Howard Nemerov Papers, 1939-1991
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IX. Personal Papers [series]:   
Scope: Consists of personal Nemerov materials such as photographs, family materials, military service information, financial papers, conferences and committees Nemerov served on, Nemerov's memorial service information, Nemerov's vita and birth certificate, calendars, awards, and scrapbooks.

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IX.1 Photographs   
Scope: Consists of photographs and slides including professional publicity photographs and informal snapshots.

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IX.2 Family   
Scope: Consists artwork by Nemerov's children and materials concerning their education.

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IX.3 Military Service   
Scope: Consists of materials relating to Nemerov's service during World War II in the U.S. Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Royal Canadian Air Force pilot's flying log book contains photograph of Nemerov with squadron.

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IX.4 Conferences and Committees   
Scope: Consists materials toward conference attended by Nemerov.

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Board of Overseers of Harvard College
box-folder   251/4911.1-4911.3  
Christian Gauss Award
Transcript of 1985, 1986, and 1988 committee members' report.
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Conference on World Affairs   
Scope: Includes material for the 18th and 35th-41st conferences.

box-folder   251/4914  
Harriet Monroe Poetry Award
box-folder   251/4915  
The Phi Beta Kappa Book Awards
box-folder   251/4916  
Self and Symbolic Expression Conference
Participant list
box-folder   251/4917  
Writers on the River Conference
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IX.5 Financial Papers
box-folder   252/4916  
Benefit statements, Washington University
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box-folder   252/4918-4919  
box-folder   252/4920  
Expense statements, Washington University
box-folder   253/4921-4936  
Lectures and readings   
Scope: Includes contracts, some correspondence and reading lists.

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Social Security
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IX.6 Organizations
box-folder   255/4943  
Academy of American Poets
box-folder   255/4944  
American Academy of Arts and Letters
box-folder   255/4945  
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
box-folder   255/4946  
Authors League of America
box-folder   255/4947  
box-folder   255/4948  
Library of Congress (Poet Laureate)
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IX.7 Memorial Service
box-folder   256/4950  
IX.8 Vita   
Scope: Includes other biographical material such as Who's Who in America and the World.

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IX.9 Birth Certificate   
Scope: Includes copies of Howard and Peggy Nemerov's birth certificate.

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IX.10 Calendar
box-folder   256/4953  
IX.11 Washington University Special Collections   
Scope: Partial list by Nemerov of manuscripts held by Washington University.

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IX.12 Awards
National Book Awards
Ohio Renaissance Review
box-folder   256/4955  
IX.13 Scrapbooks
box-folder   256/4955  
Scrapbook during Nemerov's Royal Canadian Air Force training created by Gertrude Nemerov. Includes correspondence.
box-folder   -/4956  
Scrapbook created by Howard Nemerov for Joseph Tucker's birthday (1986).
box-folder   -/4957  
Scrapbook concerning the publication of The Melodramatists, Includes correspondence.