19, 1941-Dec. 14, 1947 (18 items)
box-folder   2/17  
Feb. 25, 1948-July 20, 1949 (19 items)
box-folder   2/18  
Aug. 9, 1949-Dec. 14, 1950 (25 items)
box-folder   2/19  
Jan. 2, 1951-Dec. 18, 1951 (25 items)
box-folder   2/20  
Jan. 4, 1952-June 23, 1952 (18 items)
box-folder   2/21  
July 3, 1952-Dec. 15, 1952 (25 items)
box-folder   2/22  
Jan. 7, 1953-May 29, 1953 (18 items)
box-folder   2/23  
June 1, 1953-June 25, 1954 (19 items)
box-folder   2/24  
July 8, 1954-Dec. 18, 1956 (23 items)
box-folder   2/25  
March 28, 1957-June 3, 1961 (22 items)
box-folder   2/26  
April 27, 1962-Dec. 21, 1962 (22 items)
box-folder   2/27  
Jan. 11, 1963-Nov. 20, 1966 (23 items)
box-folder   2/28  
Dec. 18, 1968-Dec. 15, 1969 (5 items)
box-folder   2/29  
Jan. 28, 1970-May 11, 1975 (20 items)
box-folder   2/30  
[Dec. 25, 1984]-June 15, 1989 (20 items)
box-folder   3/31-32  
Series I.2 Business Correspondence ()   
Scope: Letters from publishers, magazines, etc. Includes correspondence from Simon and Schuster, Ohio State University Press, and The Nation.

box-folder   3/31  
Oct. 25, 1965-Aug. 20, 1975 (50 items)
box-folder   3/32  
Feb. 3, 1976-Nov. 21, 1986 (27 items)
box-folder   3/32  
Jan. 13, 1987-Sept. 8, 1989 (56 items)
Series II. Single title poems, short stories, articles. [series]:   
Scope: Separately foldered by title.

box-folder   4/33-34  
II.1 Poems:
box-folder   4/33  
Autumn evening . Ts., no revision. (1p.)
box-folder   4/34  
Notes for poems. Ts., ms., revision. Most unidentified, many with pencil sketches. (38p.)
box-folder   4/35-40  
II.2 Articles:
box-folder   4/35  
[Cotton sharecroppers facing war] . ca. 1936. (Ts., light ms. revision, incomplete. 7p.)   
Scope: Published in Illinois Magazine, July 5, 1936.

