Howard Nemerov Papers, 1939-1991
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VIII Works by Others [series]:   
Scope: Consists of works by others, arranged alphabetically by author.

box-folder   236/4740  
Abrahams, William
Mosaic: A Summer's Dream Remembered .[review] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   236/4741  
Adelson, Joseph
Psychology, Ideology, and the Search for Faith .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   236/4742  
Albert, Judith
Nemerov and Wooden Rafters: Graham Chapel April 19, 1978 .[poem] (Ts. 1p)
"Returned Tennyson" .[poem] (Auto. 1p)
box-folder   236/4743  
Ameevuddin, Syed
The dreadful doom... to come...and other poems .[poetry collection] (Ts. 36p.)
box-folder   236/4744  
Anderson, Jim
Assassin .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   236/4745  
Arbus, Diane
Because this seed is of this soie .[poem] (Auto, 1p)   
Scope: From Elbert Lenrow. Also includes two photocopies of poem with ACS[x], 1p from Arbus to Lenrow (1966), and notes by Lenrow concerning Arbus.

box-folder   236/4746  
Baer, Donald M.
A Comment on Skinner as Boy and On Burke as S .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   236/4747  
Bailey, Cyril
Some Greek and Roman Ideas of a Future Life .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   236/4748  
Bangert, Sharon
Annunciations .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   236/4749  
Barnard, L.
Last Judgement in Hurst Lounge .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   236/4750-4752  
Bartholomay, Judy
Shield of Perseus: The Vision and Imagination of Howard Nemerov (Ts. 396p)
box-folder   237/4753  
Barzun, Jacques
William James, Author .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   237/4754  
Bazelon, David
Toward a Theory of Secular Theology; or, Where Religion Went .[poems] (Ts. 65 p.)
box-folder   237/4755  
Belitt, Ben
Howard Nemerov: A Welcome .[introduction] (Ts. 1p)
box-folder   237/4756  
Binet, Alfred
Mnemonic Virtuosity: A Study of Chess Players .[essay] (Offprint)   
Scope: Translated by Marianne L. Simmel and Susan B. Barron.

box-folder   237/4757  
Birdsall, Jane
Voyage .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
You Need Hands to Lift Eggs .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   237/4758  
Blumenthal, Michael
"The Lame Shall Enter First": The Depiction of Incomplete Mourning and Its Consequences in Psychology and Literature .[lecture] (Ts, 40p)
box-folder   237/4759  
Boyers, Robert
Howard Nemerov's True Voice of Feeling .[essay] (Ts[x], 32p)
box-folder   237/4760  
Boyle, Kay
Howard Nemerov .[introduction] (Ts, 3p)
box-folder   237/4761  
Brannan, Cathleen S.
The Love of My Life .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
Pausing to Remember You .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
To My Fellow Graduated .[poem] (Auto, 1p)
box-folder   237/4762  
Brennan, Joseph Gerard
Fifty Years of the Magic Mountain .[essay] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   237/4763  
Burke, Kenneth
Above the Over-Towering Babble .[essay] (Offprint)
As I Was Saying .[essay] (Offprint)
Course 826-S (Spring 1964) .[essay] (Ts[x]. 21p)
Dramatic Form - And: Tracking Down Implications .[essay] (Offprint)
Eye-crossing--from Brooklyn to Manhattan . [poem] (Ts(x). 13p.)
If Not, Why Not? .[music composition] (Ts. 1p.)
Letter from a Gentile .[essay] (Offprint)
MLA .[essay] (Ts. 9p.)
Not Without Gloominess .[music composition] (Ts. 1p.)
Poetics and Communication .[essay] (Offprint)
Self-Portrait of a Person: Particulars of My Life .[review] (Offprint)
Terministic Screens .[essay] (Offprint)
Thirty Years Later: Memories of the First American Writers' Congress .[transcript] (Offprint)
The Unburned Bridges of Poetics, Or, How Keep Poetry Pure? .[essay] (Offprint)
Variations on "Providence" .[essay] (Tear sheet)
Why Satire, With a Plan for Writing One .[essay] (Tear sheet)
The Winter Addresses of Kenneth Burke .[poem] (Ts[x]. 3p.)
Words Anent Logoloy .[essay] (Ts. 17p.)
box-folder   237/4764  
Burns, Joan Simpson
Candida Revisited (after Shaw) .[play] (Ts(x). 67p.)
Poem for the long marriage of the well-married .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
The Visit .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
box-folder   238/4765  
Carini, Louis
Note on the Theory of Symbolic Transformations .[essay] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   238/4766  
Chambers, Mary Reid
Before the Death of Ezra Pound .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
Poets Exhort .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   238/4767  
Chester, J.
An American Sequence (Ts. 20 p.)
box-folder   238/4768  
Coale, Howard
The Ouroboros .[novel] (Ts(x). 305p)
box-folder   238/4769  
Coale, Joan
Poem in Answer to Mr. Zell for H.N. .[poem] (Auto, 2p)
box-folder   238/4770  
Collins, Michael L.
Just One Black Voice .[poetry collection] (Ts. 50 p.)
box-folder   238/4771  
Couch, C.
The Alphabet Zoo .[poem] (Ts. 2 p.)
box-folder   239/4772  
Couto, Nancy Vieira
The Face in the Water .[poetry collection] (Page proofs)
box-folder   239/4773  
Cox, Naomi
On Receiving the News .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   239/4774  
Culmsee, Carlton
Hazardous Undertow .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   239/4775  
D'Arcy, Francine
Howard Nemerov: A Poet to Remember .[essay] (Ts[x], 3p)
box-folder   239/4776  
Davidson, Tina
Seven Macabre Songs for Piano .[musical composition] (Auto. 15p.)
Davison, Peter
New Poetry: The Generation of the Twenties .[review] (Galley proofs)   
Scope: Located in oversize.

