Howard Nemerov Papers, 1939-1991
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III. Prose [series]:   
Scope: Consists of prose and material toward prose broken into five sub-series: Essays and stories, Harvard Work, Introductions, Reviews and Miscellaneous.

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III.1 Essays and Stories   
Scope: Consists of essays and stories arranged alphabetically by title or first line.

box-folder   195/4328  
About Shirley Jackson's Books .[memorial] (Ts. 1p.)
box-folder   195/4329  
"Airports are surely the loneliest places on earth..." [essay] (Ts, 5p.)
box-folder   195/4330  
Attentiveness and Obedience .[essay] (Ts, 27p. Broadcast on Voice of America, Central Services Division, 1964:February.)
box-folder   195/4331  
Award of the Theodore Roethke Memorial Prize for Poetry to Carolyn Kizer .[speech] (Ts, 2p)
box-folder   195/4332  
Bottom's Dream .[essay] (Ts. 17p. includes 43 pp of notes and partial photocopy of published version, Virginia Quarterly Review Vol 42 (Autumn, 1966).)   
Scope: Galley proofs located in oversize.

box-folder   195/4333  
Breaking Silence .[essay] (Ts. 4p.)
box-folder   195/4334  
A Budget of Problems .[essay] (Ts. 3p. includes 3p of notes.)
box-folder   195/4335  
Calculation Raised to Mystery: The Dialectics of Light in August .[essay] (Ts. 18p. includes 13p of notes.)
box-folder   195/4336  
Campus on a Hill .[essay] (Ts, 9p)
box-folder   195/4337  
Canons .[essay] (Ts, 20p)
box-folder   195/4338  
Centers of Power .[essay] (Ts, 21p. includes 5p of notes, one symposium program introducing participants and a copy of Science Newsletter Vol 84, no 23 (1963:Dec 7).)
box-folder   195/4339  
A Child in the City .[story] (Ts. 5p.)
box-folder   195/4340  
Coming to Terms with Kenneth Burke .[essay] (Ts. 7p. includes 5p of notes.)
box-folder   195/4341  
Computer Poetry .[essay] (Ts, 40p. Includes 12p of general information concerning symposium at Cornell University on the Computer and Human Values.)
box-folder   195/4342  
The Condition .[essay] (Ts. 5p.)
box-folder   195/4343  
Continuousness and Striking Change: Address to the Trustees and Friends of Bennington College .[address] (Ts, 18p. Includes 23p of notes.)   
Scope: Also includes TLS, 2p from R.W.B. Lewis to Nemerov (1967: September 23), TLS, 1p with env. from Jessie Emmet to Nemerov (1967: October 9), ALS, 3p with env. from Emmet to Nemerov (1967: November 21), TL(cb), 1p from Nemerov to John (1967: August 28), TL(cb), 1p from Nemerov to Edward J. Bloustein (1967: August 28), and TLS, 1p from Bloustein to Nemerov (1967: August 24).

