Howard Nemerov Papers, 1939-1991
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VI. Miscellaneous Manuscripts Material [series]:   
Scope: Consists of various journals, notes, fragments and other manuscript material by Nemerov. Much of the material in this series is similar to Ser. III.3., Miscellaneous poetry, in that the time frames overlap, as do the kinds of materials--notes, random thoughts, fragments of poem or prose pieces, notes on books he read, dreams, ideas for works.

box-folder   216-217/4595-4623  
VI.1 Labeled Subject Folders   
Scope: The material in this sub-series has been maintained according to Nemerov's filing system, using his folder titles. The material in each folder focuses primarily on one subject and related topics.

box-folder   216/4595  
The age of reason (3 items)
box-folder   216/4596  
The angled road (13 items)
box-folder   216/4597  
Dante, etc (47 items)
box-folder   216/4598  
Dreams and Sophie - 3/72 (3 items)
box-folder   216/4599  
Dreams, daydreams, fantasies, analyses, associations (49 items)
box-folder   216/4600  
Fiction (4 items)
box-folder   216/4601  
Figures of Thought (45 items)
box-folder   216/4602  
Frederick with falcon (2 items)
box-folder   216/4603  
From the notebooks of Nicholas Rook (1 item)
box-folder   216/4604  
Hamlet (12 items)
box-folder   216/4605  
Hardware, software, and softening of the ware '84 (14 items)
box-folder   216/4606  
Hardy, Hopkins, Yeats, Auden, Cummings, Robinson, Stevens (28 items)
box-folder   216/4607  
Instances 81 (5 items)
box-folder   216/4608  
Instances, 1987 (35 items)
box-folder   216/4609  
Instances II (7 items)
box-folder   217/4610  
Jokes (3 items)
box-folder   217/4611  
Mosaic, volume two (4 items)
box-folder   217/4612  
Mummy possest (4 items)
box-folder   217/4613  
Nebbish nebula (2 items)
box-folder   217/4614  
Nominalism - Realism R Weaver Nouns and Verbs (15 items)
box-folder   217/4615  
Passages and applications (3 items)
box-folder   217/4616  
Passages for a novel (63 items)
box-folder   217/4617  
Poetics (29 items)
box-folder   217/4618  
Poker (12 items)
box-folder   217/4619  
Responsive Readings, 84 (8 items)
box-folder   217/4620  
Sayings (12 items)
box-folder   217/4621  
Sayings, HN (52 items)
box-folder   217/4622  
Two dreams, 1971: August 12 (2 items)
box-folder   217/4623  
The wizards (15 items)
box-folder   218-219/4624-4634  
VI.2 Journals   
Scope: Consists of a journal from Harvard, Further notes, and other journals primarily from late 1950's and early 1960's. The material in journals includes diary-like entries, notes, a small number of poem fragments, dreams and other miscellaneous writings.

box-folder   220/4635-4644  
VI. 3. Reading Notes   
Scope: Consists of notes and quotations from books read by Nemerov.

box-folder   220/4645-4651  
VI.4 Interviews
box-folder   220/4645  
Interview of Nemerov conducted by Neal Bowers and Charles L.P. Silet
box-folder   220/4646  
Interview of Nemerov conducted by Harry J. Cargas
box-folder   220/4647  
Interview of Nemerov conducted by Lorin Cuoco.
box-folder   220/4648  
Interview of Nemerov conducted by Freelance Magazine of Washington University. Transcript has been corrected by Nemerov
box-folder   220/4649  
Interview of Nemerov conducted by Bobbi Linkemer
box-folder   220/4650  
Interview of Nemerov conducted by Paul _____.
box-folder   220/4651  
Interview of Nemerov conducted by Ross Labrie.
box-folder   220/4652  
VI.5 PBS Documentary on Nemerov   
Scope: Consists of Ts(x) script and transcript (30 p), and 4 videotape cassettes of outtakes for PBS television documentary on Nemerov, 1981.

box-folder   220-222/4653-4664  
VI.6 Miscellaneous Notes   
Scope: Consists of various unrelated fragments and notes which were scattered throughout the Nemerov papers. Also includes lists of his writings created by Nemerov.

box-folder   222-227/4665-4670  
VI.7 Card Files   
Scope: Consists of various card files of reading and teaching notes (including Dante), material towards poetry, dreams, student work, etc.