box-folder   239/4777.1  
de Rohan, Emilie
About Abouts .[story] (Ts, 24p)
box-folder   239/4777.2  
de Ungria, Ricardo M.
Redeployment .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   239/4778.1  
Dickey, James "Like other introducers, I have often said, sometimes..." . [introduction] (Ts, 4p)
box-folder   239/4778.2  
Driver, Tom F. Romantic Quest and Modern Query . [uncorrected proof] (Ts, 343p)
box-folder   239/4779  
Eklin, Stanley
Introduction of Honored Professor Naomi Lebowitz .[introduction] (Ts. 4p.)
box-folder   239/4777  
Evans, Abbie Huston
The Mineral Collection .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   239/4781  
Fee, Jamie
The Hands .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   239/4782  
Fishman, Sylvia Barack
The Shulamite and Her Daughters in Eve: Paradise Lost .[essay] (Ts. 24 p.)
box-folder   239/4783  
Gimpel, Peter
Poikilopaidia .[poetry collection] (Ts. 92 p.)   
Scope: Includes TLS, 1p with env. from Gimpel to Nemerov (1978: June 9) and TLS[x], 2p from Nemerov to Gimpel (1978: July 4).

box-folder   240.1/4784  
Golffing, Francis
Christian Grisoli's Interview with Sartre . [interview] (Ts(x). 2p. Translation of interview with Sartre.)
The Moment . [poem] (Ts. 1p.)
A Moral Poem . [poem] (Ts. 1p.)
"November" . [poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Summer Visit . [poem] (Ts. 1p.)
To a Hammer . [poem] (Ts. 1p.)
To Curtains Covering a Window . [poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Two Epitaphs . [poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Selected Poems .[poetry collection] (Ts. 49 p.)
box-folder   240.1/4785  
Goodman, William B.
Thinking About Readers .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   240.1/4786  
Goodwin, Helen
For a Beloved Poet .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   240.1/4787  
Gordon, Ambrose
Now That eggs .[poem] (Ts(cb). 1p.)
box-folder   240.1/4788  
Gottfried, Leon
Death's Other Kingdom: Dantesque and Theological Symbolism in "Flowering Judas" .[essay] (Offprint)
The Odysseyan Form .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   240.1/4789  
Gurv, Steve Mr. Howard's Visit .[poem] (Auto. 1 p.)
box-folder   240.1/4790  
Hadas, Pamela White
Pandora .[poem] (Ts(x). 3p.)
Prufrock Meditates On His Biopsy .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
box-folder   240.1/4791  
Hakutani, Yoshunobu
Dreiser and French Realism .[essay] (Offprint)
Robinson Jeffers: His Poetic Doctrine .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   240.1/4792  
Halling, Greg
Behind "September, the First Day of School" .[essay] (Ts, 4p)
box-folder   240.1/4793.1  
Hanks, Stanley
Watering Places . [poetry collection] (Ts. 71 p.)
box-folder   240.1/4793.2-4793.3  
Harmon, William
The Concise Columbia Book of Poetry . (Proof. 378p.)
box-folder   240.2/4794  
Harris, Wendell V. Contemporary Criticism and the Return of Zeno .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   240.2/4795  
Hatzievangelou, Nikos