box-folder   195/4344  
Diane Arbus eulogy .[memorial] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   196/4345  
Digressions Around a Crow .[story] (Ts. 11p.)
box-folder   196/4346  
The Dream of Dante [essay] (Ts, 11p)
box-folder   196/4347  
The Dream of Reason .[essay] (Ts. 9p. Two sets of page proofs in oversize.)
box-folder   196/4348  
The Dying Garden . [essay] (Ts. 2p)
box-folder   196/4349  
The End of Art . [lecture] (Ts. 13p.)
box-folder   196/4350  
Epilogue (Ts. 6p.)
box-folder   196/4351  
Exceptions and Rules: Commencement address, Lawrence College .[address] (Ts, 21p. Includes commencement program.)
box-folder   196/4352  
Fantasy: Instance from Art History .[lecture] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   196/4353  
The First County of Places: Discourse to the PTA on Poetry and Childhood .[speech] (Ts, 52p.)
box-folder   196/4354  
First Lessons of Poetry .[essay] (Ts, 2p. includes 2p notes.)
box-folder   196/4355  
Franz Joseph Haydn .[essay] (Ts, 2p)
box-folder   196/4356  
Freedom and Form: Reflections on Dr. Faustus .[essay] (Ts. 20p. Includes 15p of notes.)
box-folder   196/4357  
Funeral Service for Alice Goodman at Graham Chapel, 12 viii 82 [memorial] (Ts, 2p. Includes Summer's Elegy [poem], To Alice out of reach [poem] by Nemerov, two eulogies by others, funeral program and a letter.)
box-folder   196/4358  
Henry Adams and the Degradation of the Democratic Dogma [essay] (Ts, 18p)
box-folder   196/4359  
HN, Science and Stories [lecture] (Ts, 47p)
box-folder   196/4360  
The Idea of a University .[fable] (Ts(cb). 4p. Includes 2p of notes.)
box-folder   196/4361  
Ignorance . [essay] (Ts. 2p. Includes 5p of notes.)
box-folder   196/4362  
An Intellectual Comedy (on Henry Adam's Degradation of the Democratic Dogman) .[essay] (Ts. 23p.)
box-folder   196/4363  
An Introduction to Poetry .[lecture] (Ts. 14p.)
box-folder   196/4364  
Kenneth Burke Celebration at Seton Hall University .[speech] (Ts. 3p.)
box-folder   196/4365  
King Lear, act Five, Scene Two, Proustified and Moncrieffed .[essay] (Ts. 4p.)
box-folder   196/4366  
Knowledge, Form and Style .[essay] (Ts, 13p)
box-folder   196/4367  
Lecture to Hallmark Cards Staff .[lecture] (Ts. 6p.)
box-folder   197/4368  
Lewis Thomas, Montaigne and Human Happiness .[tribute] (Ts. 34p. Includes 5p of notes, 3 brief notes of appreciation for the lecture, copy of Washington University Magazine Vol 51, no 1 (1980:December), in which lecture appeared, a 1p reflection on Lewis Thomas dated 1983:April 28 and a fly-sheet announcement of lecture, 5 photocopy pages from Lewis Thomas's Lives of a Cell and 2 photocopy pages from Thomas's The Medusa and the Snail.)
box-folder   197/4369  
The Little Book .[fable] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   197/4370  
A Little Myth About the English Department .[essay] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   197/4371  
Loren Eiseley .[memorial] (Ts, 6p. Includes 6 pp of notes.)   
Scope: Also includes ALS, 2p with env. from Mabel Eiseley to Nemerov (1975: May 11).

box-folder   197/4372  
Magic in Poetry .[essay] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   197/4373  
Magic Mountain .[essay] (Ts. 42p. Includes 22 pp of notes. Also includes 5 undated letters to Nemerov from unidentified "S.M.".)
box-folder   197/4374  
Meditation: The City .[essay] (Ts. 1p)
box-folder   197/4375  
Memorial to Archibald MacLeish .[memorial] (Ts, 6p.)
box-folder   197/4376  
Modern Poetry .[essay] (Ts. 1p. Includes 9p of notes.)
box-folder   197/4377  
Names and Natives .[essay] (Ts. 2p. Includes 14p of notes.)
box-folder   197/4378  
The Needle's Eye .[essay] (Ts. 6p.)
box-folder   197/4379  
Neruda's ARS POETICA .[address] (Ts. 3p.)
box-folder   197/4380  
A Note About Concrete Representation and the Fairview School of Aperiodic Art .[notes] (Ts. 5p.)
box-folder   197/4381  
Notes on Some Intellectual Consequences of the Freudian Psychology .[notes] (Ts. 8p.)
box-folder   197/4382  
Obliviscendum: An Ancient to Ancients .[essay] (Ts. 8p. Includes 3p of notes.)
box-folder   197/4383  
The Oedipus Situation .[essay] (Ts. 8p. Includes 8p of notes.)
box-folder   197/4384  
On Being Asked for a Peace Poem .[article] (Ts, 2p)
box-folder   197/4385  
On Going Down in History .[article] (Ts, 15p. Includes 3p of notes.)
box-folder   197/4386  
On Having an Idea .[essay] (Ts. 3p. Includes 2p of notes.)
box-folder   197/4387  
On Poetry and Painting, With a Thought of Music .[essay] (Ts, 4p.)
box-folder   197/4388  
On the Difficulty of Difficult Poetry .[essay] (Ts. 10p.)
box-folder   197/4389  
On the Measure of Poetry .[essay] (Ts. 20p.)
box-folder   197/4390  
On the Poetry of Reed Whittemore .[essay] (Ts. 11p.)
box-folder   198/4391  
On the Resemblances Between Science and Religion .[essay] (Ts. 11p.)
box-folder   198/4392  
One Last Midrash .[essay] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   198/4393  
The Orlando Furioso Memorial Lecture for 1950 .[memorial] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   198/4394  
The Outrage .[fable] (Ts. 4p.)
box-folder   198/4395  
Paul Feeley Eulogy .[eulogy] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   198/4396  
The Poet and the Public .[essay] (Ts. 4p.)
box-folder   198/4397  
Poetry .[essay] (Ts, 90p and offprint)   
Scope: Collier's Encyclopedia article.