box-folder   4/36  
The Drought . (Ms, ts. 2 drafts, pencil and ink revisions, complete.)
box-folder   4/37  
House . (Ts. draft, heavy pencil revision, complete.Also called "House and Mice.")
box-folder   4/38  
Letter from an ark . (Ts. draft and photocopy of its appearance in Country Journal)
box-folder   4/39  
Tenants of the house . (Ts. draft, heavy pencil revision, complete.With unidentified comments on separate sheet.8p.)
box-folder   4/40  
Prose fragments . (Ts., ms. heavy pencil revision.)
box-folder   4-5/41-83  
II.3 Short stories:
box-folder   4/41  
Alexander to the park . (Ms., corresponding generally to published version, varying in some respects, incomplete. Also contains draft of The glass pigeon, notes on Haskell book, other. Draft c.25 p., with preliminary ms. notes, other materialc.65p., inc. sketches.Notes on bound galley of Rachel's children,by Harriet Hassell.)
box-folder   4/42  
All saints eve . n.d. (Ts[carbon] no revision. 12p.)
box-folder   4/43  
Arcadia recalled . n.d. (Ts., no revision, paragraph indications. Signed, 27p.)
box-folder   4/44  
Autumn road . n.d. (Ts., incomplete. Note origins of Now in November.4p.)
box-folder   4/45  
The birthday . n.d. (Ts[carbon] one proof revision. 24p.)
box-folder   4/46  
Christmas morning in May .
box-folder   4/47  
Christmas morning in May [draft] n.d. (Ms. draft, alternately titled The May-time Christmas. Light revision,incomplete version. 16p.)
box-folder   4/48  
Christmas morning in May [draft] Ts., complete draft, no revision, occasional proof correction. n.d. (7p.)
Christmas morning in May [draft] n.d. (Ts.[carbon] complete, final, no revision. 7p.)
box-folder   4/48  
Coney island . Ts. one draft and page 11 of another draft. n.d. (1p.)
box-folder   4/49  
Conversation piece . n.d. (Ts., no revision. Signed. 4p.)
box-folder   4/50  
The crystal flowers . n.d. (Ts., light revision, cancellation. 10p.)
box-folder   4/51  
Foxes have holes . n.d. (Ts. and ms., light revision, inc. 4p.)
box-folder   4/52  
The garden . n.d. (Ts[carbon] labeled p. 2-8, inc. No revision. 7p.)
box-folder   4/53  
Glass mountain . (Ts.[carbon] No revision. 27p.)
box-folder   4/54  
The glass pigeon . Versions as follows:
box-folder   4/55  
The glass pigeon . (Notes on bound galley of Rachel's children, by Harriet Hassell.Ms., heavy revision and cancellation, incomplete and varying at end from published version. 30p.(To locate: See Alexander to the park.))
The glass pigeon (Ts. single page [carbon] with one pencil addition. 1p.)
(Ts.[carbon] Complete text, corresponding to published version. 11p.)
box-folder   4/56  
The Heirs . (Ts.)
box-folder   4/57  
Hyde Annan . (Ts, light to moderate pencil revision. Submitted to Washington University magazine, rejected. Incomplete. 17p.)
box-folder   5/58  
January.... (Ts., minimal revision. Note similarity to Inland Island. 48p.)   
Scope: Notes on seasons, variously titled Winter, Late winter days, February. Follows through December.

box-folder   5/59  
The last hotel .
box-folder   5/60  
The last hotel . n.d. (Ts., no revision. Complete version. 14p.)
box-folder   5/61  
Loki and Sigyn . (Ms., ts., ts. [x], Light revision in pencil. Also titled Wife of Loki.)
box-folder   5/62  
Mother's story . Versions as follows:
box-folder   5/63  
Mother's story . n.d. (Ts., no revision. Notation, Published in Good Housekeeping topleft corner, first page. 19p.)
box-folder   5/64-65  
Old Galahad . Versions as follows:
Old Galahad . n.d. (Ts., no revision. Typed name, W. in pencil inserted. 13p.)
Old Galahad . n.d. (Ts.[xerox] no revision. 13p.)
box-folder   5/66-70  
Penelope's Web . Versions as follows:
Penelope's Web . n.d. (Ms. draft, heavy revision, cancellation. Includes later rejected section. 17p.)
Penelope's Web . n.d. (Ms. draft, he vy revision, of unused section of story. Includests. inserts, heavily revised. 13p.)
Penelope's Web . n.d. (Ts. and ts.[carbon] loose sheets, including p. 1-9 of continuousversion, p. 10, 11 of another version. Light revision throughout, 13p.)
Penelope's Web . n.d. (Ts.[carbon] complete draft, p.12 insert,p.13 heavily revised. 13p.)
Penelope's Web . (Ts.[carbon] no revision. Complete draft, typed name, address topleft first page. Corresponds to published version and to draft above.13p.)
box-folder   5/71-73  
Portrait of cousin Cary and other essays, including The death of Saint Sggemund, Concerning apples, and After the rains . Short essays, versions as follows:
Portrait of cousin Cary and other essays, including The death of Saint Sggemund, Concerning apples, and After the rains . n.d. (c. Ms. notebook, pencil. Contains sections of Portrait of Cousin Cary,others. Heavy revision and correction. Sketches throughout. Lined yellow pad,top join. 60p.)
Portrait of cousin Cary and other essays, including The death of Saint Sggemund, Concerning apples, and After the rains . n.d. (Typescript including introduction and sections of above titled essays. No revision. 18p.)
Portrait of cousin Cary and other essays, including The death of Saint Sggemund, Concerning apples, and After the rains . [The rented room] n.d. (Ms. section, ink, labeled pp. 84. 85. 2p.)
box-folder   5/74-75  
The sorcerer's son . (Ts., heavily revised, on yellow paper, inkrevision, sketches. Inc. 3 ms. sheets, numerous ms. insertions. 22p.)
box-folder   5/76-77  
The storm . (Ts., heavy pencil revision. Originally titled Thomas,present title substituted for cancelled title. Pages renumbered in pencil. 20p.)
box-folder   5/78  
Summer evening . (Ts., light pencil revision.)
box-folder   5/79  
Summer morning . (Ts., light pencil revision. Typed signature. Note resemblance to format of Inland Island. 5p.)
box-folder   5/80  
Summer tides . (Ts., pencil revision. 3p.)
box-folder   5/81  
Thanksgiving night . (Ts., no revision. Pencilled title. Incomplete. 11p.)
box-folder   5/82  
[Unidentified story] . (Ts., p.3-14, no revision. 12p.)
box-folder   5/83  
[Unidentified story] n.d. (.notes. Ms., sketches, revision. Labeled p. 2-14,fragmentary. 14p.)
Series III. Material toward books, [series]:   
Scope: Arranged chronologically by date of publication.