Untitled collection of poems .[poetry collection] (Ts, 8p)
box-folder   240.2/4796  
Haubrich, Ann
A Response to "September, the First Day of School" .[essay] (Ts, 5p)
box-folder   240.2/4797  
(Henningsen, Bob)
The Betrayed Mother .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
Grandfather .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   240.2/4798  
Hexter, J.H. The Problem of Historical Knowledge .[essay] (Ts, 12p)
box-folder   240.2/4799  
Hoffman, Jill
The Gates of Pearl .[collection of poems and prose pieces] (Ts(x). 79p.)
Untitled collection of poems .[poem] (Ts. 7p.)
box-folder   240.2/4800  
Hofstadter, Albert Building, Dwelling, Thinking (Ts. 32 p.)   
Scope: Translation of Martin Heidegger's work "Bauen, Wohnen, Denken."

box-folder   240.2/4801  
Holinger, Richard
Impressions of Nemerov (Ts(x). 23p., 2 copies)
box-folder   240.2/4802  
Holton, Gerald
Not in Logic Alone .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   240.2/4803  
Irwin, John T.
Hypochondria as the Basis for Conversion .[poem] (Offprint)
Song of the Darkness .[poem] (Tear sheet)
The Verbal Emblem .[poem] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   240.2/4804  
Isbell, Camelia
Appius in the Suburbs .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
Leaves, Autumn 1988 .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   241/4805  
Johnson, Denis
The Incognito Lounge .[poetry collection] (Ts(x). 58p.)   
Scope: Includes TLS, 1p from Gary L. Fisketjon to Nemerov (1981: August 5).

box-folder   241/4806  
Johnson, Tom
Ghosts of Change . [poetry collection] (Ts(x). 43p)
How Plato Was Right . [poem] (Auto. 2p.)
box-folder   241/4807  
Kadre, S.M. Thought-Offering Part I (Ts. 34p.)
box-folder   241/4808  
Kaplan, Abraham. Poetry, Medicine and Metaphysics . [essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   241/4809  
Kash, Marsha Elaine. To A Nihilistic Critic . [poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   241/4810  
Kinzie, Mary
The Judge is Rue . [review] (Ts[x], 9p)
Names for Theseus . [poetry collection] (Ts[x]. 34p.)   
Scope: Includes ALS, 1p from Kinzie to Nemerov (1980: October 5).

Negatives .[poetry collection] (Ts(x). 88p.)   
Scope: Includes ALS, 1p from Kinzie to Nemerov (1980: September 2).

box-folder   241/4811  
Knox-Dick, Jill. Breadloaf and Gethsemane Abbey .[poem] (Ts, 2p)
box-folder   241/4812  
Kramer, Richard Howard Nemerov - Beyond the Apparent .[essay] (Ts(x), 7p)
box-folder   241/4813  
Kumin, Maxine
Going to Jerusalem .[poem] (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Song for Seven Parts of the Body .[poem] (Ts(cb). 2p.)
box-folder   241/4814  
LaBarre, Weston
Religions, Rorschachs, and Tranquilizers .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   241/4815  
Landis, Joan Hutton. Kenneth Burke .[essay] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   241/4816  
Larson, Irene Rosenau
To Howard Nemerov .[poem] (Auto[x], 1p)   
Scope: Originally laid in PS3527 E5 N56 1983a 4o.