box-folder   198/4398  
Poetry and Dreams . [essay] (Ts, 16p. Includes 8p of notes, carbon of essay with comments by an unidentified person and a copy of Howard's dream [poem] by Nemerov.)
box-folder   198/4399  
Poetry and History .[essay] (Ts. 22p. Includes 22p of notes.)
box-folder   198/4400  
Poetry and Meaning .[essay] (Ts, 32p. Includes 58p of notes.)
box-folder   198/4401  
Poetry and Platitude, A Commencement Address .[speech] (Ts. 3p)
box-folder   198/4402  
Poetry and the National Conscience .[essay] (Ts. 16p.)   
Scope: Includes TLS, 2p from Roderick Jellema to Nemerov (1970: March 18).

box-folder   198/4403  
The Poetry of Miller Williams .[foreword] (Ts. 2p)
box-folder   198/4404  
The Poetry of Time .[essay] (Ts. 8p)
box-folder   198/4405  
The Poetry of Weldon Kees: An Appreciation . [review] (Ts. 9p.)   
Scope: Includes ALS, 1p with encl. from Reed Whittemore to Nemerov (n.d.: February 2).

box-folder   199/4406  
Poetry, Prophecy, Prediction .[essay] (Ts. 24p)
box-folder   199/4407  
Post-Dispatch .[essay] (Ts. 23p)   
Scope: Includes TLS, 1p with env. from Evarts A. Graham to Nemerov (1978: October 16) and TLS, 1p from Graham to Nemerov (1978: September 8).

box-folder   199/4408  
Preface to the Concise Encyclopedia of English and American Poets and Poetry .[preface] (Ts. 5p)
box-folder   199/4409  
Preface to the Poetic Diction by Owen Barfield .[preface] (Ts. 13p)   
Scope: Includes TLS, 1p from Willard A. Lockwood to Nemerov (1963: November 22).