box-folder   6/84-89  
III.1 Now in November .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1934.
n.d. (Ms. notes, in pencil with sketches, white and yellow unlined paper. Drafts of sections, variously paginated.75p.)
Ts. draft, ms. notes and revision, pencil, with sketches. Irregularly paged 5-177, text otherwise complete, varying considerably from published version. (157p.)
Ts., marked for printing, minimal text revision. Paged 1-62, 79-219. (189p.)
Dramatization of novel, adapted by John Marshall and presented Nov. 21,22, 1969 at New Richmond Senior High School, New Richmond, Ohio. Ts[duplicated] script, inc. program notes and printed program. No revision or author's markings. (84p.)
Business papers, inc. ts.[carbon] jacket notices, ts. reader's notes, royalty statements, 1935-1939, 1957-1958. (1 folder)
box-folder   6/90  
III.2 Winter Orchard [collection of short stories] New York: Simon and Schuster. 1935.
Business papers, inc. ts.[carbon] contract for publication of book, untitled, March 11, 1935; royalty statements, 1935-1936. (1 folder)
box-folder   7/91-96  
III.3 Jordanstown .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1937.
Ms. notes in notebook, pencil, sketches. Includes introduction and conclusion of novel, varying considerably from published version, synopsis of intermediate material. Black and white illustrated cover, top join. 9 7/8"×7 7/8" (c.70p.)
Ms. notes in notebook, unlined white paper, pencil, sketches. Working notes comprising about 8 pages of notebook, with other personal material. 8 1/2" × 5 1/2" (c.40p.)
Ts.[carbon] complete text, including introductory exerpt. No revision, corresonds to published text and to text below. (269p.)
Ts., marked for printing, inc. p. 1-10, 47-58, 63-69, 77-92, 95-104, 133-142, 161, 163-170, 183-197, 199, 201, 204-206, 211. Published version, inc. (189p.)
Ts. loose sheets, final version, paged 8-26. Marked for printing but does not correspond to paging above. (18p.)
Business papers, inc. ts[xerox] list of 1963 National Book Award nominations, among them Jordanstown Identified as #266. November 1963. (1 item)
box-folder   8/97  
III.4 Paulina Pot [children's book] New York: Simon and Schuster. 1939.
Business papers, inc. ts.[carbon] contract for publication of book, Sept. 19, 1939; royalty statement, Julyl-Dec. 31, 1939. (2 items)
box-folder   8/98-105  
III.5 Wildwood .New York and London: Harper & Brothers. 1946.
Josephine W. Johnson Cannon to[Grant Cannon] n.d., Saturday. ALS, Comments on idea for a novel, centering on Kirkwood, Missouri situation summed up by quote, Ewing's a skunk. - But Winnie thinks he's Natures Nobleman... (9p.)
Ts. draft, moderate ms. revision, of chapter 5 of novel, varying considerably from published version. Names, places changed throughout to published forms. Pages unnumbered. (6p.)
Ts.[carbon] draft, moderate ms. revision, of chapter 11 of novel, varying in layout only from printer's typescript following. Names changed throughout to published forms. Pages numbered [1]-48, incomplete,p.30,31 missing. (46p.)
Ts. draft, early and complete. Names changed throughout to published forms. Moderate ms. revision, ms. inserts. (124p.)
Ts. marked for printer, note on title page to copyreader initialed ECA 5/18/45. Inc. printed and ts. publisher's page, complete text. (169p.)
Editorial matter, including ts. jacket copy and ms. layout sheets [10 sheets] (1 folder)
Business papers, inc. ts. copy of contract July 10, 1946, between Josephine Johnson and representatives of Victor Gollanca Ltd., London, for publication of novel, Wildwood, signed by Josephine Johnson, others; United Kingdom Income Tax repayment claim duplicate, Jan. 17, 1947, relating to publication in UK of novel Wildwood; statement from Victor Gollanca, Ltd., through William Morris Agency, on subscription sales of novel, Jan. 24, 1947.
box-folder   9-11/106-117  
III.6 Dark Traveler .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1963. Nominated for NBA. See Jordanstown.
Ms. draft of early [first] version of novel. Lined notebook paper, unlined white paper, pencil. No pagination, incomplete. n.d. (c.70p.)