box-folder   241/4817  
Lattimore, Richmond
Aspects of Time .[poem] (Offprint)
Home .[poem] (Offprint)
Shanhaikuan .[poem] (Offprint)
They Used to Have a Homecoming Day .[poem] (Offprint)
box-folder   242/4818  
Lebowitz, Naomi
Defenses of Vengeance: Rousseau's Legacy to the Novel .[essay] (Offprint)
The Structure of Disappointment in Balzac and Dickens .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   242/4819  
Lenrow, Elbert Recommendations for Nemerov .[recommendation] (Ts, 3p, 2 separate recommendations)   
Scope: Includes bibliographic notes on Nemerov.

box-folder   242/4820.1  
Lerner, Betsy Lot's Wife Responds to Howard Nemerov .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   242/4820.2  
Martin, Herbert Woodward The Bones of the Bargain .[poetry collection] (Ts.)
box-folder   242/4821  
Marty, Miriam. Between the Wave and Particle: Principle and Uncertainty in the Poetry of Howard Nemerov . [essay] (Ts(x). 75p.)   
Scope: Includes TLS, 1p with env. from Marty to Nemerov (1981: April 18).

box-folder   242/4822  
Marx, Leo
Pastoral Ideals and City Troubles .[essay] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   242/4823  
Mausfield, Elizabeth
Pastoral Ideals and City Troubles .[essay] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   242/4824  
McFerren, Martha Daphne Rerun .[poem] (Ts(x), 1p)
box-folder   242/4825  
McGrath, Thomas
Selected Poems .[poetry collection] (Ts. 53 p.)
box-folder   242/4826  
McIntosh, Frances My Friend, the Frost Dragon .[short story] (Ts[x], 11p)
box-folder   242/4827  
Meijer, Henk Romijn
East Coker .[prose] (Ts, 42p)
box-folder   242/4828  
Meinke, Peter
Poems .[poetry collection] (Ts, 18p)
Poems .[poetry collection] (Ts, 16p)
box-folder   242/4829  
Mendez, Aurora
O Brave Agnostic .[poem] (Auto, 2p)
box-folder   242/4830  
Miller, A.V. and Fuss, Peter
The Phenomenology of the Spirit .[essay] (Ts(x). 55p.)
box-folder   242/4831  
Moore, Richard
The No Self, the Little Self, and the Poets .[essay] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   243/4832  
Morgenthau, Hans J.
Modern Science and Political Power .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   243/4833  
Morris, John N.
Samuel Johnson and the Artist's Work .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   243/4834  
Morrison, Markesan
Mazda Love .[poem] (Ts, 2p)
box-folder   243/4835  
Neilson, Lisa
Today we are gathered not only to celebrate our graduation... (fl) .[speech] (Ts, 4p)
box-folder   243/4836  
Nims, John Frederick
The Greatest English Lyric? - A New Reading of Joe Skilmer's "Therese" .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   243/4837  
Ober, William B.
All the Colours of the Rimbaud .[essay] (Offprint)
Eighteenth-Century Spleen .[essay] (Ts[x], 2 drafts, 132 p.)
Empiric and Episteme in Surgical Pathology: Theodor Billroth and Reginald Fitz .[essay] (Offprint)
The Graveyard By the Sea .[poem] (Ts(cb). 4p. Translation from French of poem by Paul Valery.)
Margery Kempe: Hysteria and Mysticism Reconciled .[essay] (Offprint)
Reuben's Mandrakes: Infertility in the Bible .[essay] (Offprint)
Robert Mayer, M.D. (1814-1878) and Mechanical Equivalent of Heat .[essay] (Offprint)
Sarcoma Botryoides of the Cervix Uteri: A Case Report in a 75-Year-Old Woman .[essay] (Offprint)
Some Medical Allusions in The Canterbury Tales .[essay] (Tear sheet)
Weighing the Heart Against the Feather of Truth .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   243/4838  
O'Brien, Katharine
Detective Story .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
Letter to Santa Claus .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
Moment of Truth .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
Undefined Terms .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   243/4839  
O'Connor, Denise L.
One Waits .[poem] (Ts. 2 p.)
box-folder   243/4840  
Olson, Ruth
Ghost .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   243/4841  
Ong, Walter J.
Agnostic Structures in Academia: Past to Present .[essay] (Tear sheet)
"Burnt Norton" in St. Louis .[essay] (Offprint)
Classical Rhetoric in English Poetry .[review] (Offprint)
From Allegory to Diagram in the Renaissance Mind: A Study in the Significance of the Allegorical Tableau .[essay] (Offprint)
From Mimesis to Irony: The Distancing of Voice .[essay] (Offprint)
The Interior Landscape: The Literary Criticism of Marshall McLuhan 1943-1962 .[review] (Tear sheet)
Milton's Logical Epic and Evolving Consciousness .[essay] (Offprint)
Some Scholarly Publications and Some Other Publications .[bibliography] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   243/4842  
Pack, Robert
The Last Will and Testament of Art Evergreen .[poem] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   243/4843  
Paddack, Charles
Preface to L'Oeuvre de Freud .[poem] (Ts. 8 p.)   
Scope: Paddack's translation of the preface, originally written by Maurice Merleau-Ponty.

