Erica Marx Papers
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I. Correspondence, professional,personal, and miscellany. [series]: (c.52 items.)   
Scope: Discusses publications by the Hand and Flower Press and personal matters. Discusses in particular possible publication of White's English Farce Jigs. Note: All letters authored by Erica Marx are carbon only, unsigned.

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I.1 Correspondence 1926-1952. (c.24 items.)   
Scope: Correspondence, including letters from Yvette Guilbert to S. Janstein (?) in which she discusses La chanson de ma vie (mes mèmoirs), and John Masefield, J.R. Ackerley, and Eric White. ALS, TLS, ts. [carbon] and postcards. (9 Marx carbons)

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I.2 Correspondence 1953-1963. (c.23 items.)   
Scope: Correspondence, including letters from Eric White, Jocelyn Brooke, Bryan Guinness, Sir Kenneth Clark, and Muriel Spark. Clark discusses a recent book of poems by Thomas Fassam, and Muriel Spark discusses her recent book Fanfarlo. ALS, TLS, ts. [carbon], postcards (5 Marx carbons)

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I.3 English farce jigs [unpublished text] by Eric W. White. 1952: Jan. 26. (12 pp.)   
Scope: Introduction and prose outline of the history of English farce jigs; intended for publication by the Hand and Flower Press. Heavily revised. Ts., ts. [carbon]

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I.4 Correspondence 1951: Dec. 5 - Mar. 10, 1952. (13 pp. c.52 items.)   
Scope: Report on the Conference on copyright poetry, sponsored by the Arts Council of Great Britain, which Miss Marx attended on behalf of the Hand and Flower Press. Report concerned with recommendations on the public performance of copyright poetry. Includes lists of those attending, a sample Applicationlicense, etc. Ts. [duplicated] Also includes announcement of an Arts Council poetry competition.

II. Poetry Book Society, London. [series]:
II.1 Business Records. Poetry Book Society, London. [subseries]:
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1953: Mar. 27. Articles of association [draft] of the Poetry Book Society. (32 pp.)   
Scope: Intended as preparatory, under the 1948 Companies Act, to incorporation as a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital. Moderately revised. Drawn up by Bird and Bird, solicitors, Gray's Inn, in conjunction with Eric White, secretary of the Poetry Book Society. Ts. [duplicated]

box-folder   1/6-13  
1953: Oct. 5-Dec. 31, 1965. Minutes of meetings of the Poetry Book Society. (8 folders.)   
Scope: Chronologically arranged including agendas, memos, financial statements, annual general reports, lists of books submitted, announcements of choices made, selectors appointed and details of membership. Appendixes of relevant information also retained, when applicable, in the minutes. Records are not complete. 1958-65 contains only isolated annual reports.

box-folder   1/14  
1956: Sept. - May, 1966. Poetry book Society Bulletin. (4 items.)   
Scope: Incomplete. Printed material. Includes announcements of book choices and recommendations, and brief vitae on authors involved. Occasionally provides statements on or about poetry or reprints individual poems, including statements by W.S. Merwin, Kathleen Nott, John Smith, Charles Tomlinson, Ruth Pitter, A.K. Ramanujan, and Anne Halley. Reprints or prints for first time poems by Kathleen Nott, Patrick MacDonogh, Ruth Pitter, A.K. Ramanujan, and Anne Halley and no. 49 contains an obituary by David Wright of Brian Higgins, and a sketch by John Howard, in memoriam.

box-folder   2  
II.2 Correspondence between the directors of the Poetry Book Society. [subseries]:   
Scope: Includes letters by Erica Marx, Eric White, Joseph Compton, W.E. Williams and many others. Note: All letters authored by Miss Marx are carbon only, unsigned.

box-folder   2/15-21  
1952: Oct. 23 - Oct, 1958. (c.172 items.)   
Scope: Discusses publicity, financial arrangements, legal condition of the society, distribution of materials, choice of selectors, general business procedures, etc. ALS, TLS, ts. [duplicated], ts, [carbon] (55 Marx carbons)

II.3 Miscellaneous related materials. [subseries]:
box-folder   2/22  
[c.1956-1959] Miscellaneous advertisements, news releases, drafts of announcements to members, leaflets, programs, etc. Ts., ts. [carbon], printed material. (c.36 items.)
III. Company of Nine [series]:
III.1 Company of Nine. Business Records [subseries]:
box-folder   2/23  
Agendas of meetings. 1956-1958. (7 items. Moderate notations appended. Ts., ts. [carbon])   
Scope: Meetings irregularly scheduled.

box-folder   2/24  
Minutes of company meetings. 1956: Nov. 22-May 26, 1959. (49 pp.)   
Scope: Discussion includes projects, festivals, artists to be engaged, procedures involved, etc. Some financial statements attached or incorporated. Drawn up by James L. Haynes-Dixon, chairman of the company. Ts., ts. [carbon], ts. [duplicated]

box-folder   2/25  
Rules of procedure for conducting meetings, and plans for financing projects [draft]. 1957-1958. (10 pp. Ms., ts. ts [duplicated])
box-folder   2/26  
Business Files [1956-1960] (42 pp.)   
Scope: Memos, programs, notes on projects, applications for use of copyright poems to the Hand and Flower Press, a few financial statements, lists of artists, samples of stationary, etc. Ms., ts., ts. [carbon], printed material.

box-folder   2/27  
Newsletter 1957. Newsletter. (11 pp. Ts., ts. [carbon])   
Scope: Disbributed irregularly to directors by James L. Haynes-Dixon. No. 1 dated Feb. 23. Apparently discontinued at the end of 1957.

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III.2 Correspondence, [subseries]:   
Scope: between the directors of the Company of Nine concerning the company's business. Letters also exchanged between Erica Marx and numerous artists, agents, and authors involved in the varied projects. Note: All letters authored by Erica Marx are carbon only, unsigned.

box-folder   3/28-37  
Correspondence 1956: Oct. 22 - Jan 22, 1960. (c.337 items. TLS, ALS, postcards, ts. [carbon] (172 Marx carbons))   
Scope: Correspondence includes letters to Erica Marx from Rumer Godden and her husband James L. Haynes-Dixon, Roland Clarke, Joseph Compton, John Carroll, artistic manager for the company; Robert Graecen, a publicity agent; Christopher Hassall, Charles Causley, Christina Foyle, Jean Primrose, Paul Dehn and many others.

III.3 Miscellaneous related materials. [subseries]:
box-folder   3/38  
Miscellaneous programs, leaflets, announcements, advertisements for readings, clippings, articles and related materials. [1956-1960] (c.40 items.)   
Scope: Some items related to societies or groups other than the Company of Nine.

box-folder   3/39  
[1957: Jan. 21] Feeding Birds [poem] by Rumer Godden. Ts., no revision, 1 p. (1 item.)
box-folder   3/40  
Poetry of two wars 1958: Nov. 11. (54 pp. 3 boxes. c.800 items. [anthology] Ts. [carbon])   
Scope: Poems read during Foyle's lunchtime promenade to commemorate the war dead. Program arranged by the Company of Nine, primarily Rumer Godden and Erica Marx. Read by John Laurie and David Spenser, with Paul Dehn in the chair. Poets include Wilfred Owen, Rupert Brooke, Alun Lewis, Osbert Sitwell, Charles Causley, Edward Thomas, and others. Each of these poems had been previously published.