Ts., moderate to heavy ms. revision, pencil and ink. White and yellow unlined paper. Includes epilogue, prologue indicated and cancelled. Occasional ts.[carbon] and ts.[xerox] sheets. Irregularly paged, ordered. Version similar to item above. n.d. (c.112p.)
Ms. and ts. loose sheets, apparently corresponding to first version above. Includes at least 15 sets of variously paged and ordered sections, various typewriters, sketches. Sections separated in folder. n.d. (c.80p.)
Ts. and ts[carbon] draft of second version, with p. 1-146 complete with occasional omissions. Light to moderate ms. revision, green ink and pencil. Two typewriters, occasional ts. inserts. (c.140p.)
Ts., duplicating pages of item preceding, inc. pages54-70, 77-79, 83. Pages initialed in pencil JJ, n.d. Pencil pagination. Light ms. revision, cancellation. (17p.)
Ms. draft of third and last version, ink, with occasional ts. pages, ms. revision. Continuous from chapter 1 photography episode, with conclusion missing. Occasional pages dated Jan-June, 1952. (178p.)
Ts., ms. revision in pencil, third version. Begins p.17-190 [typescript pagination] includes conclusion corresponding generally to published version. Dated Mar.29-April 4, 1962. Last 5p. ms. in ink. (183p.)
Ts.[carbon] minimal ms. revision in pencil. Complete text, p. 1-189, with conclusion varying from published version. n.d. (189p.)
Ts.[carbon] no revision, of third version, titled The inland ocean. Complete text with conclusion corresponding to published version, p. 1-196. n.d. (196p.)
Ts.[xerox] printer's copy, with occasional ms. revision in another hand, titled The dark companion. Complete text, stamped Oct. 31, 1962. Original text deposited at Boston University. (199p.)
Ms. and ts. loose notes on book, probably 1952, later, inc. notes on prologue, text. Included also are critical comments in ts. and ms., apparently by Grant Cannon, on progressive pages of the final text. (60p.)
Ms. and ts. drafts of an essay on the novel, prepared for Writer's Digest[information on note enclosed, ms. ink in Josephine Johnson's hand.] (20p.)
box-folder   11/118  
III.7 The Sorcerer's son and other stories .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1965.
Ts. printer's copy, inc. all front matter, transparent layouts, no text revisions. Stamped Aug. 13, 1964. (255p.)
box-folder   11/118  
III.8 Socerer's son and other stories .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1965.
Ts. with revisions in pencil 8/13/64 (255p.)
box-folder   11/119-121  
III.9 Inland island .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1969.
Ms. notes, dated Aug. 24-, with comments on plant and animal life. Probably early notes toward monthly notebook used for Inland island. Pink notepad, glued top, 5" × 7 5/8". (7p.)
box-folder   11/122-124  
III.10 Seven houses; a memoir of time and places .New York: Simon and Schuster. 1973.
Two ts.drafts with revisions in pencil, one partial ms. draft. 1973 ()
box-folder   11/125-129  
III.11 Circle of seasons .New York: Viking. 1974.
Ts.drafts with revisions in pencil. Photographs 1973 ()
box-folder   12/130  
III.12 Invaded city .Unpublished novel.
Ms. and ts. notes toward an unfinished, abandoned novel. Paging 1-170, text complete, additional loose pages. Bulk of text in ms., blue ink. (176p.)
box-folder   12/131  
III.13 Uncollected poems .Unpublished. 1969.
Ms. and ts. with annotations n.d. (46p.)
box-folder   12/132  
III.15 Other material relating to novels, stories or other publications:
box-folder   12/132  
Untitled, unpublished novel. (Ts. [carbon] no revision, p. 45-68, inc. part of chapter 3, chapters 4 and 5, part of chapter 6. 23p.)
box-folder   13/-  
III.14 Pallas Cat .Unpublished. 1989.
Ts. and with hand annotations March 8, 1989 (Notebook)
Series IV. Business/Legal Papers [series]:
box-folder   12/133  
Business papers relating to various stories, (1 folder.)   
Scope: inc. rights to Houghton Mifflin to anthologize unidentified material, notice of payment by Atlantic Monthly for various stories, royalty statement from Viking Press, Inc., for inclusion of story, Night flight in The Best short stories of World War II, other miscellany.