box-folder   243/4844  
Parker, William Riley
Where Do English Department Come From? .[essay] (Ts(x). 11p and offprint)
box-folder   243/4845  
Pauker, John S.
.[5 poems] (Ts(x). 5p.)
The Garden is Political .[review] (Auto and Ts(x), 4p)
The Sword on the Table .[review] (Auto and Ts(x), 3p)
Tasty Poem .[poem] (Auto. 1p.)
box-folder   244/4846  
Phelan, Mary M.
Howard Nemerov: Bringing Poetry to America .[essay] (Ts[x]. 61p)
box-folder   244/4847  
Pike, Lawrence
The Guild .[prose] (Ts. 7 p.)
Joy .[prose] (Ts. 6 p.)
Quickie .[prose] (Ts. 7 p.)
box-folder   244/4848  
Pope, Deborah
Crow [poem] (Auto, 1p)
box-folder   244/4849  
Prunty, Wyatt
Empiric and Its Theory: Howard Nemerov from Inside the Onion .[essay] (Ts, 15p)
box-folder   244/4850  
Ray, David
The Awkwardness Among Men .[poem] (Ts[x], 2p)
First Day in India .[poem] (Ts[x], 2p)
Getting it Straight .[poem] (Ts[x], 2p)
Max .[poem] (Ts[x], 3p)
A Pair of Shoes .[poem] (Ts[x], 1p)
The Woman .[poem] (Ts[x], 2p)
box-folder   244/4851  
Revard, Carter
How Many Sea-slugs Can Dance On the Point of a Needle? .[poem] (Ts(cb). 1p.)
How to Make a N.U.D.E. (New Utopian Dictionary of English) .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   244/4852  
Richter, Liz
The Omne-ver .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   244/4853  
Ridge, Meredith
Idea .[poem] (Auto, 1 p.)
box-folder   244/4854  
Rosenfeld, Alvin H.
John Wheelwright: New England's Colloquy With the World .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   244/4855  
Ross, Viriginia
On Hearing Howard Nemerov at Concord Academy in 1972 .[poem] (Auto. 1 p.)
box-folder   244/4856  
Rubin, Louis D.
Atomization of Criticism: Prefatory Statements and Acknowledgements .[essay] (Ts[x]. 8p.)
For Howard, Upon a New Effusion of Poems, The Eleventh to Date .[poem] (Ts. 2p.)
Reader's Report: Howard Nemerov, Last Things/First Light .[review] (Ts, 2p)
The Self Recaptured .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   244/4857  
Ruland, Richard
Beyond Harsh Inquiry: The Hawthorne of Henry James . [essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   244/4858  
Ryan, John Julian
Essential English . [essay] (Ts. 200 p.)   
Scope: Includes TLS, 1p from Ryan to Nemerov (1966: May 27).