box-folder   199/4410  
Project Babel .[fable] (Ts, 8p.)
box-folder   199/4411  
The Quester Hero: Thomas Mann .[essay] (Ts. 58p.)
box-folder   199/4412  
Quidnunc the Poet and Mr. Gigadibs .[essay] (Ts, 11p.)
box-folder   199/4413  
Reader's Guide to Thomas Mann .[essay] (Ts. 20p. consists of complete version of only Chp 1, "Themes and methods: the early stories." Includes 115 pp of notes, mss selections and outlines.)
box-folder   199/4414  
Rejoining the Common Reader .[foreword] (Ts. 9p)
box-folder   199/4415  
Remarks to the Creative Writing Class at the End of Term .[lecture] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   199/4416  
Report of the Consultant in Poetry .[essay] (Ts. 4p.)
box-folder   199/4417  
Rilke .[foreword] (Ts. 29p.)
box-folder   199/4418  
Robert Burns: An Address to the Burns Society of St. Louis On the Poets Birthday .[address] (Ts. 17p.)
box-folder   199/4419  
Romanticism: Sic et Non .[lecture] (Ts. 58p)
box-folder   199/4420  
Runes .[essay] (Ts. 1p)
box-folder   200/4421  
Science and the Arts .[essay] (Ts. 7p. Includes 17 pp of notes and mss materials.)
box-folder   200/4422  
Seeing and Saying .[essay] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   200/4423  
A Sequel--Creativity--What Is It .[address] (Ts. 33p.)
box-folder   200/4424  
Sequel to Computer Poetry .[address] (Ts. 8p.)
box-folder   200/4425  
Should Poetry Achieve Statehood .[address] (Ts, 9p. Includes 10 pp of notes.)
box-folder   200/4426  
Sin()bad .[essay] (Ts, 9p)
box-folder   200/4427  
Smoking and Death .[essay] (Ts. 4p.)
box-folder   200/4428  
Some Happy Simplicities About Language and Poetry .[essay] (Ts, 2p.)
box-folder   200/4429  
The Sorcerer's Eye .[fable] (Ts. 6p. Includes 2p of mss materials, 2p of notes and 3 newspaper clippings.)
box-folder   200/4430  
Spare Teacher .[note] (Ts. 1p)
box-folder   200/4431  
Speaking's Silence .[essay] (Ts. 12p.)
box-folder   200/4432  
Speculation Turning to Itself .[essay] (Ts. 17p. Includes 3p of notes.)
box-folder   200/4433.1  
Speculative Equations: Poems, Poets and Computers .[essay] (Ts. 24p. Includes 13p of notes)
box-folder   200/4433.2  
The Swaying Form .[essay] (Ts. 14p.)
box-folder   200/4434  
The Sweeper of Ways .[essay] (Ts. 6p.)
box-folder   200/4435  
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Skylark .[essay] (Ts. 26p.)
box-folder   200/4436  
Thomas Mann .[essay] (Ts, 10p.)
box-folder   200/4437  
Thoughts on the Situation of Poetry, 1964 .[essay] (Ts. 3p.)
box-folder   200/4438  
T.S. Eliot Centennial at Washington University, 30 ix 88 [lecture] (Ts, 6p)
box-folder   201/4439  
Twelve and the One .[fable] (Ts. 3p.)
box-folder   201/4440  
The Twilight of the Double Vision: Thoughts About Parody .[essay] (Ts. 4p. Includes 2p of notes.)
box-folder   201/4441  
Two Ways of Imagination: Lecture on Wordsworth and Blake .[essay] (Ts. 2 drafts, 30p. Includes 28p of notes and mss materials.)
box-folder   201/4442  
Understanding as Illusion: Thoughts About Physics and Poetry .[essay] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   201/4443  
Untitled lectures (Ts. 83p.)
box-folder   201/4444  
What Does the Consultant in Poetry Do? .[essay] (Ts. 8p.)
box-folder   201/4445  
What Was Modern Poetry .[essay] (Ts). 11p. Includes 12 pp of notes and mss materials.)
box-folder   201/4446  
What Will Suffice .[lecture] (Ts. 10p.)
box-folder   201/4447  
What's the Matter with Essays Called What's the Matter with Poetry ("answer to Karl Shapiro") .[essay] (Ts. 4p.)
box-folder   201/4448  
Why We Need Poetry .[lecture] (Ts. 28p.)
box-folder   201/4449  
William Butler Yeats .[essay] (Ts, 9p.)
box-folder   201/4450  
The Winter Addresses of Kenneth Burke .[essay] (Ts, 8p.)
box-folder   201/4451  
A Winter Passage .[story] (Ts. 1p. Includes 2p of notes.)
box-folder   201/4452  
The Wizard of Misery and Happiness . [story] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   201/4453  
World of Poetry . [essay] (Ts, 2p)
box-folder   201/4454  
Writers as Intellectuals .[essay] (Ts. 18p.)
box-folder   202/4455-4478  
III.2 Work from Harvard   
Scope: Consists of prose written while Nemerov was at Harvard, 1938-1942.

box-folder   202/4455  
The Black Notebooks (17p)
box-folder   202/4456  
Eidolon: Study in the Dream-Work of the Image (9p)
box-folder   202/4457  
The Element of Order: A Study of the Divine Comedy in Contemporary Verse, with Particular Reference to T.S. Eliot (29p)
box-folder   202/4458  
The Gentleman Poets (9p)
box-folder   202/4459  
Idea of God: The Absolute, Divine Personality and Self-Limitation (3p)
box-folder   202/4460  
John Dryden: The Measure of Satire and the Art of Translation (2p)
box-folder   202/4461  
Judas the Obscure (14p)
box-folder   202/4462  
"Mr. Simon leaned back in his chair..." (13p)
box-folder   202/4463  
The Nature of the Relevant: Notes on Zen Buddhism and the Western Mind (10p)
box-folder   202/4464  
A Note on Dryden's Aesthetic (2p)
box-folder   202/4465  
Of the Manner of Mimicry (2p)
box-folder   202/4466  
Parable of the Times (4p)
box-folder   202/4467  
The Phylogenetic Relation Between Myth, Dream, and Family Situations (2p)
box-folder   202/4468  
Saint Thomas Aquinas (29p)
box-folder   202/4469  
The Sampling of the Grail (2p)
box-folder   202/4470  
Several Notes on John Dryden (15p)
box-folder   202/4471  
"'The spring came like a clock to a fixed hour..." (2p)
box-folder   202/4472  
Symbol and System in Poetry (10p)
box-folder   202/4473  
Tenant, Philosophical Theology, Cap VIII, Thought and Reason (4p)
box-folder   202/4474  
Thomas Mann: A Faustian Pilgrimage (3p)
box-folder   202/4475  
The Use of Fantasy: A Study in the Ambivalent Strategies of Myth and Dream (41p)
box-folder   202/4476  
"The work is fragmentary..." (4p)
box-folder   202/4477  
The World-Tree (14p)
box-folder   202/4478  
The World's Epitome: A Study in the Works of Donne (16p)
box-folder   202/4479-4487  
III.3 Introductions   
Scope: Consists of introductions for Weldon Kees, William Meredith, Marianne Moore, Robert Pinsky, Louis D. Rubin, Jr., Mona Van Duyn, T.H. White, Reed Whittemore, and Washington: A University Portrait.