Series V. Material by authors other than Josephine Johnson. [series]:
box-folder   12/134  
Britten, Vera. n.d., [c.1943] (18 gal)
Untitled article concernig the efficacy of bombing. (Galley proof, no revision. Probably published in a periodical of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.)
box-folder   14/135  
Cowley, Malcolm. (2p.)
Towers of song [poem] (Ms., green ink, no revision. Signed, n.d. Note on verso sheet, labeled I.)
box-folder   14/136-137  
DeVoto, Bernard.
Review of We happy few, by Helen Howe. (Ts. [carbon], one ms. ink insertion. June 30, 1946. 3p.)
Review of Jordanstown, by Josephine Johnson. (Ts. [carbon] light ms. pencil text and proof revision. 2p.)
Series V. Personal notes, Washington University papers, miscellany. [series]:
box-folder   14/138  
Papers prepared for classes at Washington University, 1929-1931.   
Scope: Includes ts. and ms. essays, frequently with instructors' comment, short stories, reviews and sociological studies. Some incomplete, average 3 pages.

box-folder   14/139  
Notes toward a speech on writing a novel. (3p.)   
Scope: Ms., revision and cancellation, incomplete. Ink on notesheet 8 1/2" × 5".

box-folder   14/140  
Sketches. n.d. (1 file)   
Scope: Ink and pencil on yellow paper, notepaper, brown wrapping paper, other stock, with occasional watercolor. Occasional notes.

box-folder   14/141-142  
Journal notes, personal comments. (1 file)   
Scope: Assembled from various parts of collection. Includes personal reminders and injunctions, work notes. About 7 sheets.

box-folder   14/143-146  
Clippings, 1934-1946. (1 file)   
Scope: Reviews of Johnson books, personal interviews.