The Nature of a Poem . [essay] (Ts. 121 p.)
box-folder   244/4859  
Ryan, Rick M.
Exemplum .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Stages .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
This Seed .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Where the Children . (Ts. 1p.)
box-folder   245/4860  
Sanders, Scott
An Interview with Stanley Elkin . [interview] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   245/4861  
Sawyer, Julia Randall
The Convergence of HN [poem] (Ts, 1p)
She Wonders How to Read Runes .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
To Mr. H.N. on the Occasion of His Providing Essential Information to the Subscribed [poem] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   245/4862  
Schlaeger, Jeanette M. Howard Nemerov and "The Beautiful Inexact" (Ts, 130p)
box-folder   245/4863  
Schotz, Myra and Gerda Norvig
The Parallactic Icon: Aesthetic Principles of the Songs of Innocence and of Experience .[essay] (Ts. 44 p.)
box-folder   245/4864  
Sewell, Elizabeth
A Note by Elizabeth Sewell on Encyclopedia or Circle Learning Containing a Note by John L. Sharpe III on The Library as Encyclopedia Containing Some Remarks by a Few Authorities on These Matters .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   245/4865  
Shakow, David
Ethics for a Scientific Age: Some Moral Aspects of Psychoanalysis .[essay] (Offprint)
The Meaning of Evolution: A Study of the History of Life and of its Significance for Man .[review] (Offprint)
On the Rewards (And, Alas, Frustrations) of Public Service .[essay] (Offprint)
One Psychologist as Analysand .[essay] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   245/4866  
Shapiro, Alan
The Courtesy .[poem] (Page proof. 35 p.)
box-folder   245/4867  
Shapiro, David
Prayer for My Son .[poem] (Ts, 3p)
box-folder   245/4868  
Shapiro, Karl
The Younger Son (page proof)
box-folder   245/4869  
Shaw, Robert B.
Farewells to Poetry .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   246/4870  
Shea, Jr., Daniel B.
Emerson and the American Metamorphosis .[essay] (Tear sheet)
Jonathan Edwards: Historian of Consciousness .[essay] (Tear sheet)
box-folder   246/4871  
Short, Herbert V.
To Howard Nemerov .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   246/4872  
Smith, Barbara Herrnstein
Lecture on Aesthetics .[poem] (Ts[x], 1p)
A Lesson in Diction, for Bill .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
On the Margins of Discourse .[essay] (Offprint)
Poetry as Fiction .[essay] (Offprint)
Weekend in Stockbridge .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
box-folder   246/4873  
Smith, Raoul Derek
Discovery .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   246/4874  
Spiers, Margaret Ann
For the Eye and Ear .[poem] (Ts. 1 p.)
box-folder   246/4875  
Steele, Peter
First Snow in St. Louis .[poem] (Auto. 2 p.)
box-folder   246/4876  
Stix, Judith Saul   
Scope: Includes two ANS, 1p from Stix to Holly Hall.

Howard Nemerov: Glimpsed Through the Window .[essay] (Ts, 10p)
Poetsville .[poem] (Ts, 2p)
box-folder   246/4877  
Stock, Robert
The Epistemological Vision of Howard Nemerov .[essay] (Ts. 7 p.)
box-folder   246/4878  
Sweeney, Teresa Marie
At the Vanishing Point .[poetry collection] (Ts, 34p., 2 copies)   
Scope: Includes ANS, 2p from Sweeney to Nemerov.

box-folder   246/4879  
Tate, Allen. Memoirs and Opinions .[collection of essays] (Ts. 123p.)   
Scope: Includes TLS, 1p from Katherine Looney to Nemerov (1975: March 27).

box-folder   246/4880  
Taylor, Henry
An Afternoon of Pocket Billiards [poetry collection] (Ts (x). 96p.)   
Scope: Includes TLS, 1p from Norma B. Mikkelsen to Nemerov (1973: October 26), TLS, 1p from Mikkelsen to Nemerov (1973: November 5), and TLS[x], 1p from Nemerov to Mikkelsen (1973: November 19).

