Isador Mendle Collection on the History of Printing
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box-folder   10/87-96  
Series VII. Correspondence. [series]:   
Scope: Consists of 10 separate groups of correspondence, mainly to or from peopleinvolved in the book or printing trades.

1. John Thomas Lee correspondence.   
Scope: Consists of correspondence to John Thomas Lee, American bookplate collector.

box-folder   10/87.  
Contains letters from 1916 to 1932 to John Thomas Lee from variousindividuals, on the subjects of books and bookplate collecting. Enclosed isphoto of J.M. Andreiny (bookplate collector). (10 items)
2. Joseph Winfred Spenceley correspondence.   
Scope: Consists of correspondence by J.W. Spenceley, American bookplate engraver.

box-folder   10/88.  
Contains letters from 1897 to 1907 from Joseph Winfred Spenceleyto a Miss Firman and J.C. Burnheim, on subject of bookplate collecting. (2 items)
3. Paul Bennett correspondence.   
Scope: Consists of correspondence to Paul Bennett, American type designer.

box-folder   10/89.  
Contains letters from 1959 to 1963 from Carl Volmer Nordlunde (Danishprinter) to Paul Bennett, and 3 carbons of letters from Bennett to Nordlunde,concerning the history of printing and typography. (10 items)
4. Clare Ryan Talbot correspondence.   
Scope: Consists of letter by Clare Ryan Talbot, American bookplate collector,and materials relating to her work.

box-folder   10/90.  
Consists of letter, ca. 1933, by Talbot. Also included are advertising fliers for her book, In Quest of the Perfect Bookplate, exhibition catalogues for her collection, and loose pages from Ruth Thompson Saunder's The Book of Artists' Own Bookplates . (7 items)
5. Stanley Morison correspondence.   
Scope: Consists of letters by Stanley Morison, British type designer (1889-1967).

box-folder   10/91.  
Contains letters from 1959 to 1962, from Stanley Morison to JamesMoran, historian of printing, and Morison's biographer. (6 items)
6. John Nash correspondence.   
Scope: Consists of letters by John Nash, a British engraver who was one of a groupknown as the Curwen Press artists.

box-folder   10/92.  
Contains 2 letters of 1949 from John Nash, a wood engraver, andMrs. Paul (Margaret) Nash, widow of John's brother (another engraver), toT. Balston, concerning an exhibit of the brother's work. Enclosed in one letteris an auto list of books illustrated with wood engravings by John Nash. (4 items)
7. S. H. Steinberg correspondence.   
Scope: Contains letters to and from S. H. Steinberg, British historian of printing.

box-folder   10/93.  
Contains correspondence of 1960 to 1964 between Steinberg and variousindividuals. Bulk of items are written in German. (8 items)
8. Edward DeWitt Taylor correspondence.   
Scope: Consists of letters to and from Edward DeWitt Taylor, American printerof Taylor and Taylor Printers, San Fransisco.

box-folder   10/94.  
Contains correspondence from 1940 between Taylor and Eugene P.Pattberg, historian of printing, concerning Pattberg's book, Types,Borders, and Miscellany. (3 items)
9. Ellic Howe correspondence.   
Scope: Consists of letters by Ellic Howe, British printer.

box-folder   10/95.  
Consists of 1943: Jan 31 letter from Howe to S.H. Steinberg, Britishhistorian of printing, containing personal news and mentioning Stanley Morison. (1 item)
10. Miscellaneous correspondence.   
Scope: Consists of miscellaneous correspondence concerning printing and relatedsubjects.

box-folder   10/96.  
Contains letters from 1859 to 1946 by various individuals, concerningprinting, typography, calligraphy, etc. Includes ALS, 2p., from Stanley Morisonto DeForest Sackett of the Society of typographic arts, and ALS 2p., by FrancisMeynell of the Nonesuch Press to Henry Lewis Bullen. (10 items)