box-folder   203/4488-4518  
III.4 Reviews   
Scope: Consists of reviews by Nemerov of works by Robert Penn Warren, Conrad Aiken, Owen Barfield, Jean Burden, Truman Capote, T.S. Eliot, Randall Jarrell, Vladimir Nabokov, Stephen Spender and others.

box-folder   203/4488  
Aiken, Conrad Ushant
box-folder   203/4489  
Barfield, Owen Worlds Apart
box-folder   203/4490  
Belitt, Ben The Enemy Joy; New and Selected Poems
box-folder   203/4491  
Berg, Stephen and Robert Mezey, ed. Naked Poetry
box-folder   203/4492  
Blackmur, R.P. The Expense of Greatness
box-folder   203/4493  
Bloom, Harold The Anxiety of Influence and Denis Donoghue Thieves of Fire
box-folder   203/4494  
Burden, Jean Walk Into Time
box-folder   203/4495  
Capote, Truman By the Later John Brockman
box-folder   203/4496  
Eliot, T.S. Collected Poems 1909-1962
box-folder   203/4497  
Ellis, A.E. The Rack , Herbert Gold The Optimist , H.L. Humes Men Die , Alan Sillitoe Saturday Night and Sunday Morning , and Robert Penn Warren The Cave
box-folder   203/4498  
Gardner, Helen The New Oxford Book of English Verse, 1250-1950
box-folder   203/4499  
Hecht, Anthony The Transparent Man; The Collected Earlier Poems
box-folder   203/4500  
Jarrell, Randall The Complete Poems
box-folder   203/4501  
Justice, Donald The Summer Anniversaries
box-folder   203/4502  
Kiefer, Rita Doing Time
box-folder   203/4503  
Mann, James The Crux
box-folder   203/4504  
Mathews, Harry The Conversions
box-folder   203/4505  
Miller, Michael Changing Bodies
box-folder   203/4506  
Nabokov, Vladimir Pale Fire
box-folder   203/4506  
Nabokov, Vladimir Poems and Problems
box-folder   203/4507  
Osbey, Brenda Marie In These Houses
box-folder   203/4508  
Raine, Kathleen The Lost Country
box-folder   203/4509  
Renkl, Margaret Small Comforts
box-folder   203/4510  
Rogers, Del Marie The Real World
box-folder   203/4511  
Saint-John Perse The Golden Compass Needle
box-folder   203/4512  
Seay, James Part of a Story
box-folder   203/4513  
Shapiro, Karl The Younger Son
box-folder   203/4514  
Spender, Stephen Auden, A Tribute
box-folder   203/4515  
Stuart, Dabney I Can't Live Without You
box-folder   203/4516  
Sze, Mai Mai The Tao of Painting
box-folder   203/4517  
Turco, Lewis The Shifting Web   
Scope: Filed with Marilyn Nelson Waniek.

box-folder   203/4517  
Waniek, Marilyn Nelson New Kid
box-folder   203/4518  
Zimmer, Paul The Great Bird of Love
box-folder   204/4519-4522  
III.5 Miscellaneous Prose Pieces   
Scope: Consists of partial prose pieces.

box-folder   204/4523  
III.6 Recommendations   
Scope: Includes some correspondence.

box-folder   204/4524  
III.7 John Pauker/Howard Nemerov Manuscripts   
Scope: Includes manuscripts possibly written by John Pauker or Howard Nemerov.