box-folder   14/146.1-146.2  
Miscellaneous printed matter
Accrual II   
Scope: Accessions: 22952 - Gift of John Fleischman, 22893 - Gift of Robert Hahn, and 23970 - Gift of Kathleen Tinkham

box-folder   15/147-150  
Series I. Correspondence [series]:
box-folder   15/147  
I.1 Correspondence to Josephine Johnson
Alwood, Lisa
(TLS[x], 1 p)
The Atlantic Monthly
(TLS, 1 p)
(TLS, 1 p)
Fleischman, John
(ACS, 2 pp)
(ACS, 2 pp)
Howe, Florence
(TLS[x], 1 p)
Kay, Ernest
(TLS, 2 pp)
Korda, Michael V.
(TLS, 2 pp)
Marks, Laverne
(TLS[x], 1 p)
Mosston, Leora
(TNS[x], 1 p)
(TLS[x], 1 p)
Panich, Holly
(TLS[x], 1 p)
(TL, 1 p)
Wilson, Charlotte
(TLS, 1 p)
box-folder   15/148-149  
I.2 Correspondence from Josephine Johnson
Fleischman, John
(ALS, 3 pp)
Korda, Michael V.
(TLS, 1 p)
Mosston, Leona
(ACS, 3 pp., w/env.)
(TLS, 1 p)
(ALS, 2 pp)   
Scope: Written on TLS[x], 1 p from Holly Panich to Johnson (1984: August 8).

(ALS, 4 pp)
(ALS, 2 pp)
Selter, Marie
(ALS, 3 p with env.)
Stringer, Lorene   
Scope: Includes empty envelope.

(ALS, 1 p)
(ACS,1 p)
(ACS, 2 pp)
(ALS, 4 pp., w/env.)
(ALS, 4 pp., w/env.)
(ACS, 1 p)
(ACS, 1 p)
(ALS, 2 pp., w/env.)
(ACS, 1 p)
(ALS, 4 pp., w/env.)
(ALS, 8 pp., w/env.)
(ALS, 4 pp., w/env.)
(ALS, 5 pp., w/env.)
(ACS, 1 p)
(ALS, 6 pp., w/env.)
(ALS, 9 pp., w/env.)
(ALS, 8 pp., w/env.)
(ALS, 4 pp., w/env.)
(ALS, 4 pp., w/env.)
box-folder   15/150  
I.3 Correspondence Between Others
Adler, Helen
To: Unidentified
(TLS[x], 1 p)
Bartel, Mechtild
To: Driver, Susannah
(TLS[x], 1 p)
Baskin, John
To: Fleischman, John
(TL, 1 p)
Belsky, Wendy
To: Mosston, Leora
(TLS, 1 p)
Cannon, Terence
To: Mosston, Leora
(TL, 1 p)
Carroll, Kent
To: Mosston, Leora
(TLS, 1 p., 2 copies)
(TLS, 1 p., 2 copies)
(TLS, 1 p., w/env.)
Carter, Quent
To: Fleischman, John
(TLS, 1 p)
(TLS, 1 p., w/encl.)
Derrevere, Leslie
To: Mosston, Leora
(TLS, 1 p)
Driver, Susannah
To: Fleischman, John
(TLS, 1 p)   
Scope: Written on TLS[x], 1 p from Kent Carroll to Leona Mosston (1994: June 15).

Fleischman, John
To: [Baskin, John]
(TL[x], 1 p)
To: [Cannon, Ann]
(TL[x], 1 p)
To: Clifford, John
(TLS, 1 p., 2 copies)
To: Eddie Bauer Inc.
(TL[x], 1 p)
To: Mosston, Leora
(TL, 1 p)
To: Norwood, Vera
(TL[x], 1 p)
To: Sayre, Roxanna
(TLS[x], 1 p)
(TL, 1 p)
Holzberg, Mary S.
To: Fleischman, John
(ALS, 2 pp)
(ALS, 2 pp)
Johnson, Florence
To: Fleischman, John
(TLS, 1 p)
Kocks, Dorothee E.
To: Fleischman, John
(TLS, 1 p., w/encl.)
Marquand, Robert
To: Mosston, Leora
(TLS[x], 1 p)
Mason, James H.
To: Mosston, Leora
(TLS, 1 p., 2 copies)
Mosston, Leora
To: Belsky, Wendy
(TLS[x], 1 p)
To: Driver, Susanna
(TLS[x], 1 p., w/encl., 2 copies)
To: Fleischman, John
(TLS, 1 p)
(TN[x], 1 p., w/encl., 2 copies)   
Scope: Enclosure: TLS[x], 1 p from Patricia Clifford to Mosston 91997: January 6).

