Isador Mendle Collection on the History of Printing
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Series I. James Moran Papers. [series]:   
Scope: Consists of material toward Moran's publications on the history of printing,including his biography of Stanley Morison; also reviews, offprints, and clippings.Moran (1917-1978) was a British historian of printing.

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Printing Presses: Historyand Development From the Fifteenth Century to Modern Times [history]by James Moran, Faber and Faber Limited, London, 1972.   
Scope: Consists of Ts setting copy and several proofs toward the book.

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Ts setting copy, marked for the printer. (1 item, 298 pp.)
box-folder   1/2  
Galley proof, corrected. (1 item, 80 galleys)
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Uncorrected page proof. (1 item, 250 pp.)
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Proofs of plates. (1 item, 49 pp.)
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2. The Double Crown Club. Materialtoward The Double Crown Club: A History of Fifty Years, by James Moran.   
Scope: The Double Crown Club was a dining club formed in London in 1924 by OliverSimon and Hubert Foss (printers); it was made up of typographers and othersrelated to the printing trade. Consists of correspondence, a Ts draft, galleys,specimen pages, proofs, and lists.

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[1974] Correspondence from R.A. Ashley, theWesterham Press Limited, Kent, to James Moran, from Feb to May 1974, concerningthe book's production. (3 items, 3pp.)
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[1974] Ts setting copy, marked on by the printer. (1 item, 109 pp.)
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[1974] Galley proof. (1 item, 31 galleys)
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[1974] Paste-up of specimen pages. (1 item, 5pp.)
box-folder   2/9  
[1974] Page proof, corrected. (1 item, 54 pp.)
box-folder   2/10  
[1974] Autograph list of individuals and institutionsto receive copies of the book. (1 item, 4pp.)
box-folder   3/11-20  
3. Stanley Morison: His Typographical Achievement, Lund Humphries Publishers, 1971. Material towards Moran's biography of Stanley Morison   
Scope: Morison (1889-1967), a British typographer and scholar, served as typographicadviser to Cambridge University Press in 1925 and to The Times in 1930. Material consists of research materials, drafts, correspondence,galleys, and booklet.

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Research materials: documents concerning Morison, and typefaceinformation. (12 items)
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Correspondence to James Moran (from Morison's acquaintances) relatingto Morison. Correspondence covers 1967 to 1970. (76 items)
box-folder   3/13-16, 18  
Four Ts and one Ts(carbon) drafts of the book. (5 items)
box-folder   3/17  
Galley proof of the book. (1 item, 24 galleys)
box-folder   3/19  
Galleys for the book, and notes on the book's production. (1 item)
box-folder   3/20  
Autograph draft (partial) in notebook. (1 item, 32 pp.)
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4. Reviews and articles. Various reviews and articles by JamesMoran.
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Reviews and articles by Moran. Each title is foldered separatelyand alphabetically, and may consist of Ts, galleys, proofs, or tear sheets.Written from 1960 to 1973 (several are undated). (16 items)
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Clippings (21 items)   
Scope: Contains clippings of reviews of Moran's books.