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Tieman, John S.
Ashen Faces .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Revelation .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
The 1870 Siege of Paris .[poem] (Ts. 2p.)
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Tresemer, Susan
Heartwood .[poetry collection] (Ts. 67 p.)
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Tucker, Joseph
"I have been asked to write my recollections of Howard Nemerov." .[essay] (Ts. 4p)
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Twohig, Mary
The Missionary .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
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Armageddon .[poem] (Ts, 2p., 2 copies)
Baseball .[poem] (Ts, 3p)
Birthday Poem for My Daughter .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
But we have believed through such pain .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
Finding Again the World .[abstract] (Ts, 20p)
Flag Day in Cambridge .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
"Half heartedly I watch t.v. tonight" .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
Honey .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
"Hooray for the Library of Congress!" .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
It's a Long Way Home, Dickie Ann .[poetry collection] (Ts, 36p)
Last Things/Frist Light .[review] (Ts, 2p)
Miracle .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
Model .[essay] (Ts, 10p)
A Motel Upon a Hill .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
"My father gives my time" .[poem] (Auto, 1p)
My Neighborhood: New Curbs and Gutters and War Triumphant .[poem] (Ts, 2p., 2 copies)
Nemerov Introduction .[introduction] (Ts, 6p)
Nemerov Introduction .[introduction] (Ts, 1p)
Nemerov Introduction .[introduction] (Ts, 1p)
Nemerov Introduction .[introduction] (Ts, 2p)
Nemerov Introduction .[introduction] (Ts, 5p)
The Rent in the Screen .[music composition] (Ts, 2p)
Running After .[poem] (Ts, 2p)
Seeing .[poem] (Ts, 2p)
To a Friend Parting .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
To My Father with Cancer .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
Two Dreams .[journal] (Ts, 1p)
Unheroic Couplets on War Stories .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
Untitled collection of poems .[poems] (Ts, 7p)
Walking to Work .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
Your hands are much too young .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
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University City High School, American Studies Class
Untitled collection of Nemerov poems (Ts, 15p)
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Urdang, Constance Henriette
Alternative Lives .[collection of poems] (Proof. 61p)
Requiescat, for Samuel .[poem] (Ts(x). 1p.)
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Vance, Jane Gentry. Stylistic and Thematic Development in the Poetry of Howard Nemerov: "Verbs of Glass and Nouns of Stone: .[dissertation] (Ts(x). 271p)
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Van Duyn, Mona
Double Sonnet for Minimalists .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
The End of the Opera .[poem] (Ts. 1p.)
Eros to Howard Nemerov .[poem] (Ts. 2p.)
Howard Nemerov 1920-1991 .[essay] (Ts(x). 6p, 2 copies)
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Viereck, Peter
Strict Form in Poetry: Would Jacob Wrestle with a Flabby Angel? .[essay] (Offprint)
box-folder   248/4891  
Waniek, Marilyn Nelson
The Homeplace .[poetry collection] (Page proofs)
box-folder   248/4892  
Waring, Belle
Refuge .[poetry collection] (Page proofs)
box-folder   248/4893  
Watson, Richard
How to Die .[essay] (Tear sheets)
box-folder   248/4894  
Weigand, Hermann J.
Thomas Mann's Gregorius .[essay] (Offprint)
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Weiser, Dennis
The Theresan Sonnets .[poem] (Ts. 14p.)
box-folder   248/4896  
Weiss, Theodore
Material from Crazy Horse 10 (Offprint)
box-folder   248/4897  
Wellek, Rene
American Criticism of the Last Ten Years .[essay] (Offprint)
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Williams, Miller
A Glass Darkly .[poem] (Ts, 2p)   
Scope: Includes index of poems for Some Jazz a While.

Walking After Supper .[poem] (Ts, 1p)
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Worth, Douglas
From Dream, From Circumstance .[poetry collection] (Ts. 140 p.)
box-folder   248/4900  
Wright, Mary E.
An Analysis of the Poetry of Howard Nemerov .[essay] (Ts[x], 9p)
box-folder   248/4901  
Zimmerman, Roger
Nemerov at Blackburn: A Glimpse .[poem] (Ts. 2p.)
box-folder   248/4902  
Zwicker, Steven N.
Politics and Pangeyric: The Figural Mode from Marvell to Pope .[essay] (Offprint)