To: Howe, Florence
(TLS[x], 1 p)
To: Korda, Michael
(TLS[x], 1 p)
To: Mason, James
(TLS[x], 1 p., 2 copies)
To: O'Hare, Joanne
(TLS[x], 2 pp., 2 copies)
O'Hare, Joanne
To: Mosston, Leora
(TLS, 2 pp)
(TNS, 1 p., w/encl.)   
Scope: Written on TLS[x], 1 p from O'Hare to Josephine Johnson (1989: May 15).

(TLS, 1 p)
Ravas, Robert
To: Mosston, Leora
(TLS, 1 p., w/encl.)
Smeltzer, Deanne
To: Baskin, John
(TLS[x], 1 p)
Wald, Alan
To: Johnson, Florence
(TLS, 1 p., w/env.)
Williams, John
To: Simon and Schuster
(TLS, 1 p., 2 copies)
To: Mosston, Leora
(TLS[x], 1 p)
Wilson, Charlotte
To: Mosston, Leora
(TLS, 1 p., w/env.)
Wolford, John
To: Fleischman, John
(TL, 1 p)
box-folder   15-16/151-177  
Series II. Manuscripts [series]:
box-folder   15/151  
"After the rain had gone on for many weeks..." (5 pp)
box-folder   15/152  
April (5 pp)
box-folder   15/153  
"At four o'clock in the afternoon it was 90 in the shade..." (1 p)
box-folder   15/154  
Autumn Walk With Carol (7 pp)
box-folder   15/155  
Beans (2 pp)
box-folder   15/156  
The Changeling (14 pp)
box-folder   15/157  
Cincinnati Autumn (5 pp)
box-folder   15/158  
Earthly Paradise (12 pp)
box-folder   15/159  
"Everything is paper", I was thinking..." (2 pp)
box-folder   15/160  
February Tug-Of-War (5 pp)
box-folder   16/161  
Groundhog Ways (3 pp)
box-folder   16/162  
"If I were small - say six inches high - about the size and shape...' (2 pp)
box-folder   16/163  
"In this time of silence, of solitude, of singularity, my tongue..." (2 pp)
box-folder   16/164  
Inland Island (9 pp)   
Scope: Xeroxed pages of Inland Island with annotations by Johnson.

box-folder   16/165  
Into a Different and Sooner Coldness (9 pp., w/clipping)
box-folder   16/166  
"It was a brief, lovely summer..." (18 pp)
box-folder   16/167  
A Journal of the Drought Year (17 pp)
box-folder   16/168  
Letter From An Ark (4 pp)
box-folder   16/169  
Loki (37 pp)
box-folder   16/170  
March (9 pp)
box-folder   16/171  
The Pallas Cat (14 pp)
box-folder   16/172  
"A small box turtle moved about the garden..." (1 p)
box-folder   16/173  
Shoring Up the House (12 pp)
box-folder   16/174  
The Snow...December (1 p)
box-folder   16/175  
The Summer Garden (15 pp)
box-folder   16/176  
"We came to live in the kitchen..." (2 pp)
box-folder   16/177  
Winter Morning (41 pp)
box-folder   16/178  
Series III. Manuscripts By Others [series]:
Fleischman, John
News From the Inland Island (10 items)
box-folder   17/179-180  
Series IV. Personal Papers [series]:
box-folder   17/179  
box-folder   17/180  
Royalty Statements
box-folder   17/181-182  
Series V. Ephemera [series]:
box-folder   17/181  
Clippings (26 items)   
Scope: Includes clippings featuring Johnson.

box-folder   17/182  
Notes By Others (10 items)